the year of 24

Today is my last day of being 24, and tomorrow I will be 25! It kind of feels like a Big Deal, and at the same time, it does not. 25 is weird for me--I remember when my aunt turned 25 and I thought she was incredibly old and adult-ish, and how she said she was having a mid-mid-life crisis (joking of course). When my mom was 25, she was married and pregnant with her THIRD child. I was already a whopping four years old by that time. There are many things that I thought I would be doing at 25 that i'm not, and there are many things I'll be doing at 25 that I never could have dreamed would happen. But before I get there, here's a list of a bunch of fun things I did all while being 24 years old.

Bought Carrie Underwood's Storyteller album
Said goodbye to my best friend in the world/sister Sidney as she left on her mission for 18 months (and wrote her every week)
Performed in Savior of the World
Got a job with the LDS Church
Went to Cheyenne for Christmas
Bought my first car
Went to the Sundance Film Festival with Alyne and Carina
Transferred over to the Media Library Team in April
Went to Reno for the Carrie Underwood concert and got waved to by my idol on April 8, 2016.
Finished the Harry Potter series for the 14th time! (plus read and was disappointed by The Cursed Child)
Said yes to filming and editing the Cate Morland Chronicles and became grateful to Chelsey forever for asking me to do it, because it changed my life for the better and brought me new wonderful friends like Amanda, Madeline, Ellen, Brooke, and many others.
Bought myself an instant camera and found true love
Went to San Diego Comic Con with Madeline and Amanda to film for the series and had SO much fun
Bought tickets to see Carrie Underwood again in November!
Took the absolute BEST trip to Guatemala
Went to Salt Lake Comic Con in April and then September, where I met Millie Brown and Evanna Lynch.
Filmed a bunch of weddings and started to work on expanding my videography business
Started reading comic books and instantly fell in love (and now want to make a comic book)
Filmed and edited 50 VIDEOS (on average that is about one video a week!)
Found out my other best friend in the world/sister was going to serve a mission and saw her get her call to Redlands California (leaving October 12)
Drew and illustrated a LOT more
Signed a lease on a house with Amanda (moving in the day after my bday)
Started working on a Harry Potter fan film about Lily Evans and friends (in which we are shooting TOMORROW)

24 was AWESOMEEEEE. And obviously 25 will be better!
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