Halloween 2012 (part 2)

So although I've worked at the bookstore for about 3 and a half years, I've never actually dressed up for Halloween for it. They do a fun costume contest by department and I guess my supervisor or my coworkers never got into it so I didn't really care. This year we had a new supervisor though (in charge of men's and women's) so we combined forces with the men's department to do 101 dalmations (or like a tenth of it haha). It was awesome!

For the costumes, we got white hoodies and pants from DI and stuck spots all over them. My supervisor worked on cuttin out spots and making collars and ears that whole week. It turned out so good, as you can see above :) I also painted everyone's faces so that turned out pretty cute too.

 People seriously loved our costumes! We all met up in the middle of the day to take pictures for the contest. We also decided to walk around the Wilk (the building that the bookstore's in) and outside of it. People were taking pictures with us and everyone was staring (in admiration) so it was really fun. And we got 3rd place in the costume contest! What?!!!

I have to say that this year's group of employees are my favorite ones so far. Everyone is so much fun and I feel like we'll be friends for a long time. I love my co-workers!

All the party details are coming up soon, don't you worry!


Halloween 2012 (part 1)

This post is long overdue since we're now about midway into November. My bad! I'm gonna make this a two part post, because there were a lot of Halloween festivities for me this year. I also threw a party so that'll be part 2 of the Halloween posting :)

The Saturday before Halloween, our ward threw a little dance party that was held in the Wilk on campus.  My roommates and I took pictures beforehand at our house (except for Kelsey who was doing other stuff before. Kels was a grandma with her bf--now fiance!!--Scott who was a grandpa. I was a flapper girl, Heidi was Amelia Earheart, Katie was a zebra, Meghan was a cheetah, Talya was a boy scout, and Carrie went as herself. ;) Oh and since I do face painting I painted Katie's and Meghan's faces--they looked great!

I made a lot of my costume. I found this gold dress at H&M for $7 (score!) and when I got it, it had a high-low hem and it was also sleeveless. So I cut off the bottom to make it all at knee length and then used the extra fabric to put sleeves on. I had some white fabric that I sewed on as a sash and then put elastic through to give it a drop-waist.

My favorite part, however, was my head piece. I made this all myself. I got some really pretty ribbon from joanns as well as the pearl strings, the feathers, and the applique and basically just glue gunned it all on. I looked for photos from the internet for inspiration, but I am super please with how it turned out! Oh and for the hairstyle, since I have fairly long hair, I curled it all into super tight ringlets and then pinned it up into a kind of of side bun. Basically I just love how my costume turned out. This was definitely one of my favorite Halloween costumes ever. :)
character poses!! ;)
And then it was off to the dance! Ever since freshman year especially, I've loved going to dance parties. And sophomore year I was a pretty regular member of the hip-hop club so  I learned some sweet moves there as well. Anyways, we had lots of fun! We danced hard and made new friends in our ward and went crazy.
Grandma and Grandpa (Kelsey and Scott) showed up! ;)
Roommate (plus a few others) jumping photo! My favorite part of this is Scott's walker jump haha
The ward dance ended at 11 and since it was the weekend and we're college students, we decided to go party more. There was a huge complex just a block away from where we lived hosting a huge dance party so me, Katie, Megan, and Talya decided to go, along with our friends Jared and Clark. It was insanity! There were a lot of people there and we kept running into a bunch of our old friends. We were right in the middle where it was a total mosh pit with people crowd surfing and everything. Whenever we started to get pushed over, the four of us girls would all link arms and just jump around so we couldn't fall over. We stayed there until about 1 in the morning when it ended. Good end to our pre-Halloween celebrations. :)

Ok so I lied at the beginning of this. I said it was going to be two parts, but I'm thinking it'll be three. We dressed up at work for Halloween and I was gonna mush that with this but this post was already a little long, so we'll make it a three part thing. Okay. Have an awesome Thursday. :)


Layering and Fall Transitions

blouse & shoes: BYU Bookstore; dress: Kohls; 

Well, summer (and probably fall, now that we have snow) is definitely over, but believe it or not, I definitely wore this outfit last week when it was still warm. Anyway, now about fashion stuff. In my religion, one of the things I believe in and do is dressing modestly, which means we wear skirts and shorts to our knees, always wear sleeves, and don't show anything revealing (like cleavage, open backs, or our stomachs), and a lot of times this can be a hard thing to do. I have to admit that this can be a pretty difficult rule to follow sometime because it's hard to find stuff that goes down to the knee or isn't sleeveless. But one thing that I have learned from dressing modestly is how to layer well...like this outfit shown. I love this shirt because it's totally great for layering or wearing on it's own. You've probably seen this blouse on my blog a lot because I love it so much. Sorry 'bout that haha.

I think the point i'm trying to make though is that to layer you don't always just have to put a plain white t-shirt under something sleeveless...you can try to be more creative by putting a fun blouse with an emphasis point like a collar under or something simple but still creative, like a button-up or a chambray shirt. Oh and you can always cover up with a cardigan or a blazer as well, but then you run the risk of getting warm and not being able to take it off. Whenever I do that I usually layer with one of the above choices or at least put a white shirt under just in case I do get warm and want to take off my cardigan or blazer. Better than nothing right?

