A Souffle Sunday

So I've been a cooking mood lately and it's kind of random but I love it. Cooking is great. I had a chocolate souffle at my friend's house last night and pretty much fell in love, so decided I had to make one today. So I searched the internet for a recipe that had ingredients that I already had. I was a little nervous because I really don't cook much and I'm not the best, but I wanted that souffle! I'm so proud I did it now because it makes me realize that I can cook and I'm not bad at it. And it's really fun! So I'll be cooking more and probably posting it on here. :)

It took me a little while to make because I wanted it perfect and I had to get egg whites and such but it turned out great! Everything in the process looked like it should have and it smells soooo good. :) I haven't had any yet because we're all going to eat it as roommates so once everyone's home we'll have some. Can't wait. Oh and I also made some frosting to go along with it! You can get the souffle recipe here and the frosting recipe here. I had to take pictures of course!


We Have a WINNER!

Thanks to all of you who entered my very first giveaway! I was so happy with how it turned out. But it closed yesterday at 11:59 PM...and we now have a winner (brought to you by random.org).

And the winner is...

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of four super cute purple flowers made by yours truly. Email me at kikicbrownee [at] gmail [dot] com to give me your shipping info so I can send the flowers out to you. :)

Thanks to everyone else for entering! I promise I'll have another giveaway soon...probably when I get to 100 followers. Yes. Anyways, have a good day :)


Time is Running Out!

Today until midnight is your last chance to enter the giveaway!

Also, I told you I'd post good deals and this is a GREAT one. Want to buy cute designer shoes? Look no further. If you buy this deal from shoebuy.com, you pay $15 but get $30 to buy a pair of shoes! So it's like 50% off which is kind of amazing. They have really cute shoes too! Some of my favorites (although there are many--i love shoes)...

And these sandals in a pretty turquoise make me want summer to come faster!

To buy the deal click this link. But hurry, because it only lasts today!

Fun Feature Friday: Totally Tessa

Hi friends! Welcome to Fun Feature Friday! This is my first one and every friday I'll feature a fashion blogger that I love or get inspired from. Are you a fashion blogger and want to be featured? Shoot me an email at kikicbrownee[at]gmail[dot]com so I can consider you to be featured!

So everyone get ready and meet today's featured blogger...Totally Tessa! Tessa is a senior in high school who seriously has a killer sense of style, a super cute blog, and a great sense of humor. Her blog is one of my favorites and is actually one of the first fashion blogs I started looking at before I decided to start my own. She has the cutest outfits and I promise, looking at her blog will only want to make you read more and see more outfits! So...meet Tessa!

Kiki: Who is your favorite style icon?

Tessa: hmmmm...Favorite style icon? Man this is hard! I really don't have one, but my idol is Audrey Hepburn. At all times she was classy, poised, and gave great advice! What I love most about her is that she never got caught up in the fame and loved spending time with her boys. Plus she had great style! Also I love looking back on the styles of the 40's and 50's.

What got you started and where do you want to go with it?

Tessa: Well my mom actually! A couple months before I even started my fashion blog, Totally Tessa, she kept mentioning that I should start a fashion blog because it would be a great way to get involved in the fashion industry. I always thought it was a good idea but I didn't really want to because I guess I was too self-conscious to post my outfits on the internet for everyone to see. But then my mom bought my domain, just in case I changed my mind. {haha totally something she would do}. Finally I gave in and started my blog in May of 2010, and I absolutely love it! Mother knows best, I guess. In the future I definitely plan on blogging and I want to do something with fashion marketing. To work for a fashion magazine would be my dream job!

One item (clothing/accessory wise) you can't live without?
Tessa: Well my favorite item right now that I can't live without is my circle scarves! I love them so much, I'm kind of obsessed. I mean who wouldn't be?! They feel like a pillow on your neck and they are so cozy!

Where do you get some of your inspiration from?

Tessa: I get inspiration from all over! It's kind of crazy. But my main source it definitely from other fashion bloggers. They are so creative with the things they put together! Also, I love to get inspiration from more vintage styles. One of my favorite dresses is from the 1950's. So that era is definitely an inspiration to me. Oh! and I have an infatuation with Anthropologie, so sometimes I copy cat them!

