Swimming Suit Season

I haven't blogged very much this week because I have been super busy going to wedding receptions (everyone is getting married!--except me and my roommates haha) and going through all of my California trip pictures and videos. I had about 900 files...yikes. I get so picture/video crazy on vacations because I don't want to forget anything!

Anyways, I'm working on posting about my Cali trip as soon as I can, but first I wanted to blog about this adorable swimsuit that I wore while on the beach there.

I was way excited when Beverly from Beverly Swimwear contacted me and asked me to do a review of one of her suits. They are all totally modest and have cute, classic styles. I ordered the Retro Rouche suit in the color shown and was so happy when it came because it was SO cute. I've been waiting for forever for an opportunity to wear the swimming suit, and what better time or place than on the beach in California?

The suit is super flattering because it's ruched up the middle. I love how far down it goes and how much it covers up top. I hate really showing any cleavage or anything, so I was really glad when this covered all of that. It's insanely hard to find swimsuits that do that! My roommates kept telling me how much they loved the suit because it was just so adorable. I feel like I'm totally gushing about it, but it's definitely my favorite new swimming suit for all the reasons I listed above!

 Another great thing about Beverly Swimwear is that everything is totally customizable! If you don't like halters, you can change it to strapless or have two straps, you can choose your own swimsuit color, and also change other details of the swimsuit that you might not like. I haven't heard of another place that you can do that with swimming suits, and it's SO nice. I love that you can make things exactly how you want to make it a swimming suit you'll want to wear and keep for a long time.

So yep, basically I will be talking about Beverly Swimwear to everyone I know. If you are looking for a new swimming suit, I HIGHLY recommend checking them out. They have lots of cute suits for you to choose from, so shop away! You can also like/follow them on facebook, twitterinstagram, and pinterest.

A special thank you to Beverly for the great swimsuit and to my roomie Heidi for taking the pics :)


Kelsey and Scott's Wedding Video

I have found a new hobby of mine in taking videos. I'm not sure how much my friends quite like it, as now they're being filmed a lot more than they ever were before, but I think it's fun. I like capturing the moments and being able to watch them like you were once there. It's like the pictures are the words, but videos are sentences. Both are important, but you get a little bit more from a sentence.

My camera doesn't take half-bad videos so I've been having fun playing around with it. I blogged about Kelsey and Scott's wedding a few days ago, and I also took a bunch of videos on their wedding day and compiled them, so if you'd like to see it, here it is! Obviously it's nothing professional or even close to it, but I had a lot of fun making it and I like being able to remember the happy and fun feelings of the day when I watch it. :) Let me know what you think!


Sticky Stuff

When I wrote my eating disorder story on here, I wasn't exactly sure what reaction I'd get--from everyone else, but more importantly, myself. It was a strange mix of emotions that I felt afterwards. The day of was definitely the most emotional. I was scared, a little excited, anxious, and nervous all at the same time. It was maybe the most vulnerable I have ever felt in my life and the next few days after were difficult because of that vulnerability. It's hard to explain the emotions I felt that week when I posted my story, but I cried a lot. I was very very emotional. I was also so exposed that I felt like I was on this high and could talk about absolutely anything. I wanted everyone to ask me questions and talk to me about it. Obviously not everyone did so, which was okay and totally, but in retrospect made me feel all the more vulnerable.

Maybe like two weeks after, I kind of regretted it. I was shocked at myself and I couldn't really believe what I had done. I wanted so badly to take it back. Coming back to something that had been so intense in my life triggered me and I found myself wanting to sink back into behaviors a little bit, which was something I hadn't felt for a while. I guess it's a little bit ironic when you think about it, because I had shared my biggest secret with everyone, which was really really hard. And when life gets hard, I tend to want to fall back into my eating disorder. So without meaning to or trying to, sharing my eating disorder story triggered my eating disorder behaviors. Sharing my story also kept me strong though, and reminded me what I had worked for and what I wanted for myself. So thankfully I didn't go back, even though there were some days when I really wanted to.

Now my emotions have "sobered up," I guess you could say, and I feel like, emotionally, life has gone back to normal. It almost feels like I never really shared my story because I don't talk about it very much. After all, it was only one post and was published almost three months ago. I don't regret posting it though, because it was something I'd wanted to do for a long time. It helped others and it really helped me too, to move forward into a more honest and open stage of my life. It still scares me to talk about it though. I get a pit in my stomach when I think people might ask me about it, or I get really scared when people say they read my blog, because it means they might know. And maybe that's just part of my life, but maybe not.

I knew when I posted my story that this blog was not going to become an eating disorder blog. I didn't want that and I was pretty sure none of my readers would want that either. So for these two and a half months, I haven't written about anything ed-related. It's hard keeping the right balance. I want to talk about these issues and stand up for body image and against eating disorders, but I don't want to become this crazy feminist where that's all I talk about, so then I get worried and write nothing about it.

