Not Cool

Sooo today, I was at this ward party thing which was all lots of fun. Well I was talking to a bunch of guys in my ward and somehow this question from one of the guys came up that just made me incredibly mad. He asked, "If you had to choose between a wife who had cheated on you once but then repented and never did again and a wife who gained 100 pounds within the first year of marriage and could never lose it back, which  one would you choose?"

Holy cow that question sent me into a fury. How could someone even ask that question (and if you are reading this, you know who you are and I don't care if you're reading this because it made me mad and I want you to know that)?! That is practically like saying cheating on your spouse and gaining 100 pounds are equal, which they are not equal at ALL. I just can't even put into words right now how angry this made me, and don't you worry, I told those boys how awful they were and I argued with them. I spoke up because I did not want to deal with that crap. And then I just walked away because it made me sooo angry. It especially made me mad when the guy who asked the question said his answer changed from day to day. Wow. It made me SO MAD.

So a message to every guy out there in the world: You have no idea how much your comments can sometimes hurt girls. We girls are very insecure and very body conscious. And it's partially because there are pigs like you out there. If you have the audacity to ask a question like that and even sit there and answer it, then I hope someone cheats on you because you deserve it. That sounds harsh, but if you love someone, you love them no matter what. Whether they weigh 120 pounds or 300, it shouldn't matter to you. And if it does, well then you definitely do not deserve that beautiful and special girl. Every single girl in this world is beautiful and they do not have to look like a model or stay looking like a model to achieve that. Some girls act like gaining weight is the end of the world sometimes (me included) but you cannot make fun of us for that if you are going to act like if it's the end of the world to you too. It's not all your fault, but girls think this way because they are trying to impress you, and if you care about something as utterly pointless as weight, then I hope you stay single for the rest of your life.

I don't care if this post offends anyone or makes someone mad, because I am furious. I HATE it when boys talk about caring about weight and compare it something as awful as cheating on your spouse. I refuse to marry a boy that cares about what I weigh. I will not take it and I hope other girls out there won't take it either. I know there are great guys out there who are wonderful about those things and I hope I meet one soon. Because wow. So mad and just seriously appalled.

[P.S. I did make the shirt and it's my favorite. That is completely irrelevant but I just had to point that out because it was a happy part of my day--in case you haven't guessed, the above story was NOT a happy part of my day. Just saying.]


Look Mom, I Made a Shirt!

See that pretty purple flowery skirt in the above photos? Do you like it? Well, I hope so, because whether you like it or love it or hate it, I made it! Sooo great, huh? I guess it just feels great to me to make my own clothes. The wonderful thing is that my grandma gave me a ton of fabric that she wasn't going to use, so this shirt was also FREE! Life doesn't get much better than this.

Storytime: When I was younger (aka junior high/high school) I hated sewing. I really did not like it at all. I was just pretty darn terrible at it, or so I thought. Like for Personal Progress (a goal program thing for girls 12-18 in the LDS church) I sewed a skirt as one of my projects and I am pretty sure that I needed help on that thing every step of the way. My mom probably did more work on it than I did (sorry, Mami!). And it wasn't a super enjoyable process for me because I just did not like sewing and I thought I was awful at it. The most enjoyable part was wearing it. And in sophomore year of high school my friends Courtney and Laura and I decided to sew matching cute bags to take to school. Well, they probably did a lot of the work on that bag because I was so clueless. I didn't even know one bit how to use a sewing machine! The funny thing is that I still use that bag all the time today and when people say "Oh that's so cute, where did you get it?!" I say "I made it," and they say, "Oh of course you did," because a lot of people know how much I love to sew. But I just smile because that bag is a remnant of my sewing-hatred days.

