I Love Weddings :)

It seems like everyone is getting married left and right these days! I know I'm at BYU so it's pretty normal for everyone to be getting married. But there happened to be one wedding yesterday that the whole world watched. And a wedding that I definitely support...the Royal Wedding!! Ahh...look at Kate's dress. Isn't it gorgeous?! She seriously looked absolutely stunning. The dress was classy, traditional, modest, but also modern. And I think it suited her looks and personality well. It was designed by Sarah Burton, a creative designer for Alexander McQueen. I heard that they're already making lots of dresses because people have been ordering them. Ah! I only wish I could afford a dress that expensive. Anyways, I haven't researched a ton on the topic of the wedding yet but what else did you see/hear about it? What were your favorite parts? Seriously, it makes me happy that so many people have been getting married because weddings are so happy! I love going to receptions and dressing up for weddings and stuff. It's great. :D


The Magic Skirt

People, this skirt is magic! Basically it attracts boys and people love it. And I got it from DI for about $5 and all I did was hem it to knee-length instead of pioneer length. One of my coworkers at work (a guy) complimented my outfit and skirt. Two other girls I work with both said I looked super cute today. And I was riding in the elevator with this random hot guy and he said my skirt was super cool. And I love telling people where I got it from because it just makes the skirt that much cooler. Yep, me and my skirt are pretty awesomespice (word borrowed from Lauren). :D

Yesterday at work was cRaZy!!! It's Women Conference this weekend so there have been women all over campus! And of course since I work in the Women's section of the bookstore, we've been working like madness. Yesterday it was so busy that I could barely walk anywhere because it was all crowded. Everyone just loves the Down East Basics clothes, the White Elegance clothes, and all of our clothes. It's nuts, but super fun! I love being able to help lots of people and having stuff to do and being able to meet a lot of nice women. It's really pretty great. Also I'm working lots of hours which means mucho dinero. ;) Hmmm and mucho dinero has many possibilities.... Anyways so I'm a little tired because I worked non-stop for 8 hours yesterday and I'm gonna do it again today. Life will go back to normal after this week is done. Soo..have a great friday!

What are your weekend plans? Want to know what mine are? (BOYS!!!) :D hehe (oh and women at women's conference ha)

An Outfit A Day...
Button-Up? TJ Maxx
Necklace? F21
Skirt? Thrifted and refashioned (hemmed)
Shoes? Thrifted

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 8
Original? 10 (pretty sure no one has a skirt like this! :))
Did I like it? 10
Overall? 9.5


Eeee! It's Women's Conference this week which means campus and the bookstore has been CRAZY! I've been working 8 hour shifts and it's been non-stop and super busy. But it's been fun! I love working when it's been because I always have something to do and I get to meet lots of new people. So fun! And I decided that I just really love my job so much. Ha I already knew that before but I just thought I'd say it. I really just love all my co-workers and have so many friends at work. And I get great benefits like a 20% discount and free textbook renting. And it's just a fun job. Work is my happy place and I'm really grateful to have it!

Did anyone watch Glee this week? I really liked it! It was actually a 90 minute episode instead of the regular hour. The songs were really amazing, my favorites being...
Somewhere Only We Know,

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty (been listening to this one on repeat, such a great song),

and Born This Way.

The episode was about how Mr. Schuester wanted the kids to accept the way the were, even the parts that made them unique (that's what's on their shirts in Born This Way). I thought it had such a great message about how we really do just need to be happy the way we are. And if we can be happy the way we are, then we can be role models for others in showing them that they can be happy with how they look too. :) It reminds me of this project on facebook called the What I Be project done by Ganesh Photography. Go look at the albums and you'll find the project on there. It's really changed the way I look at people and how I judge them.  Super cool!

Another tv show that I just started watching and have been loving lately (thanks to Chelsey's suggestion) is Drop Dead Diva. It's about a pretty, thin, blonde model who dies and mistakenly gets sent into a fat girl's body. It's really funny and really cute. It's cool because in her new life she is a lawyer and she is able to relate to a lot of her clients because of what she has gone through in her size and other stuff. I really like and I've been watching the first season on Netflix, if you're interested.

Oh and here's another treat for ya...HP and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2...the last one! Ah! I cannot WAIT until July 15!!!! (sorry for the video overload haha)

And now after a long day of work and going hot-tubbing with my roomies, I'm saying good night!!