One more thing...layering is also a great way to transition from summer to fall. The dress below is obviously for summer but by layering it with the blouse and pairing it with socks and oxfords it became more of a fall look. You can do this with a lot of your cute summer clothes and it lets you be able to wear them for a longer period of time!

And there you have my tips for the day...have a wonderful Monday. Peace out! :)
(also, this is my 600th post!!! Isn't that amazing?!)


Just An Outfit Post

I've been trying to blog regularly, but honestly, I have no idea what to write today. So I will just leave you with an outfit. One that I loved, because it kind of had a lot going on but worked in a way. I love my men's boots that I got from DI, this belt I got for 99 cents at the byu bookstore, this dress I thrifted almost two years ago, and my jean jacket that I cut the sleeves off of a little while ago. This outfit is totally random but totally me. :)

Have a great Friday... I hope you're jumping for joy that it's the weekend!



It is so easy to forget certain things. It's easy to forget how they made us feel, how they hurt us, or how they warmed our hearts. We forget, and then we think we're fine. We let go of people, of hobbies, like we are emotionless robots.. It was easy for me to let go of the piano, for instance. I came to school and there was no piano around and no time for me to play, so I let myself forget. I stopped practicing, I stopped caring about the thing that used to be a major part of my life, something that could always make me feel better and happy.

But we forget how it is even easier to remember. One touch, one sound can send us reeling back into emotion. We see a room and memories come swirling into our minds and it all comes back to us. One photo reminds us the way we felt when we were with a person, the way it feels without them now. I got a calling in my ward to be the choir piano player, and because the songs seem to be really difficult, I have to practice multiple times a week to get it right...today I finally remembered what it was like to really play. To love the music that came from those keys. I played for two hours because I couldn't stop my fingers from moving, from remembering.

Why is it so easy to forget sometimes, but then even easier to remember? Why do we have to go through all the pain of letting go only to have memories come swirling back at us at unexpected and unwanted moments in time? Why do we have to remember when sometimes all we want to do is forget?

The piano is one thing I'm glad I remembered, one thing I'm happy I couldn't let go of. But there are other memories that all I want to do is push to the back of my mind and never remember again. Sometimes though, the pain will never leave. It's a part of us, it makes us who we are...broken, unique, loving, and individual human beings. And when I remember that, I hope with all my heart that even though sometimes I wish I can, that I'll never forget the things, as painful or as hard as they may be or once were, that make me, me.


Election 2012

I don't think I realized I cared so much about who our president was until yesterday finally came around and I kept on checking CNN to see the results of who was the winner. And I realized I really did care when the person I wanted to win, didn't. Living in a Republican and highly percentaged Mormon state, and even higher percentaged Mormon and Republican college, my facebook feed blew up last night with disappointed comments about the results and the fact that Barack Obama will be our president for the next four years. And I too admit that I was joking about I'd now be hoping the end of the world would come so we wouldn't have to deal with what Obama does in the next four years.

But even if the person you wanted to win didn't win, our president is elected now, and we need to stand behind him and behind our country. It's interesting what things have come to, because voting for our president isn't supposed to tear us apart, it's supposed to bring us together to choose the best suited leader for this great country. I don't know if Obama was the best choice or not, but he is our leader now, and I will stand behind my president.

I am proud to be an American, and I hope you are too, because it's not a leader that defines this country, it is the people that leader and his nation represent. I hope this election is something that will help America come together and work hard to make this nation even greater than it already is.


My Back Patio Through a Camera Lens

Swap Me a Button?

I just wanted to make it known to the world that I am now doing button swaps (I've been meaning to write this for a while but just haven't gotten around to it)! My only requirement is that you have 50 followers or more. So for any of you wanting to generate more traffic to your blog, this is a great way for us to both do so. If you put my button on your blog, then I'll put yours on mine (and it'll stay there for as long you keep mine up on yours) free of charge. If you're interested, then just email me at kikicbrownee(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks! :)


Blog Life

top & skirt: F21; belt: Charlotte Russe; shoes: Steve Madden

How’s everyone loved my lack of blogging lately? (no one raises hand) Ok then, me either. This month has been insanely busy from my birthday, to midterms, to sewing my collection for the fashion show, and planning an awesome Halloween party. Yeah it’s been kind of crazy and I’m not sure I’m really expecting it slow down, but I am expecting myself to blog more. I never blogged about my birthday (about a month ago now, but I think I’ll still write a post on it) and there are a lot of other things that have gone on that I haven’t blogged about, but honest to goodness I will. I’m not only missing regular posts on this blog but also fashion posts. Not just ones where I post about my outfit and then talk about random stuff but also real fashion posts about the things I’m interested in.

