I'm Doing Videography!

After about two years of playing around with it and now having an actual good camera to film with, I've decided to start doing videography professionally! I'm pretty excited about this, and I know it's going to take a little while to build everything up, but it should be a really great experience.

If you or someone you know is in need of a videographer for weddings, proposals, mission call openings and homecomings, lifestyle shoots, graduations, birthday parties, or anything you can think of, send them my way! Since I'm just starting out, my prices are really cheap and I'm probably one of the best deals you'll be able to find for videography in Utah. I feel like having a videographer at weddings especially, but also other events, is SO important, so even if your budget is small, message me and we'll figure out something for you!

I film with a Canon Rebel t5i and edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. I've been filming and doing videography for family and friends for the past two years, and I also just recently got a job doing videography and editing for the BYU Alumni Association!

You can go to my vimeo page to see all of my past work and I've also posted some examples below!

Weddings (see more examples here):

Mission Call Opening:



a few other favorites:

Message me at kikicbrownee(at)gmail(dot)com for pricing and inquiries.

And please, spread the word! Thanks so much, I'm really excited about this!



Not everyone likes Valentine's Day, single or in a relationship, and this year I didn't like it either. I'm sure you're dying for details (ha).. It had to do with a boy and me getting hurt, and since I don't usually talk about dating on this blog much (because it doesn't just involve me) that's all I'll say.

I definitely think it's a holiday of expectations, and when people don't like it, it means those expectations weren't met, and vice-versa for when they are. You win some and you lose some, eh?

I don't really know what I meant to write in this post, but I'm hurting, and I want some way to let out those feelings. I keep trying to write but nothing seems to say how I feel. Blogging's hard that way; you can only really say so much, which is sometimes nothing at all.

I really am fine. And I know I'll be fine. But I hate hurting.


He's Going To...

BRAZIL! South Sao Paulo mission to be exact! My cousin Trevar opened his mission call on Sunday, and we were all so excited that we got to be there for it. Mission call openings are always so exciting and I love them!

We realized after everyone left that we forgot to take a picture (this happens so much in our extended family gatherings--the forgetting to take a photo haha) but we took one with my family (sans Carina who was in Provo, and Gracie who had a sleepover with cousins). Notice how well our dog Buster posed. He's a goofball :)

I'm still getting used to my camera, so when I put on the self-timer and did "5," turns out it wasn't 5 seconds, it was 5 very quick pictures in a row. Haha! We decided to use this to our advantage when someone cried out "funny picture!" I love my family.

Trevar leaves June 17, and though I'll be sad when that day comes, I'm super excited for him and know he'll be an awesome missionary. Congrats Trevar!


Alex and Courtney's Proposal Video

So my cousin Alex is almost exactly a year younger me and seriously one of my best friends. We were always really close when we were younger and then his family moved to Boston (the aunt and uncle I stayed with while I was there are his parents!) and we didn't get to see each other as much. But after he got back from his mission he moved to Provo so it's been way fun to reconnect and hang out more!

I was so excited when Alex told me he was proposing to his girlfriend Courtney (who I'm also pretty good friends with because I got to know her well while I was out in Boston) and let me film it all!

I seriously love Alex and Courtney SO much and couldn't be more excited for their engagement! They've dated on and off since they were in high school, so its kind of already felt like Courtney's been part of the family. It'll be great for it to finally be official in May. :)

Here's the proposal story if you wanna hear it:
Alex and Courtney had gone ring shopping and were going to get the ring custom designed, but it wouldn't be in for about 5 weeks, so Courtney didn't think the proposal would be happening for a while. But Alex decided to get another ring from a local shop so that he could surprise her in proposing and get the ring sooner. Alex wanted Courtney to be completely surprised for the proposal, so he told her they were going up the canyon because one of his roommates had a big surprise for his fiance, and that I was there because I was going to film the whole thing (which I did..haha!). So we got up to the place where the fire was at and no one was there (as was the plan) and Courtney was super confused because she thought people should have been there. Then, as her back was turned, Alex's friends started walking up holding black posterboards in front of them that said "Marry Me" in glowsticks. As soon as she saw it, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. And she of course said yes! It was all really cute and she had absolutely NO idea so it was perfect.

Anyway, if that was all too long for you to read, the video is below, as well as some pictures that were taken by Alex's roommate Jae. I've never actually been a part of a proposal but it was so fun and I'm already excited for their wedding in May (which means I'm going to Boston!).

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