I hope it's okay with you, but I think I'm going to write about it more. Obviously not every day, and not even every week. Just like once a month at the most, or whenever I feel like I need to write something. Writing for me is therapeutic and writing things that I know people are reading helps even more. It'll be a way for me to get more used to talking about it. I also realized that if I want to help people with this, writing one thing about it helps once, but then it gets tossed back into the archives and only gets read every once in a while. If I want to share my story with more people, then I have to keep writing about it and keep moving forward, as hard or as scary as that might be.

Wow, this post was actually meant to be about something different and was definitely not supposed to be this long. Feel free to skip any eating disorder related-posts if that's not what you come here to read. But I hope that you will read them, to know more about it--for yourself and for others around you. I write these things definitely for myself, but also so so much for the people that read them, in the hopes that the words I write will help someone.

Anyways, thank you for reading this scatterbrain of a post. :)

P.S. If you are a new follower or are just passing by and wondering what in the world this post is about, you can read the story of my eating disorder here for much further clarification.


Kelsey and Scott's Wedding

About two weeks ago, two of my best friends, Kelsey and Scott got married! I roomed with Kelsey for a little over two years (I'm sure you have seen plenty of photos of her on this here blog haha), and when she and Scott started dating a year ago, it made us pretty happy because Scott is an awesome guy and he and Kelsey are just totally perfect for each other. They are definitely one of the greatest couples I know!

They got married on May 4 (also my parents' anniversary!) in the Salt Lake City temple. It was a gorgeous and perfect day for a wedding. Kelsey didn't have bridesmaids but we all got dresses in her colors (coral and  mint green) so that we could look cute in pictures and match the wedding. We had such a fun fun day. But I'll let the pictures show you that!

After the temple, we went to City Creek for a little bit and did some shopping at H&M. Awesome story: we stopped in Anthropologie just because I adore that store and because I interned there last year. We were looking around, and who did we see but Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife! We were debating on whether to say hi to him or not, but he was sitting on a couch obviously trying to hide himself and looked like he didn't want to be bothered. It looked like his wife was asking his opinion on something and he obviously didn't know, and then a minute later, she came up to us and asked our opinion on which cardigan she should get for her granddaughter! We told her which one we thought she should get and she got it, so now I can proudly say I've given fashion advice to a general authority's wife. Sweet!
City Creek! It is so pretty and fun to shop there.
After shopping, we headed over to the luncheon, which was on the outside bowery of the church where the reception was going to be. They had it decorated way cute and we had baked potatoes and fruit for lunch, which turned out to be delicious.

After the luncheon, we had a little bit of a break until the reception, so we went and got streamers and window markers to decorate their car for them to drive off in. We got there as the reception was starting and  looked up cute ideas to decorate cars for weddings, and I think we did a pretty good job. We decided to go the cute route instead of the crazy one, because we knew they wouldn't have been too happy with us if there had been oreos all over the car haha.

The reception was a lot of fun. They had good food, like candy, chocolate covered strawberries, and really really good strawberry sherbet/ice cream. It was decorated so beautifully, with lanterns and drapes and lights everywhere. It hardly looked like the inside of a church! They cut the cake and also threw the bouquet, which our roommate Katie caught! We took lots of fun pictures and then blew bubbles at them as they drove away on their honeymoon.
All of our roommates with the husbands. I really love this picture, it makes me happy :)
 All in all, it was a lovely day and the new couple was so incredibly happy. I'm really happy for them, especially Kelsey, who is one of my best friends. I love her so much!

I also took a lot of videos of the wedding and am working on putting together a little video of the whole day, which I'll post later this week. :)


Back from Cali

Sorry I didn't blog for a few days there friends..I was on a wonderful and much needed vacation in California with my roommates. It was such a fun trip with lots of sightseeing, going to Knott's Berry Farm, going to lots of beaches, being crazy tourists and taking a gazillion pictures and videos (that part was mostly me), long car rides with us reading (and finishing!) the first Harry Potter book, singing along to all my ipod playlists and artists like Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, lots of truth or truth games, and many slap-happy laughing moments. It was the best. And I can't wait to tell you (and show you, because I took a lot of videos and am going to compile them all) all about it!

Have a great Sunday!


Cutting Fashion Look #7: Red Dress

My last and final look for the Cutting Fashion show! It's taken a little bit to do it, but I'm glad I've blogged about each of these individually. They all deserved their own posts, especially with all the work I spent on them!

This dress was my last one, I guess the showstopper in a way. I love the little details in this dress, like the asymmetrical hemline and the extra blue accents on the sleeve and neckline of the dress. I think it's a fun dress, and it definitely was a little bit different, in a good way I hope! Here are the photos.


In person:

On the runway:

Like it? Sound off in the comments!

I don't know if any of you would like to see it, but I have a video of the show that I'll post in the next few days. I totally forgot I had it until I saw it as I was moving out of my old apartment and into my new one. I'll try and get that up soon! Thanks for all the comments I get on these looks. I never know what to say to super nice comments, but I appreciate them more than you know. So thanks :)
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