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This is Carrie Underwood's new album cover and name that was posted today and since I'm such a huge fan, I knew I had to blog about it! I love her new single that just came out!! Its called "Cowboy Casanova". Go to this LINK to hear it on youtube. Love it! :D

First Week of College...and so it begins!

Wow, I'm finally updated with everything, thank GOODNESS!!!!! That was a lot of stuff I had to do, but I'm done and I can move on with bigger and better things, like... COLLEGE! I'm really and truly here at BYU. Its so unbelievable and amazing that I'm living the dream I've wanted for soooo long. I love it here a ton! My roommates are pretty much the greatest people ever and I've met so many people that I don't think I'll ever be able to memorize a name again. Living on my own is such a new experience, but so far, its been absolutely wonderful and so fun. I moved here on Wednesday and this whole week has been New Student Orientation, so we've done a lot of stuff. Its been great, though! :) :) :) :)

Wednesday: Came here and unpacked, had lunch, said goodbye :(, went to a job orientation.... My roommates Hollie and Christine were already there and SO NICE! After that, one of my best friend's, Brooke, came, which was so good because after leaving my parents I was glad to have someone close to me here. I helped her bring her stuff to her room and then I went with her and her parents to the grocery store since we didn't really have much to do. Later that day, I met my actual roomie and she's way nice too! Her name is Chelsey. That night there was a dinner for all the Freshman and New Student Orientation. I also saw a ton of people from my high school. There are at least 50 here. We played around a little but then went to bed around midnight. Oh and on this day I found out that I got hired at the bookstore as a Women's Sales Clerk! I'm very excited because the bookstore is a really good job and I think it will be lots of fun!

Thursday: We had to wake up early to go check in for New Student Orientation (NSO) and find out our Y groups. It started at 8:30, so Brooke and I got there and there were only like two boys from our Y group there at the moment (and they weren't that cute) so we left and came back to the apartment. We watched our youth conference video from our ward and laughed at that, went to the creamery for ice cream (yum!) and then went to lunch. There was some convocation that we skipped but we found our whole Y group at lunch. The guys in it are kind of weird but most of the girls are really nice. We then went on a tour of campus and I left a little early for my bookstore orientation. I get a 20% discount at the bookstore and three free BYU t-shirts! I'm soooo excited to work there. After that I stood in a long line to verify my social security card so I could actually work. Brooke and I hung out a little bit after that too. Hollie was also very nice to organize all our kitchen stuff---she is like the most organized person ever and I'm glad she's one of my roomies. Also, our last roommate Kelly checked in! She's very nice, but a little shy. She's originally from Peru and moved to Texas four years ago. Christine has also taken four years of Spanish, so me, her, and Kelly were talking in Spanish to eachother and have been teaching Brooke and Hollie (but mostly Hollie) a few Spanish phrases! Its fun! For dinner, Brooke and I went to the cougareat and had Taco Bell, found some Davis people (my high school) and then went to this thing were the Young Ambassadors did singing and dancing and JERICHO ROAD came! It was epic! :)

Just waiting for the show thing to start with Brooke and Hollie

That night, we went to a "party" that was on the balcony, but I guess it was against the rules and it got busted. :( But Christine had some guy friends that were pretty cute and way hilarious that we played games with until almost midnight. It was lots of fun! We also met some really nice boys who are going to be in our ward. At like 12:30, Brooke and I weren't really tired so we just went outside for a walk and talked a little. It was nice. And then we went to bed. Crazy day, huh?

Friday: There was a devotional by Todd Parker at 9 am and it was a really great devotional! I liked it a lot. We did some other stuff with our Y group and had lunch then went to the college information sessions and showcases. I went to the Humanities one because English is in that and the information session wasn't that helpful, but oh well. I have an intro to the english major class so that will help a ton. I then went back to the apartment and did a little email. I also made a sad discovery that the piano in our hall is really crappy and the pedal doesn't work and the pianos in the Fine Arts Center are only for students taking piano classes! I'm having withdrawals. :( I'm going to search in the other halls to see if they have good pianos at all, because I really need to practice! I went to work that night from 5-8 at my new bookstore job and it was pretty good. Its really easy and I just fold clothes and do stuff in the women's clothes! Its a pretty good job. After that there was a game night being held for NSO and all the Freshman went. It was crazy fun. I met lots of new people that I'll probably never see again, but its all good. We played ultimate frisbee and some cool guy named Johnny was teaching a bunch of people the broadway dance to "You Can't Stop the Beat," from Hairspray. It was sweet. And then we went to bed? Sort of. We stayed up late every night because we didn't have classes...ha!

