Just A Little Sprain?

This is what i get if I try to type normally with both hands right now:

Hi may a asf;kja kaileree
(an attempt to write, "Hi my name is Kailee")

Yep. I sprained my wrist so it's in a sprint and a sling. I slipped on some ice earlier and as I caught myself on the ground my wrist bent back too far. It still hurts pretty bad so I can't just move it around as I please. It hurts to type with both hands so i'm using the old pointer finger typing technique.

I was trying to change into my pajamas and it took forever so when i was done I started crying. Because it hurts, because I feel bad that my parents had to pay more at the doctor's so that we could go to Urgent Care tonight for something that wasn't broken, because everything is ten times harder to do, and because I feel so pathetic that I'm being so wussy about just a sprain.

But the thing is that all that stuff is legitimate, at least to me. Maybe a sprain is no big deal to someone else but for me it's a lot of pain. I'm glad that my parents love me enough to take me to the doctor sooner even if it means paying a little more. Because this isn't the funnest thing in the world and maybe one of my biggest concerns is how I am going to be able to try on clothes at the Park City outlet tomorrow with this big splint, but it's still a concern to me. And I know there are starving children in Africa that have things much worse than this. But I still think it's okay for me to cry about it and I'm gonna.

Also, it took me twenty minutes to write this little post and that is ridiculous. I will be soooo very grateful when my wrist heals. Never again will I take a wrist for granted. :/

P.S. Happy 5th birthday to my best friend and sister Gracie today! (don't worry I will blog more about this later)


Pinterest Friday: 12/16/11

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Man I love fashion. It can be so beautiful. Maybe this will sound cheesy, but sometimes I feel like so much can be said in a shoe, in a dress, an outfit, or a purse. Fashion might just be how people dress, but I feel like how people dress shows a lot of who they are. Just somethin to think about...have a great weekend. 9 days to Christmas :)


Finals Week Recap

Wow it was a super busy week! Why? Because it was finals week! Talk about crazy. Usually I really love finals week because there are no classes so all your time can be devoted to studying and you can still have extra time to relax. But I was so excited for the week to be done. It was a busy week and I feel like I was studying so much. Thank goodness it's over, seriously. I had three finals and I think I did pretty well on them (though two had essays so I don't know the grade I got) and on my very last final I hadn't even studied for it that much and I got a 90%! Boo ya! ;)

Last Sunday was a lot of fun and I feel like I got to bond with my roommates a lot. We mostly just spent the day at home talking and such. We had a lot of clothes that all of us wanted to get rid of but we decided to have a clothing swap with it all and then get rid of it! It was fun, and we each walked away with a few cute things. Haha and we have yet to take the rest of the pile in our corner to DI.
After we had cleaned most of the clothes up
While we were going through the stuff, my roommate Olivia found this red hair semi-permanent dye stuff so we decided to all dye pieces of our hair that night. It was kind of crazy but a lot of fun. Unfortunately, mine didn't show up but everyone else's looked pretty cool. I'd have to bleach my hair if I ever wanted to really dye my hair I'd have to bleach it and I will never do that. Plus I love my hair anyways! (though some red in it would have looked sweet!)
haha I love this picture!
Never fear, I did not actually wear that dress to church or anything. I got it a while ago from DI with the intention to refashion it but it just didn't work out, so I put it on because I didn't care if it got dirty.

On Monday we still had FHE and made our semesterly "lucky testing center shirts." The only people in our group that showed up was our apartment, probably because everyone else was studying, but we did it anyways. We buy men's v-neck shirts from walmart (in a package) and then put tape on them for whatever design we want and then spray paint them in the campus parking lot across the street! We've left our mark on BYU because if you go look you can see spray paint marks in this one spot in the parking lot. I didn't get a picture of everyone's shirt, but here's mine:

Here's a picture from last year in winter semester when we started the tradition:

The rest of the week was spent at home doing whatever or studying (mostly studying, don't worry!). However, I did get to make some yummy treats , because I had to give myself some nice breaks somehow! On Monday I made a Peanut Butter cheeseball (both recipes came from pinterest of course) that was sooo good! You eat it with graham crackers or apples and you have to keep it in the freezer or it'll get too soft. It's very rich too so it's a nice thing to have when I'm craving something sweet because I'll just have a little and then feel like it's enough. The recipe is here if you want to make it! Pictures below taken by me. :)

On Wednesday I made some "reindeer" to give to my work friends for Christmas. They're nutter butters covered in chocolate with chocolate chips for eyes, a pretzel for the antlers, and a red hot for the nose. They were so cute and even more delicious! Man they need to come out with some chocolate covered Nutter Butters so that I can buy them all the time! Because they were yummy in my tummy. :) Recipe here, and once again, pictures by me.

