POST #702

So I really wanted to do a post when I was at 700, but turns out I missed it! Haha darn. (this was #700) So yes 702 isn't really that significant of a number but at the same time it kind of is because 702 BLOG POSTS! Yeah, that's a lot.

A little over seven years ago, this was the post that started them all. It's a teeny thing, but it started this crazy little place I call my blog. It's changed a ton over the years, with names (Kiki's Krazy World-ha!, An Outfit a Day, and eventually Peach Lemonade), themes (lifestyle, outfit blogging, fashion, my everyday life) and looks (man, I wish I had pictures of how it used to look!) I love what it is now. I always get so excited seeing my blog and I'm really proud of how far it's come.

I guess blogging seems like less of a big deal now, because everyone and their dog (there is literally a tv show on Disney Channel called "Dog With a Blog"--not that I've seen it) blogs.

But it's still fun, it's still mine, and it's still really great and familiar to me. I hope I keep it up for a whileeee. :)

Some previous headers..
never actually used this one, but thought it might be fun to share..the illustrations are some from when I was first starting out in design

One more thing: I don't think that most of us realize how much we actually progress. Seriously though! Seven years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about fashion, nothing about blogging. But seven years later, look where I am! Most progress is slow and unnoticeable but it is still progression. It's a lot like growing up. We never actually see ourselves change over the years, but I definitely don't look the same way I did when I was eight years old.

So that's just a cool thing that I think we should all keep in mind. We might not feel like we're progressing, but if we're working at it, or just doing it, we're moving forward, and one day we'll realize that we're leaps and bounds from where we used to be.

Over and out, friends. Have a great week!


Getting Really Excited for Provo Fashion Week...

I worked on this dress yesterday and today, and I swear I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I cannot stop gushing over how much in love with it I am! The layering of the sheer stripes over the floral really works well for it. :)

If you wanna see this picture on instagram, it's here! Also, if you wanna follow me on instagram, you can go here.

In other news, I've just finished the first season of Gilmore Girls today and I can say I'm officially hooked! Haha :) Mostly I just watch it while I'm sewing, so it still feels productive. Man, it's so funny and cute though. I love love love it.

Have a good rest of your weekend, folks!


[PFW Spring 2014] Look #5: Striped Dress

This dress was my absolute favorite from the collection and it was the one I looked forward to wearing the most after it was all said and done. I sketched this one out forever ago and even put the sketch (which I'm actually really proud of) on instagram months ago.

Anyway, here are photos of the dress, let me know what you think! I love it so much. Contrasting stripes are so much fun and I felt very creative designing this dress.

If you'd like to see the other designs from this collection or any of my other designs in general, you can go here to my designs page!


Summer 2014

Guys. It's been nuts, and I have possibly been the worst blogger ever. For some reason, whenever summer comes blogging always goes down the drain (so hopefully that means it'll pick up again in the next few weeks!).

It has been a summer of bandanas in my hair, skirt and dress-wearing, video-making, weddings, cute kids (at the daycare), way too long of drives in my non-air conditioned orange car (kill me!), snap-back hats, traveling, face-painting, and great memories. Honestly, it's been a really good summer and I would like to credit that to me just feeling really good. Life is just good right now and nothing is really wrong, which feels awesome. I know that probably means something bad is coming, but I'm enjoying this good peace in my life for as long as it's here. :) This is going to be kind of a long post, but if you'd like to bear with me, enjoy the rundown of my awesome summer (also, there are many videos, all of which are pretty fun, but if you have to pick, watch the Cali one and the Fancy one--both are definitely my favorite videos I've ever done!).

I don't think I ever posted this video so I'll lump it in. My roommate Lizzie got married back in April and I didn't finish her video until like July haha! I'm really happy with how it turned out, I think I am starting to get the hang of this thing a little better.

At the end of May, Sidney graduated high school...

And the next day or two Cee Ryle had his Eagle Court of Honor for getting his eagle scout award! Kind of a big deal since he's the only boy in the family. We all just love him so much, he's such a great kid. :)

So my sister Sidney and I do face-painting for our aunt's business, which is super fun. Last year we face-painted at an event for Jet Blue and they paid us each with a round-trip ticket to Long Beach, California. They expired a year later, and we never went, and then it was like a month before when we realized, oh crap, we need to go! I might not have gone, except I wanted to get all my fabric for my October Provo Fashion Week show, since fabric is amazingly cheap in the LA Fashion District. Sidney was way too busy with Senior year stuff to go, so Carina paid her for her ticket and we went on a really quick trip (Saturday-Sundy) to California! Super fun! I got a lot of fabric, we did some fun shopping, went to Venice and Huntington beaches, and also stopped by the grounds of the Newport Beach temple on Sunday to get our spiritual fix for the day haha. I had a great time and obviously made a video of it. It's my favorite video I've ever made so if you have the time, feel free to watch!

Sidney had her last ballet recital at Clytie Adams, which was a big ordeal (to me, at least) because it felt like the end of an era. Carina, Sidney, and I all danced ballet there pretty much until we graduated high school, so it was really cool, yet sad, to see her at her last recital. Happily for us, Gracie is still dancing there and since she's only seven, we don't have to say goodbye anytime soon! Gracie was in the recital too, sorry forgot to mention that!