Something random that no one in the blogging world really knows about you?

Tessa: Something no one knows about me.... Well I guess that I was in a Fred Meyer ad for winter coats when I was in middle school. haha. It was my 15 minutes of fame, I guess. It was fun and I got to cross modeling off my bucket list! 

Welp, there you have it. Tessa in a nutshell haha. She is such a fun girl and has amazing style! I know I did not have style even close to hers when I was in high school. ;) So go check her blog out..you will love it, promise! Thanks for reading everyone. :)



I made chocolate-chip pancakes yesterday using this recipe. Yum. I'm not the best cook so some of them kind of fell apart, but hey, I cooked. That's a pretty big success for me I'd have to say. And the pancakes tasted delicious. Divine. I adore chocolate chip pancakes. :) Sorry, the pictures are not the best.

Oh and don't forget, my giveaway ends tomorrow!

My Favorite Color to Wear

Okay, so this was the outfit I was planning on wearing yesterday when it snowed. This is probably one of my favorite outfits. Ohhhh. I love it. Coral is the best color ever. At least to wear. I think it complements my black hair well and it's just such a pretty color. Anyways, the skirt looks pinkish, but it's coral, promise!

I've been curling my hair a ton lately and I love it! I guess it's because I've finally figured out how to do it well and fast with the straightener. It seriously takes like 10 minutes to curl my super straight hair. Amazing. I don't even have a super nice straightener! I like how my hair looks in these pictures too. It's so pretty and it makes me look pretty I think.

Anyways, Sydney from the The Daybook does Awkward and Awesome Thursday, and even though she's not doing it today, I wanted to! I haven't before but I thought of so many great things for it I just have to do it. Ha I'm such a nerd. (Oh and these events are from yesterday and today, as the day isn't over yet, and I wore this outfit yesterday.)

-Having to run to campus two days in a row because I'm late for work. Running in a backpack feels and looks, i'm sure, SO weird.
-Overfilling the steamer at work yesterday, so then I had to take off all the parts and pour out some of the water, which had changed into some yellow gross looking liquid. Ew.
-Making chocolate chip pancakes and having half of them fall apart and look gross (read here)
-Wearing tights with this outfit and then deciding, no, it looked bad and leaving my room (that I share) a huge mess because I was late to work
-My sewing TA helping me measure my inseam....I was wearing a skirt. :P
-Falling down earlier in the week which caused a huge bruise to show up on my thigh and made me walk weird

-Katri's post on the ruffled sweater she made. It's so cute and she's SO talented! I might attempt to make one since I'm learning how to sew and I have a sewing machine!
-Chocolate chip pancakes. Delish.
-The bruise on my thigh. I'm really weird and have a thing with thinking bruises are awesome. They're ridiculously cool. Seriously, though.
-Finding out that I get to go with the hip hop club to watch the So You Think You Can Dance auditions in SLC next Thursday and be on NATIONAL TELEVISION! Yeah baby!
-Eversave's deal for Shabby Apple clothing. You pay $24 and then you get $55 credit to Shabby Apple! That my friends, is a deal, and I'm buying it. I love Shabby Apple, and I love Eversave.com for all the great deals they give! I will share next time they have something else good, which is like everyday haha. They also have those cute foldable flats that you can take on the go for half off. $9! Check it out here.
-BYU's amazing win against San Diego State yesterday. We only beat the #4 team (we were #9) and Jimmer Fredette (kind of the nation's top scorer, nbd) scored 43 points in the game and also brought us up to the #1 spot in the conference. That's right. BYU is cool.
-No classes tomorrow. Yay. :)
-My giveaway. You have until tomorrow (Friday) at midnight to enter. So do it! Have a nice awkward and awesome Thursday. :D

An Outfit a Day...
Vest? Papaya (I've only worn this vest once before in my life but I loved how it look with this outfit! You may see again sometime soon..)
Shirt? Pac Sun
Necklaces? F21, mall kiosk
Belt? Thrifted
Skirt? Secondhand
Boots? Ross

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 6 (cold with no tights, boots rubbed against my legs a little, and the belt moved up and down every once in a while)
Original? 8 (I've never seen anyone else with a skirt this color or a vest like this, especially paired together)
Did I like it? 10
Overall? 9 (just because I loved it that much)


The Classic Girl (who very much dislikes the snow right now..)


