I decided to write another post (I know, two posts in one week!) on two movies that I recently saw. First is Enchanted. This is like the BEST movie ever made. It is now my favorite ever since I saw it in theaters. It is way funny and also a very cute love story. I would highly recommend it. We got it for Easter and I think I've seen it four times since then. It's THAT good!

Next is August Rush. I fell in love with this movie the first time I ever saw it (about a week and a half ago, in case you were wondering)! It is a story about an boy who is supposedly an orphan but believes his parents are still out there. He sets out looking for them, and on the way he meets people who realize he is a musical prodigy (which is way cool and rare). I adore the music in this movie. The music chills me every time I listen to it. We don't have this movie but I really really really want to buy it because it was soooooo good! The music was definitely the best part of it all. I found a clip on youtube of the end song on it and I absolutely love it. You might not want to see it if you haven't seen the movie but it doesn't give too much away.

Thats all I have about movies so far. I have other favorites but these are two that have come out recently and ones that I really enjoyed. Have a nice day!



Hallelujah! Finally, I got my license!!!!!!!!!! It took me forever to get, but now I have it. I turned sixteen about six months ago, had my permit for six months, and passed my driving test the first time. So it would probably seem weird that I didn't get it then. But, my parents were a little unsure about me driving right away and said I had to get 20 more hours. It took me forever! Most of it was my fault, because I was too lazy or scared to drive sometimes, so I gave up chances that would have gotten me more driving time. I got my last five hours done over spring break, and my mom told me that we could go get my license on monday! It was one of the happiest days of my life. So now I'm free and I can drive wherever I want, though I don't have my own car yet. We are in the process of looking for one. Thats all, I just had to share my happiness!


The Hilarious Things About Kids

There is this way funny video on YouTube called "Charlie Bit My Finger". It is sooooo funny and if you've seen it, I'm not surprised because it is very popular and has had a ton of views.

Funny, huh? I laugh soooo hard every time I see it. Thought I would just give a good laugh.



Yay! Another post! Sorry, it has been a while, but I really haven't much to write about, though that is a sorry excuse. I will be better.

This past week, I played young women basketball with the young women in my ward. We did AMAZING! We played great during all our stake games and ended up getting third place in the stake, which meant we were going to regions! We were soooooo excited. We already went to regions for volleyball but we lost all our games there. Here, we went and had a really close first game. We went into overtime and won by one point! It was a super intense game. The other team was way into it and a few girls on their team were crying if we barely touched them. But we dealt with it. We won our next game and yesterday, we had to play against a ward from our stake that we had lost to before. But we did great and actually beat them! After that it was the championship for the whole region. We were so excited to make it that far. All our parents and a few others came to support and watch the team. The support we had throughout the season was great. We played a great game, but the other team was REALLY good. The score ended up being 24-13. We were kind of sad that we lost but we got 2nd place in the whole region! Today, we also found out that we are the only ward in our whole stake's history to make it to the championships in regions! Cool, huh? Basketball season was a lot of fun though and we really united together as a team. It was definitely the best season I've ever played.

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