Missing my Fam :(

I saw my family yesterday and Carina came and stayed with me Friday and Saturday. It has only been a day and I already miss them so much. And the worst part is that I don't know when I'll see them again...possibly not for a month until the 20th of November for Nutcracker! I really don't know if I can go that long. It must sound really pathetic that I'm a 19 year old girl in college and I'm missing home so much. It's just been a really hard semester, I guess. It hasn't been bad in some ways...I have some great roommates who I hang out with lots, I'm still outfit blogging every day, work is going well, I'm excited about my major, my calling as Visiting Teacher Coordinator will be fun, I talked to my BFF Laura on the phone for an hour last Sunday, I studied with Hollie (my roomie from last year) and we decided we're gonna be study buddies, and I'm making lots of friends. My ward is so wonderful. But there are a lot of difficult things that are going on too. I'm just really trying to trust in my Heavenly Father that he won't give me more than I can handle. Because some days it really feels like I'm reaching my breaking point. I hope it gets better..

This is me and my best friend yesterday after we ate at the creamery. I bought her a purple smiley face balloon so it would remind her of me. I kind of wish I had one too ha.

Man, I just really miss my fam :( And my two besties Courtney and Laura.. :( I was looking at summer pictures and I saw these ones that I never posted up anywhere! They make me extremely happy. I miss summer sooooo much.

Sitting with Court and Laura on the last few days of summer

Smoochies Smoothies!


  1. CUTE pictures! I just tagged you on my blog!!! So answer the questions ;) Love you!!

  2. Aw I am sorry you are homesick... I am too. My little sister is a senior in HS and she is my best friend and I haven't seen her in 2 months! But I just found out she is coming to visit in two weeks! So I am super happy right now! I am glad you got to see your sister too. Aren't they the best?


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