Look at these pictures. Now back here. Now back to the pictures. Now back to here. Think of the awful, painful feeling you get when you slip in snow and land with a thud (yes, a loud thud) on your left side (hip, butt, thigh) and the big bruise you'll see on your upper thigh after that thud and the pain and the sting you'll feel all day. Luckily, you're not me. Because if you think of that pain while looking at these pictures, you will know how I felt ALL DAY yesterday. Oh-k enough complaining. At least I have a cool bruise, hey?

So remember how yesterday I said I'd wear skirts up until the 30 for 30 challenge? Well I wasn't planning on it snowing like crazy! I woke up and snow was pouring down and there was no way I was going in that weather in a skirt. So I hurried and came up with this outfit. I like to call it a classic outfit, because it seems that way. It was simple but cute I think. And I wore lots of necklaces so that was good. :)

An Outfit a Day (my look)...
Yellow Button Up? New York and Company, thrifted
Pink Shirt? Down East Basics
Necklaces? F21, Rue 21
Belt? Thrifted
Jeans? Ross
Boots? Ross, gifted

Keeps the Fashion Police Away (my ratings)...
Comfort? 7
Original? 6
Did I like it? 8
Overall? 7

P.S. You have until Friday night to enter the giveaway! Go enter PLEASE! :) :)



Well, hi. It's the start of a new week and I really have no inspirational words for these fingers to type.

I liked this outfit. Except for one thing...no jewelry. :P I completely forgot to wear any jewelry with this and I was so mad at myself! I'm a big lover of necklaces. But thankfully I had a belt and I think the outfit was cute enough that it was okay without any jewelry (still wish I had worn some). So to make up for it, I might be wearing a lot of necklaces in tomorrow's post. Just a little sneak preview. Ha ha.

Other than that, I do not know what to write. I love skirts. I might end up wearing a different one every day up until the 30 for 30 which starts in a week! I can't wait (although no shopping for 30 days will be the biggest challenge for me I believe)! So yeah, expect to see lots of different skirts/dresses in the upcoming days, because then for a month I won't be able to wear most of them. Sad. But seriously...CAN'T WAIT for the 30 for 30. :)

P.S. Giveaway anyone?? You have until Friday...PLEASE enter! :D

Cardigan: Abercrombie, secondhand

Shirt: Rue 21

Belt: Thrifted

Skirt: Secondhand

Tights: Target

Shoes: Payless


Yellow is Allowed in Wintertime

So. First of all, I got this dress for $3.50 at Ross. Deal? Um, yeah.

Next, I felt like a bright yellow sunflower in the middle of a blizzard in this dress. Awesome? Yes ma'am (or sir..).

So to sum it all up, this outfit did make me quite happy. Because who doesn't feel happy in yellow in the wintertime when you are begging for summer to come? Yep, didn't think so.

No but seriously, if you ever want to stand out in church in the middle of winter, just wear a yellow dress. I guarantee you'll be the only one... ;)

P.S. You know what I'm gonna say...enter the giveaway today!!! (no rhyme intended)

Cardigan: Old Navy, secondhand

Dress: Ross

Belt: Thrifted

Necklace: F21

Tights: F21 (although this is my favorite store, I would not recommend the tights--they run really easily and bag and get loose, not fun. Target's tights are good though, go there!)

Bag: Target

Flats: Payless


A Peek Into my Saturday Job

Yesterday was dead at the BYU Bookstore (where I work in the Women's shop). So I was super bored. What did I do? Take pictures. Which solved my boredom pretty quickly I'd have to say..

I have lots of fun. Jealous? You should be :)

P.S. Go enter my giveaway on my fashion blog! You know you want to... Click this link :)
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