I'm not really sure what changed inside of me, but I have always been very crafty. I used to make cards and stuff all the time, I made pen pals (see below), then I moved on to fabric flowers (also see below) and eventually I just wanted to sew clothes and my love of sewing has blossomed since.
Pen Pals! I still love these. I got the idea from an American Girl magazine forever ago!
Fabric flowers--I apologize, these aren't the best flowers I've made, but they work

The funny thing with me is that I am a very obsessive person, so I really love some things (sewing, Carrie Underwood, purple, wearing coral, etc.) and I really hate others (vegetables, spiders, heights, any talk of blood or gross bodily stuff, and back when I hated sewing). So I am like super obsessive with something (sometimes more than one thing) at a time. I used to be a very avid reader. I'd take a book everywhere. My parents would come downstairs and tell me to go to bed so I'd turn off my light, and then when they were gone I'd turn the light on again and finish the book that night. I'd read during school while teachers were lecturing (and still get a good grade in the class! ha!). I'd take my book in the car or I'd take a book into a restaurant and read while waiting for my food or while I was eating my food (my parents got annoyed by that one) and all the time I would read. I was reading at a college level by 8th grade.

And now...I sew. People will ask me to hang out, and if I'm the middle of a sewing project, I always decline. My motivation to get my homework done during the week is so that I can sew on the weekend. I have to keep going until I finish and I will lock myself up in my room until I'm done. Basically, I'll see people in my ward and they say, "Where have you been? I haven't seen you for a while, did you go on vacation?" And my answer is always, "I've been sewing." Gah, I am sooo pathetic! But I'm a sewing hermit and I don't mind at all.

So that's my super long schpeel about my process of sewing going from a hatred to an obsession. It just goes to show that we really could probably love anything if we just let ourselves. :) Have a fab Tuesday!!


What is Beautiful?

Over the weekend I bought the September issue of Vogue (which btw, is amazing--go buy it!) and was inspired by this Fekkai ad. I really liked it a lot. It's cool because it shows the dress being made,  then it shows it in the store window, and then it shows it on the girl wearing it.
The quotes in the pictures:

"Taking chances.
Grand gestures and acts of grace.
That is beautiful."

"The confidence of yes. The power of no.
The sense of adventure. The labors of love.
That is beautiful."

"When you enter a room and leave an impression.
When no one's watching and all eyes are upon you.
That is beautiful."

(the quote under the photo of Frederic Fekkai)
"Beautiful is how a woman lives. Beauty is in the mind, not the mirror. My question is not, 'What do you want to do with your hair?' but rather 'What do you want to do with your life?' That is beautiful. And that's where Fekkai begins"

I especially love that last quote. I like these sayings because for once, an ad isn't saying that beauty is how you look. Adventure. Love. Grace. Being able to say yes and no. Confidence. Taking chances. None of which depend on how you look. Granted, all the girls in the ad are all sultry-looking models, but still, I like the ad.

It got me to thinking that true beautiful women are not recognized enough in our society. At all. All the models are represented plenty in magazines and on tv, and I'm not saying they aren't beautiful. But I am saying that they are not the only ones who are. I don't know if I talk about it as much as I should, but I feel strongly about women's issues and I want to speak out about it more. I want to recognize women for what they've done, what they've overcome, who they have helped, and who they are. Every woman is beautiful and strong in some way. You might feel like you're not, but I promise that you are.

I'm gonna start a little blurb on my blog called Strong Women where I showcase a strong woman I admire in my life, or I could do you too! If there is someone you know or you that want to share your story or just share why you are beautiful, please email me at {kikicbrownee[at]gmail[dot]com}. It can be long or short, but tell me why you are strong and why you are beautiful and if possible send me a picture as well. If you want, it can be anonymous and we'll just put it under a fake name. :) You all have a reason. These will just be posted at random because there is no deadline and I don't know if anyone will submit or anything. But I feel strongly about this and I want women to have a voice! I'm really excited about this so please email me if you are interested. I would love it if you did. It kind of reminds me of the BYU Women's Service's "I am beautiful because..." thing they did, except I can't give you a photo shoot, but I can share your words. :) There are more beautiful women than we can count out there! Let's give you a voice!

First Day of School!

BYU is back in business ;)
New shoes!! So cute! Though I walked so much around campus and my feet kinda hurt now.
I just love every single thing in the picture. Like the cute telephone necklace! Ah, love it! Also my lovely coral blazer and the lace at the  top of my shirt. It's all beautiful.
This was how I felt about the first day of school. :) yep.

It came! Everyone came! I had my first day of my 3rd year at BYU today and it was wonderful. Random thoughts about the day...