Hippie Thinking

Hey friends! How is your week going so far? Pretty much mine is going fabulously because I don't have school and I've just been working and playing lots. :D Summer (even if it doesn't completely feel like it weather-wise) is the BEST. And also, lots of new people moved into my ward, which means lots of new boys!!! Heaven, indeed. I already have my eye set on one haha. Expect an engagement post by next week ;) (I hope you know I'm kidding. I will date a boy for a while--a lot of months or year--before getting engaged!).

I guess though that even though life is pretty happy, there is still so much that I'm trying to work on, because I'm far from perfect and I've got lots of problems. I won't get into details but I just feel like I'm always working on something and always trying to be better. Sometimes I wish it would all just stop and the world and life's troubles would just pause. What I really want is just some peace (and love. the hippies were onto something I think...). Some peace of mind, peace with the world, and peace with myself. Have you ever realized how difficult it is to just feel peace? It's pretty dang hard. And it makes me cry many days.

Yesterday, though, I think I felt a little bit of peace. I went to the Carl Bloch exhibit in the BYU Museum of Art with my roommates and it was so wonderful. It was completely spiritual and peaceful. And I will admit that I did cry a little, but they were good tears. :) You may have heard of him before, but Carl Bloch was a painter and artist back a few hundred years ago who painted tons of beautiful pictures of scenes from Christ's life that are now reprinted and used in church buildings, church magazines, church books, etc. Even if you haven't heard of him, I have no doubt that you would be familiar with several of Carl Bloch's paintings if you saw them. Anyways, this exhibit has been at BYU for a while and very popular, because the original paintings are there. The exhibit ends next week so if you want to go, I'd highly recommend it. My favorite two paintings were these:
Healing at the Pool of Bethesda by Carl Bloch
Gethsemane by Carl Bloch
As I sat there sitting, staring at, and contemplating these paintings and the others, I felt a sense of peace. I realized how much He loves me. And I really am worth it. I honestly have no idea how much I mean to Him. Seeing that Gethsemane picture and seeing the depiction of that moment of suffering made me realize that if Christ can suffer for everyone's sins and go through that much pain, then I can overcome my trials. And the cool thing is that I have Him to help me through it. I will always have him. I think the only thing that truly gives me peace in life is my church. It's all I truly have and it's all I really need and it's all that matters. I love it. :)

I just wanted to share that. It's a good afternote for Easter. :)

An Outfit A Day...
Button-Up? Thrifted
Belt? Amazon.com
Capris? Aeropostale
Shoes? Thrifted
Bag? Target

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 10
Original? 8
Did I like it? 9
Overall? 9


It Has to Stop

Cyber bullying is getting way too out of hand and its making me so sad and angry. It's not a joke. Two eighth grade girls made a suicide pact and killed themselves together (read and watch here). Demi Lovato developed an eating disorder and cut herself because kids would bully her and call her fat (video here). Rebecca Black (as ridiculously cheesy as her video may be) has been way cyber bullied and people have given her death threats and telling her that they hope she dies.

Whoever you people are, I am so ashamed in you and ashamed to call you a human being.

We are better than this. I don't care what you have been through or what you are going through. It doesn't matter. Bullying is NOT okay. It's not okay to make fun of other people to make yourself feel better. It's definitely not okay to tell people you want them dead. If you really feel that way, then keep it inside of you or go talk to a counselor. I'm serious. Eighth grade girls. Demi started cutting herself at age 11. Rebecca Black is 13. These are kids we are talking about. I don't know what else to say, except that it needs to stop now. When you see people being mean or bullying someone else, speak up. Take a stand. You might be saving someone's life. It seriously makes me cry to think about this. I'm going to work so hard to make sure I always am being nice and making others feel included and also to speak up when someone is bullying, in person or online. You can make fun of Rebecca Black's video all you want, I don't care. I'll still make fun of it. But don't make fun of her and tell her mean things. She's just a little girl, and deserves to be treated kindly no matter what video she makes.

Sometimes, this world makes me so sick. We cannot keep letting things like this go on. But we can make a change.

A Tribute

So I actually wore this outfit back in March as well, on March 10 to be exact, which was indeed Carrie Underwood's birthday! Don't worry, I did celebrate with friends and it was wonderful. :D I just have to say as I have said many times before that Carrie Underwood is incredible and amazing. I am in love with her voice and she's definitely one of my heroes in life. I want to meet her more than anything in the world! I saw this video and cried. It's pretty much amazing. Watch it and then tell me you don't like Carrie Underwood. I'll bet you can't do it (and you better not insult CU on my watch!!).

Amazing, right? Yeah, told ya so. I have to meet her someday. I will!

