Memorial Day Hiking

On Memorial Day, our friends the Foutzes invited us to go hiking at a Canyon in Ogden. It was kind of a hard hike but it was really fun to get back together with them. It was uphill the whole way and I was wearing pants so I was really hot. It was so pretty once we reached the destination. The view was amazing. Here's a pic:
This is the spot that we reached before we turned back. The whole hike was about two miles there, so I hiked four miles that day! Above is my sister Carina, her friend Aerin, and my friend Kyrie. We were all exhausted after hiking upward for two miles. This is Megan, my sister Sidney, and my brother Cee Ryle. They were inside a little log cabin thing that was at the top. Look at the next picture. Here's my dad feeding Gracie with the bottle at the peak of the hike. She was getting pretty fussy but wasn't too bad for her first hike. She was sure glad to get that bottle though.
Here are my parents, tired, after the hike.These are Kyrie's, Aerin's, and Megan's parents.
Aerin and Carina doing Mission Impossible. Classic.This is Kyrie and me getting a picture together. I'm so glad I have her as a friend. It was lots of fun to go hiking with her. After we got back down we went to Farrs for ice cream. Yummy! Then we went to the Foutzes house for a barbecue and stayed there until about five. We had such a great time!


Last week on Wednesday, my friend Courtney's family invited me, Laura, and Lindsay to go with them to their cousin's masquerade. We had such a blast! Beforehand we got ready together. We wore some of Brooke's and Courtney's old prom dresses. I had a long white one. It was so beautiful, I felt like a princess.Thats a picture of Lindsay putting makeup on me. Courtney did my hair. We also made masks (duh, it's a masquerade!) Mine was white with some silver trim on it. We took some pictures with everyone before we left the house. Here's one:

We had to go all the way to Pleasant Grove, about an hour away, so we had a lot of fun in the car on the way there. We laughed and giggled practically the whole way up.

The place the masquerade was at was pretty cool. Courtney's cousin rented out an outdoor castle. It was way fun to see it. A lot of people were invited, but when we got there, there weren't that many people there. After a while though a lot more people came. It was definitely the most fun when it was dark with lots of people. Unfortunately for my friends and me, a lot of the people The DJ was pretty hot though haha... :) He had a great voice too, as I found out when we requested a song. Later on, we found out that a group of sixteen year-old guys came a little bit after we left! :( How horrible is that! We had to leave at ten since it was a school night but if we go again next year, then we decided we're staying the whole night. Can't miss out on cute guys! Here's some more pictures of all the fun we had that night.
Courtney's sister took this picture for us. I love it. It made me feel like I was at prom.

I was getting pretty crazy throughout the night. ;)Wow, look at three on the left. Jordan, Brooke, and Lindsay were getting kinda violent. jk. ;) And then look at the three of us on the right. Courtney, me, and Laura, looking as perfect as can be. We had such an awesome time. It was one of the best nights ever!


My new blog!

Yay!!! This is my wonderful fantabulous blog. I know that I have nothing to say right now, but thats okay! I would just like to say that I'm am very excited with this and that many further and more interesting things will come. So have fun reading about my crazy world!
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