Saturday: This was a way chill day with really nothing to do. Everybody slept in lots which was nice because the other days we were waking up earlier for New Student Orientation. At 10 am we had a ward donut social. It was pretty fun, but a little weird because people would basically go to one group and learn everybody's names, go to the next group and do the same thing, etc. I learned a lot of names and I pretty much forgot all of them. I think it will be better once we have more activities and get to know everybody better. We attempted to make brownies, but I don't think we sprayed the pan right or something because the brownies were way stuck. What we could get out tasted good though!

My family also came, which was pretty fun. My sibs got to see my room and then we went and ate lunch/dinner and went grocery shopping for some stuff. And my parents also brought Brooke and I some scooters. But sad day, because we found out they're not allowed on campus, so we're only going to ride them at night or off-campus. And then we had the dance that night!!!! It was amazingly fun, and we took a picture of all us roomies together before we left.

(Left to right: Me, Brooke, Christine, Kelly, Hollie, and Chelsey!)

It was so hot and sweaty at the dance but it was pretty cool. I danced with a few guys, some of them we had met on Thursday. It was crazy fun (too close for comfort, though?) and we were sad once it was done. When we got back to our apartment, we weren't really tired and our feet hurt so we had a foot bath (we did this on Friday too) and it felt sooooo nice! This activity may continue throughout the year.
Then we watched the movie Enchanted on my laptop and ate popcorn (I made it, though it turned out a little burnt) but we were tired so halfway through we skipped to the end and then went to bed at like 2:00 am!

Sunday: We were all very tired and woke up at 10 am (some later than that) because we thankfully don't have church until 1:00 :) We were able to take our time getting ready which was way nice. We had a hall meeting before church to talk about lots of stuff like our goals, why we came to BYU and other stuff we can do. Church was fun but weird because we stayed in the same room the whole time and I actually had relief society! Except there were only two old ladies so it didn't really feel like it. I really like my ward though because everyone is nice and fun and willing to meet new people! It will be a blast! The only bad thing: the ratio of boys to girls is 1:3. Competition!!! :D When we got back home all of us roommates cooked dinner together, which we decided will happen every Sunday. We made some delicious ramen noodle stir fry and made successful brownies. Yay!!!

Funny story: We were planning on taking some brownies to a boys dorm (we girls have our ways) and share but some boys came over because one of them needed ice for his leg, I guess. So we just shared brownies with them. It was pretty fun! We had ward prayer later that night and rode scooters on the way there. I took this beautiful picture of Brooke scootering with the sky in the background.

We went to bed at like eleven because classes were starting and we knew we had to get serious. *sigh* But Hollie and I stayed up a little decorating our kitchen. Pictures will soon be posted! Wish me luck on all my classes!!! :)

Last Sunday Dinner with the Fam

My last Sunday dinner with everyone before college! It was bittersweet--wishing Carina a happy birthday, but me saying goodbye. I love my family and all our get togethers we have...I'll really miss that. :'(

Carina with the cake that my mom made. Happy 15th, Carina! :)

Making our annual back to school time capsules


Riding in the car with my favorite girls in the world. ;)

Family Pictures

On my last Sunday before college, we went and took some family pictures. My dad took the pics with his camera and I edited them. Of course, it rained as soon as we were about to take the pictures, but then it stopped later, so it was all good. It was pretty fun....just like any other family picture taking day. :D


So Hawaiian Shaved Ice is really good...

There's this little trailer that just sits in a parking lot near my house and it sells Hawaiian Shaved Ice (like snow cones). Its pretty much delicious and since one of my friends told me about it, I went with Courtney and Laura and adored it! It was soooooooo good! And then I went after with my family and also with my friend Brooke. Like I said....its GOOD! :D

Last day with my BFFs. :(

This was the last mutual for some of the graduated laurels and it was so sad to say goodbye! We went to a reception for Laura's sister and then went afterward to Pace's to sit at our regular table. Its pretty much the best!

On Thursday, August 13, it was my two best friends Laura and Courtney's last day before they left for college! It was so depressing, especially since I wasn't leaving for another two weeks. So we decided to have a day where we spent most of it with eachother. It was lots of fun! We rode the frontrunner to the Gateway, went shopping, bought friendship bracelets, had Hawaiian Ice and then had a sleepover. It was so sad the next morning when we had to say goodbye, because I knew it would be the last time I'd see them for a long time. It was so hard not to cry. :'( Now they are gone with Laura at Dixie and Courtney at Snow, but thank goodness for texting, because I've still been able to talk with them a lot. :)

Lagoon Fun

Since my sister, Carina works at Lagoon, we were able to go using discounted passes! It was so much fun being able to go with my family as well as some of our close extended relatives! Family time=fun time. :)



We usually go camping during labor day with the Foutzes and Percivals but this year we decided it would be easier if we went earlier so that school didn't coincide. Here are some photos of the fun time we had! :)

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