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? Thrifted
Tee? CU concert in November 2008 at her Carnival Ride tour
Skirt? Target
Shoes? Thrifted

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 10
Original? 6
Did I like it? 9
Overall? 8


She Only Looks at Books

I've given myself a goal to blog every day on both of my blogs. Since I don't have school this summer, it should be possible. I really just love to write and I need a way to get out all of my thoughts, as I have many.

I'm currently re-falling in love with one of my hobbies....reading. It never ever gets old. I'm about to start reading the Harry Potter series for the 11th time before the last movie comes out (sob! it will all be over in july!). I read a book in a day yesterday--I love doing that! It feels like forever since I've done that, just because I haven't had time. It's called Dreamland, by Sarah Dessen, a young adult book about a girl who gets in an abusive relationship. Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors and I'd highly recommend it. :) My next book to read is To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my all time favorite books! I actually haven't read it since sophomore year of high school so I need to read it again to refresh my memory and to give my mind something happy (not that my life isn't happy right now and not that To Kill a Mockingbird is necessarily a happy book).

I think summertime is one of my favorite times of the year partially because it gives me an opportunity to read again. I hardly ever read what I want during the school year because I don't have time, and it kills me. Last summer I had a goal to read 100 books, but I only read 60 (still a lot, I guess) and it was magical. There's something about books that just get to me and pull me in. I love reading about other fake people's lives--lives that I feel like I'm living and that feel real and are about real people with real struggles. It's amazing. One of my goals in life is to write a book. Even if it's not published, I want to write a book someday. Also, reading is one of those things that has been with me the longest. I think the earlier you start something in life, the closer it is to your heart. I danced for 15 years and so even though I'm not dancing anymore, I will always be attached to it and it will always be close to me. Same with piano. And I think this is the same way with friends. It's so cool and nice to have friends that you've known since you were 3 years old--friends that know everything about you and have grown up with you, and even if you aren't as close now, there is something about being close in childhood that can't make you ever completely separate. I have best friends now, but there is a difference between them and my childhood friends. And I love fashion and sewing and stuff, but I've had reading, dance, and piano since I was little.

Anyways, back from that long tangent, I learned how to read at the young age of 4 and picked it up pretty quick after that. While the other kids in kindergarten were learning letters and how to sound them out, I was going to the first grade reading group. Reading was probably the reason I skipped first grade, because it put me way ahead all the other kids. I was always in the highest reading group in school and at home I was always reading a book. I'd go to the library and come home with a stack of 20 books and have them all read in about a week or two. My mom would punish me by taking away my books so that I'd have to do my chores. I'd stay up late in the night so that I could finish a book because I just couldn't put it down. We'd go out and go to restaurants and I'd always have a book in hand and always be reading. By 7th grade I was reading at a college level. Haha I was kind of a nerd...even had the glasses to prove it. ;)
Me at around age 10, with my sisters Sidney and Carina (l to r)
I think my love and history with reading is why I first started as an English major. It seemed like it was just for me. And maybe in a way it was, but being an English major forced me to read and I didn't read for fun anymore which destroyed the whole purpose. All we seemed to do was analyze literature and poetry (gah, I do not understand many poems and they make my mind turn to mush) and I didn't like it. I wanted to be an editor, and honestly, I still do. But I don't think I'm supposed to be an editor. I also don't think I'm supposed to do something in fashion. I'm in the Family Studies major and a lot of people ask me what I'm going to do with it, and I joke and I say I'm going to be a mom. And while that's true, I really don't know what I'm going to do with my major. All I know is that I want to help people and I want to make a difference in the world. My patriarchal blessing talks a lot about me helping others and I just feel like that's right. I think if I keep moving forward in life, other things will fall into place.

But anyways, now that I'm done being an English major, I'm back to reading for fun, and it's great. I can read what I want and in whatever amount of time I want (usually in a day or two). I have a lot of favorite books and a lot of them are young adult books, because let's face it, I'm only 19 and still a young adult. I am beginning to try to read more of the adult fiction but I find the young adult stuff more interesting still, because even if I'm not in high school, I'm still dealing with all the hard stuff that teenagers face. I'm not married and I don't really want to read about marriage and divorce and that stuff. It seems to old for me right now ha. But here are some of my favorite books that I could read over and over again (the two books mentioned earlier would also be on this list):
Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson

Enders Game, by Orson Scott Card

Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling

My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Piccoult

Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse Anderson

The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks

Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli

The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas

A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Good Enough, by Paula Yoo

My Mother the Cheerleader, by Robert Sharenow

In high school, Harperteen used to have this program where you could sign up to get advanced readers copies of a lot of their books. It was great! They'd send me free books and then I'd just write a short review of it online. It was a great way to read a lot of the new literature coming out and a lot of those books were really good and are now some of my favorites. They stopped doing the program though, which totally stinks. :( I need to find another program like that again so I can get more books and read more!

