this crazy busy LIFE

Holy moly life is CRAZY. It's really stressful, and though all the things causing me stress are good and I like them, stress is stress.

Like...the last day of classes is next Thursday! What?! How in the WORLD. did. that. happen. Sorry, I don't usually do sentences like that but it felt necessary. I'm scared because it still feels like I have so much to get done and am I going to get good enough grades to graduate and how can I do everything I need to do in a week and a half's time? Doesn't really seem possible.

On top of that are things like work (I'm doing a sweet project that I can't wait to tell you about soon!), doing my church callings, sewing for a fashion show that maybe I shouldn't have signed up for, and being addicted to Gilmore Girls (wait what?) haha (it's really so good!).

It's all so stressful and the only thing keeping me going is the fact that even though it all has to be done in a week and a half, that means it'll all be over in a week and a half. In which I will then breathe a sigh of relief.

Things I have to do in the next week and a half:
-finish Gracie's baptism dress
-successfully do all the costumes for this video I got hired to help with
-catch up on Stats (got 89% on my test the other day though, YES!)
-choreograph a 1 minute contemporary dance solo
-memorize a poem for my public speaking class
-write a public speaking critique
-study for my contemporary dance written test
-sew another project for my sewing class
-write a research proposal
-finish sewing a custom dress for a client
-finish helping my group with our research proposal and present it to the class
-get Christmas presents for all!
-decorate for Christmas (?)
-worry about if the boy I like likes me back haha

There might be more, and I realize you care about none of those but I'm posting this for my own sanity, just to put it out there.

Basically, I just need to tell myself I can do it. And then do it. GAH! Wish me luck! Blogging is a wild card for the next week and a half, so don't be surprised if I don't post again until after that.
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