I love this outfit because it is so versatile! Throughout my school and work day I wore this outfit with the pencil skirt and it worked out great (although, I admit, a tiny bit chilly). I think the tennis-type shoes (yes I wore them yesterday) added some casualness to the outfit. I was going to wear some more gladiator type shoes but when I saw what the temperature would be and knew how much I was going to walk on campus today, I opted for a more comfortable option!
Tonight I had a triple birthday party with my friends Kelly and Chelsey, and changed into pants and a white belt. The outfit still looked just as cute but it was a little more movable and easy to dance in. It definitely turned out to be a good choice because there was some crazy dancing going on at the party! I also didn't want to walk home in the with my legs freezing in the skirt. Anyways, that's my story for the day.. :)
Coat: Charlotte Russe
Shirt: Walmart
Cardigan: Thrifted
Skirt: Ross
Pants: Ross
Belt: Amazon.com
Scarf: Gifted from my sister Carina
Shoes: Walmart

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