Something fun I bought is a reading journal, filled with pages of me to write down the books I've read and notes about them. The best part though, are all the lists of all the Pulitzer books, Newberry award winners, etc. There's tons of lists and a little box for you to check off when you've read it. My goal in life is to read every single one of those books in that journal. I'm totally gonna do it! I'm excited because it will give me ideas of what to read if I don't know.

What are your favorite books?
What's something that you have loved ever since you were a child?

Forever Ago

So this outfit pictured is actually something I wore back in March! I just never posted it because I guess I got lazy haha. Surprise.. ;) The skirt I'm wearing is one of my favorite skirts of all time! I made it from an old dress I got at DI (a thrift store in Utah) and I really love how it turned out. The floral pattern is just beautiful and I think it's so cute. :)

Not having classes has been the best thing of my life. I'm sooooo excited for this summer, because I'll be working, but I'll really be having time for me, which is what I need right now. I'm going to take lots of pictures, read a ton of books, sew cute things, go shopping, write all the time, dance, and take up new hobbies like swimming, video making, and family history. And just having lots of fun. I really want to be happy and it's definitely gonna happen this summer. Ahh..I'm so excited!!

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? F21
Gray tee? Rue 21
Necklace? F21
Belt? Thrifted
Skirt? Refashioned from a DI dress
Shoes? Target
Bag? Target

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 8
Original? 7
Did I like it? 8.5
Overall? 8


Carrie Underwood is AMAZING!

This video gives me chills and makes me cry...ah, love it. :)

Easter With My Best Friends

I had such a wonderful Easter this year! I spent it at home with my family. We did lots of fun stuff, like an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday (mostly for Gracie's enjoyment), an Easter egg hunt brought by the Easter bunny in our house Sunday morning, going to church, me playing Mary Magdalene in church for the primary kids, jumping on the trampoline, taking silly pictures, doing puzzles, going to my grandparents' house for dinner, coming home and taking an hour to read the scriptures and pray (because that's just how my family is and we just get WAY too distracted sometimes ha), and watching the Amazing Race. Good Easter? Yes. But don't take my word for it...a picture speaks a thousand words, so hear are a few more thousand words for ya. :)
cutest girl in the world..no contest!!
My cute dress :)
love my family :)
I am so grateful to be able to celebrate Easter knowing that Christ was resurrected and that he lives. It's truly amazing. The atonement is one of the most wonderful things ever and I'm so grateful for it. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without it! I am so happy to know that I will always have someone on my side and someone waiting to lift me up. I can't tell you how many times I have felt so alone in life and I've felt like no loved me or like I just didn't know what to do, and in those times I turned to Christ for love and support. And he gave/gives it unconditionally. I just want to say that I know this church is true, and when I say that, my heart honestly swells with joy. I love this church and Christ and everything it has done for me. I would not be the woman I am right now without it. :)

My Cute and Happy Dress :)

Haha my sister was being silly and was doing interesting photography perspectives ;)
Not much time to write, but I just have to say that I had a wonderful Easter! I'll be posting on my other blog more about it but I just didn't have time currently. I guess I just really love Easter because it makes me so happy. Celebrating the resurrection of Christ, sunshine, new birth, cute colors, SPRING!--they're all just wonderful. I celebrated by wearing my dress all day ;), going to church and playing Mary Magdalene for all the kids in primary (in my church primary is where the kids aged 3-11 go), jumping on the trampoline with my sister Gracie in our dresses, taking pictures, doing puzzles with my siblings, going to dinner at my grandparents' house (where the pictures are located) and coming home and watching the Amazing Race with my family. I love Easter. :)
my wonderful family! :)
Speaking of love, how much do you love this dress? ;) Pretty sure I'd have to say that I love it a lot! Isn't it sooooo cute?! I got it at Ross for like $22 and I think it is the perfect Easter/spring dress. I'm soooooo happy I bought it! Oh and I actually added the lace at the bottom of the dress just to make it a little bit longer and more modest. I think I like it more with the lace anyways.

How was everyone's Easter? Any cute clothes? Spending time with family? Tell me about it!!

An Outfit A Day...
White tee? Down East Basics
Dress? Ross
Shoes? Forever Young

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 9.5 (because of the ruffly itchy stuff under..not too bad, but still)
Original? 9
Did I like it? 10
Overall? 9.5
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