  • So this morning I curled my hair and I kid you not--like less than half an hour later the curls died! And they just died more the rest of the day! :( Hairspray and I are going to become best friends very soon...
  • EEEEE! I love school.
  • Today I had Intro to Family Processes, Strengthening Marriage and Family, and Costume Design! All of which have great teachers and all of which I LOVE!! (not to mention I unintentionally know 4 people in my Family Processes class..yay!)
  • I didn't wear my coral blazer most of the day because it was kind of hot. But I love it still and will be wearing it a lot during this year.
  • There are soooo many people on campus! I'm not used to it because there were a lot less during spring and summer.
  • I couldn't stop smiling at people today because I just wanted to smile and because I'm happy.
  • This doesn't have to do with classes, but the other day, my camera overheated and it went psycho! Like instead of looking like this...

They looked like this...
Weird, but cool.

Those were some of the things I thought about today as I walked from class to class or sat in class or just enjoyed the fact that I have class and that I. Am. So. Excited. I love school! The nerd in me is just bursting today. :)

How was everyone else's first day of school? Do you guys still get nervous, because I definitely do! And what cute outfits did you wear (I know you planned something cute..everyone does haha)? Let's hear about it!! I love talking about back to school stuff!


My First Maxi Dress

Oh look! I decided to blog. Isn't that cool? Ha truth be told, I am so bored right now, which is actually a first for this summer. I feel like I've been sooo busy playing with friends every night, sewing (A LOT), working, reading, sleeping, and just doing fun stuff. I think it's been harder to blog this summer because I haven't worn a ton of "outfits" since it gets too hot to layer and it's so much easier to wear a t-shirt and shorts if no one is going to see you. Anyways, I really wasn't sure when I was going to pick up blogging again but I guess now is a good time to start and I'm gonna make it a habit again now that school's starting up.

I feel like saying "my first maxi dress" is like saying "my first doll" or "my first car" or something like that. It's kind of a momentous occasion considering maxi dresses are AMAZING! Holy cow I love this dress. And it's all thanks to the fact that I am shorter than my sister so something finally got handed up to me. :D

I'm currently sewing a maxi dress right now (it's kind of simple, but it's my own design!) and it is just going to be so gorgeous! I have been sewing a lot of stuff as of late. I just finished sewing a dress that I gave to my sister Carina for her birthday yesterday...
She loved it :) It made me so happy to see her happy!
....and I've also made two shirts and another dress and have done a few refashions. I really like sewing and designing very much. It just makes me happy and I could probably do it all day. Something I want to do so very badly is go to the Fashion District in LA and go shopping for fabric, because they sell it for like a $1 a yard!! Heaven! This is a very big dream of mine lately (and also while I'm there go to Disneyland, the beach, a broadway musical, and Hollywood). I'm going to try and save up, so I hope it happens soon.

I am glad to be back and I'm so excited for the new school year that starts on Monday! It went by so fast and it kind of freaks me out a little. AH! Can't wait for all the new things life throws at me though.. ;)

Oh...I am just so happy. Life is wonderful :)


The Best Shoes In the World

Double french braid...easier than it looks! One of my new favorite hairstyle because it looks so pretty :)
You're probably pretty jealous of my heels (and my amazing Harry Potter toenails--close up here). And you have good reason to be. And if you're not jealous of them, then you're either a guy or just plain crazy and I will tell you WHY they are the BEST.

1. They're wedges, so they are actually possible to walk in and not trip.

2. They're comfortable. What? Comfortable heels?! Yes.

3. They are the perfect color for summer and winter and literally go with every.thing.

4. They make me taller, something that is quite desirable for a girl who is only 5'2".

5. They make my skin not look white (I can't say they make my skin look tan..but better than nothing, right?)

6. They're classy

7. They are all MINE

8. Somehow, they add everything to an outfit. Off, the outfit is okay...On, the outfit suddenly turns fabulous! True story..I promise!

9. All of the above.

You're jealous now, huh? Ha, I knew it! Only too bad, you can't have them, because the only drawback to these shoes is that if I take them off, they take a few minutes to put on. Therefore, they are never coming off my feet. Good thing they're the best shoes in the world, right? :)
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