One Sunday I went to temple square (one of my favorite places ever!) in Salt Lake City with my family and that was pretty fun. I always love going to that place.

We went on a fieldtrip to the Hutchings Museum with the daycare kids. I got moved to the preschool/school-age class after being with the two year-olds since June. It was a really good change and I've a lot of fun being with the older kids!

At the end of June, my uncle got married, so we drove to Cheyenne, Wyoming where all of my dad's side of the family lives for the wedding. It was super fun! I don't think I have any good pictures with me in them, but I made a video for this too so feel free to watch. We had a lot of fun at the wedding and so much fun in Cheyenne that we decided to go again in July (more on that later in the post).

By awesome chance, our Texas cousins happened to be in Colorado at the same time we were in Wyoming so we met up with them for a few hours, which was lots of fun.

We had dinner at the most delicious Italian buffet in Denver called Cinzzetti's that you should probably try if you are ever in Denver! We went years ago and have been begging to go again ever since. It's really good and we had so much fun!

We also had fun upholding our second annual candy poker night. :)

July brought more business and more weddings haha! Katie, one of my old roommates, was in town for the 4th, so she, all my old roommates and their spouses, and I got together at Gurus for some yummy food (like their sweet potato fries!). I always love getting together with my old roommates, it really is the best.

July 4th was an AMAZING DAY because it was the day of Stadium of Fire which Carrie Underwood, my absolutely MOST favorite singer and person in the world ever, was singing at! In the morning I went to our hometown parade and then face-painted with my aunt at a festival for a while and then we all went to Stadium of Fire!

And let me just tell you, it was really soooooo great. Wow. Obviously of course! Carrie Underwood is amazing and I love her! I was dying the whole time. It was my fourth time seeing her live and it was just as great as all the other times. She really is so good. We got a picture with all of us (my family minus Gracie, plus our cousin Shayden, plus my friend Jenna who came and sat by us) and my mom and I had to get a picture because we've gone to every Carrie Underwood concert together. I love sharing that with her.

We went to see Mary Poppins at Hale Center Theatre and it was SO good! We got a picture with Mary (who was actually in my BYU ballet class like five years ago, but the picture taking happened very fast so I don't think she remembered me) and Bert. Gracie especially loved it, she wanted to listen to all the music afterward haha!

Volcano making day at the daycare! The girl in front was in a bad mood at the moment. ;)

Meetup with my best friends at the Chocolate in Orem!

My roommate (well, old roommate now) Stephanie got married on July 22! We threw her a little bridal shower the Saturday before the wedding. Jessica pretty much planned it all, but I did do the decorations! I was especially proud of that star banner.

Stephanie's wedding was beautiful and so much fun. I'm working on a video for it. They were married in the Provo temple, we went to a delicious luncheon at Magleby's, and the reception was really gorgeous in the Provo Library Ballroom! Sorry, not a lot of pics and I only posted the one so you could see a picture of me at the wedding.

Went to Wyoming again with my family for Frontier Days! We had a lot of fun with cousins going into the park, the indian village, and the parade. We spray painted shirts the night before the parade and all wore them the next day. We'd also all won free sunglasses and hats at the park so we were wearing those too.

On July 31st (Harry Potter's birthday!) I ran the Potter Run! It was just a 5k, but my first race that I trained for a total of two times. I walked and ran it, but it was a lot of fun and I'm proud of myself for doing it. I'm only posting the picture of me after the race as proof that I ran it, I swear I look way better than that normally! Also, thanks to my awesome family for cheering me on.

The only picture I got of when Alyne, Jessica and I got henna! I got a really cute flower on my foot and never got a picture of it unfortunately, and now it's almost all gone. I loved it though.

Bowling with some girls from my ward!

My best friend and old roommate Heidi got married two weeks ago in the Manti, Utah temple and it was one of the funnest days ever. It meant getting together with all the old gang again and we just had a blast. Earlier in the week we had a bachelorette party where we went and got pizza, caught each other up on all our m&ms (holding hands) and ice-cream (kisses) stories, and watched Austenland.

The Friday before the wedding, Katie, Meghan and I went shopping for a bit and then ate a lot of big food, I kid you not haha! We got a 24 inch long crepe at The Roll-Up, realized we were still hungry so we went to Slab and got delicious pizza (they give you a quarter of a huge pizza, so also big food).

The morning of the wedding we had breakfast at Kelsey and Scott's and then went to the Manti temple for the wedding, and to Leamington, UT for the luncheon and reception. Leamington is this really REALLY middle of nowhere town like an hour and a half south of Provo. It's cute, but there isn't much to do there. We had two hours to kill in between the luncheon and the reception so we thought, "hey! let's make a music video!" So we did. And it's really great. We did it to "Fancy" because we were in fancy clothes. I know, we're a creative bunch. Really though, the video is quite hilarious if you wanna watch.

And guess what, I'm going back to school this fall! Finally! I'm so SO excited. I'm definitely sad to be leaving my daycare job though. I love all those kids so much. I'm trying to really enjoy my last few days, I will miss these kiddos like crazy.

But man, bring on school. It'll be a new adventure after not being in it for a year and a half. I will hopefully graduate in the spring so I can't wait. :D
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