Does anyone watch the show Pretty Little Liars? (Don’t worry, this is related, I promise) For one thing, if you don’t then you must because it is so good. If you have Netflix you can watch it on there. One thing about Pretty Little Liars is that the four main characters on this show have excellent style, which is very unique to each character, and just a few days ago I found a website/blog that comments on the styles worn in this show, as well as many other shows and I’ve just been eating it up. It’s so great to read! This was a reminder to me of two things..

--one) that I love to dress cute and according  to my own style. This is something that as of late I haven’t been doing. I wear some skinny jeans, my grasshopper shoes, a cute but comfy tee, and my BYU jacket. And this is fine, but I do miss always picking a new outfit every day and trying to be creative with what I had. So as much as I love my go-to pieces (and I mean love, because they are the greatest, specifically my shoes and jacket) I’m going to take more risks and be more “me” in my clothing and have fun with the way I dress. The second reminder was that…

--two) I want to write about fashion! I want to talk about my favorite staple pieces for the month and try and live vicariously through internet window shopping since I have no money to actually spend on any of the cute stuff I find. I want to expose myself through this world and share the little knowledge I have of it with the few people that might read this blog (which I love you for if you do).

So that’s basically it. I’m not really sure what this post meant for the rest of you, it was more of an expression of my own thoughts that I let everyone read. The jist of it is…I want to post more and be updated more on my regular life and my fashion life. So with that, I’m signing off for tonight.

-K :)
excuse the crazy face in this photo...i just loved the jump :)

[Halloween Party 2012]: The Greatest Halloween Party Playlist You Will Ever Meet

I'll have you know that I worked so dang hard on this playlist. When you start out making a Halloween party playlist, you assume that there are tons of songs out there that you can use, and then you realize that there are about five really popular ones (thriller, ghostbusters, etc.). There are others that work, but not too great for a party that you want to keep upbeat/maybe have dancing at. I scoured the internet for every possible song and it took me hours and days and weeks to make this playlist. If you are throwing a Halloween party and need good music, you can thank me now and again later, because almost every good Halloween song is here in this playlist. Check it:

I found a lot of these songs from youtube and then just downloaded them from there (listentoyoutube.com) because they weren't on itunes. You can also email the artist or channel to get a copy of the songs. Or you can easily find most of these songs on spotify and make a playlist on there. I threw in a few dance party-ish songs (gangnam style, black eyed peas, katy perry) but pretty much everything in there kind of goes along with the Halloween theme.

Some tips:
Put a password on your ipod/computer so that people can't just go up and switch the music. I had the playlist perfectly ordered and then some dumb people (I'm sure they're very nice but I was annoyed with them at the party) went and changed the song, messing up my perfect order. Not cool. Putting a passcode on your music device means that you and only you can change the song. It's usually not very fun if everyone keeps going up and switching stuff because then you only hear like 20 seconds of a song before someone else changes it.

If your party is outside (or inside, depending on how big your place is), get some good loud speakers. We have some nice Bose ones that are great for making our laptops louder to watch movies in our apartment and such, but they weren't super loud at the party, just because you always want music to be louder at parties, especially outside ones. Our neighbor ended up bringing some speakers over that were huge and very loud, which made the party (and music) that much better.

Seriously though, this playlist is the best. You can search the internet and I am 100% sure you won't find a better Halloween playlist out there.  You're welcome. :)


[Halloween Party 2012]: Invitations

I made the invitations on picmonkey (of course) using all their fonts and overlays. I found the background for the invitation on google. It was super fun and I liked being creative trying to think up everything to put up on the invitation. We went around and put them on people's doors in our ward to let everyone know about the party. Here's the invite (and I grayed out the address, just in case there are any crazy stalkers out there dying to know where I live. Please no):

I printed these out front and back just to make them a little more fun. I love the back of the invite. Really simple and cute. What do you think?

Stay tuned for the party playlist!


[Halloween Party 2012] The Food

I'm really sad I didn't take more pictures of the food. I apologize for that. I can't even seem to find the placecard files I printed anywhere on my computer, which is weird because I must have saved them somewhere, right?

I can't remember all the food I did (confession: although this post says it was posted at the beginning of November, I'm actually writing this in May of 2013. I know, I know. I just figured better late than never, although I'm sure that phrase probably has an expiration date. But yes, that's why my memory isn't doing too well with this) but here's the rundown of what I can remember:

Goblin punch & witches brew: drinks such as koolaid and rootbeer
Bat wings: orange and black tortilla chips (that were actually some of the best tortilla chips I've ever had)
Skeleton bones: pretzels with marshmallows on either end, dipped in white chocolate
Monster cakes: orange and black cupcakes
Witches nails (?): candy corn (I'm pretty sure it had something to do with nails if I'm not mistaken)
Petrified animals (?): Sugar cookies in Halloween shapes with frosting on them.

There were a few other food items there but I think I remembered most of it, thank goodness.

Also, I apologize for the blurry pictures. This was a real fail on my part remembering the food! :P (oh but I do remember that I got some plates and platters from the dollar store. yay!)
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