Comfort is Cute

This is the comfiest sweater in the world. I put it on last night and decided I was wearing it today because it's just so comfy. And it's cute too! At least I think so haha. I might have left my hair down with it except I woke up late this morning, so that was a no. I like how this sweater is long, big, and just comfy looking. It definitely follows the baggy shirt trend too. And  I like the owl necklace on it, because it just elongates the look more. Seriously though, everyone needs a sweater like this. It's so wonderful!

Oh and guess what's sad? I got a hole in my pants today! :( Who knows how that happened...but these were my favorite pants and I think I might need to go shopping for a replacement pair to make up for it. ;)

Sweater: Levis (thrifted)

Pants: Ross

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Forever 21

Hair bow: Had it since I was little

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