Friday night I finished my last final and then watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with some people in our ward (one of my friends had never seen it before! We changed that right away). I love that movie so much, I get emotional every time I watch. Huge Harry Potter fan right here...but you knew that :)

Saturday I was planning on going home, but due to some turn of events I stayed in Provo instead. I went to work from 10-2 and then went to the mall to hang out with my aunt Zildy while she face painted at the Princess Festival store (I did it for the last two weeks because she couldn't). I did some shopping and got a very warm hat from American Eagle because I had a $10 off card and also some cute boots from Rue 21. Then I left the mall and did some shopping for my friend who's on a mission--I was putting together a Christmas package for her--and then came home. All of my roommates were gone so it was just me, so I just watched some tv, sketched some designs, and pretty much had a me day. I could have gone out and been social but it felt nice to just be with myself all day. Heidi came home that night so then I didn't have to sleep in the apartment alone.

Sunday we went to church, where there were like 3 wards combined and there were probably only about 30 people there (and then a bunch left after sacrament so there were less). There were only like 8-10 people left in our apartment complex because everyone else had gone home for the break so we all decided to have dinner. One guy had a pre-made lasagna that he just had to heat, Heidi and I made delicious peanut butter truffle brownies, and there was also an assortment of drinks, garlic bread, spaghetti squash, and apples. Yum, it was very good and it was a lot of fun!

Then I sketched some more designs after that and watched the Grinch later that night with my friend Sergio. And that was my week! I'm still in Provo because I have to work but I get to go home Wednesday and can't wait! Christmas is in 6 DAYS!! EEE! Soooo excited :)

It's that Time...

It's finals week..AH! It's all everyone can talk, facebook, and blog about. And since that's so...I don't really want to write about that. I just want to say how grateful I am for my life. It's really an amazing one. I'm in a place that I never thought I'd be at and I'm friends with people that I never could have planned on being friends with. My life is so wonderful and I'm really happy. There are some hard times, but I wouldn't trade those for anything, because they bring me the good.

And besides it being finals time, it's also the Christmas season. Yesterday I had a great chance to volunteer with one of my friends at Barnes & Noble to provide free gift-wrap and collect donations for charity. And then I watched the Glee Christmas show later and basically, it just really reminded me that Christmas is all about serving others. It's not about getting gifts and it's not even really about giving all the best gifts either. It is about giving, but it's about giving love and spreading joy. My goal this Christmas season is to serve someone who I wouldn't have normally served and someone who really needs it. It's not much, but it's something. I wanna challenge you to do it with me too! Find someone to help or someone to love. And if you do it, please email me your stories, I'd love to hear about it and maybe even share them on here. Also more than that, I want to give back and I want to serve all year round, because it's not like homeless people are only around on Christmas or people in third world countries only starve on Christmas. It happens all year round, and I hope to be able to help in some way for that.

Happy finals week, and merry Christmas in 12 days! Remember why we celebrate Christmas and remember how we should be celebrating it. That's the stuff that really matters :) This song they sang in Glee warms my heart and made me get all choked up while watching it...hope you like it too!


Pinterest Friday: Nutella No-Bake Cookies

I believe there are two types of people in this world: those who use pinterest and those who don't. And then, you can divide the people who use pinterest into two more groups: those who apply pinterest to their lives and those who use it as a hobby. I think a lot of us fall into the "hobby" category of this, but every once in a while, I try doing something cool and actually do something on one of my boards. Well yesterday, I used this pin to make these delicious cookies.

Mmm! They turned out SO darn good! They look exactly like regular no-bake cookies but they are so much better because of the nutella! It's not like an overpowering flavor of nutella, but it's enough to make you know its there and say, "Wow."

We're having a work Christmas party today so I needed something to bring and share. I wanted to make something incredible, but with finals and everything it just wasn't going to happen. But I luckily found this recipe on my pinterest board and realized I already had all the ingredients! Of course I'm pretty much out of all the ingredients I used for this now...but that doesn't matter, right? At least I have some delicious cookies :)

So here's the recipe I used as follows:

No-Bake Nutella Peanut Butter CookiesYields approximately 2 dozen cookies (recipe can be doubled for a crowd)
3 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup milk
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup peanut or hazelnut butter
3/4 cup Nutella hazelnut spread (or 1 cup chocolate chips)
2 cups rolled oats
In a medium to large saucepan, melt the butter over medium to medium-low heat. Add the sugar, milk, and cocoa powder and mix until combined. Stir in the peanut butter and Nutella until melted, followed by the oats. Continue mixing until all of the ingredients are incorporated. Reduce heat to lowest setting.
Working quickly, use a spring-form ice cream scoop to shape balls of dough and place them on a parchment-lined sheet pan. Refrigerate for thirty minutes until firm. Store in an airtight container.

(Sidenote: I doubled my recipe, didn't use the hazelnut liqueur from the original, and I didn't have to refridgerate mine--they harden pretty fast once you remove them from the heat)
first bite out of the cookie...yummy!
So all I have to say about these is that...you should make them! They probably won't change your life, but I don't think they're really gonna hinder it at either. They'll just make an okay day that much better. I like that they are easy to make and they also use ingredients that most people already have lying around. So what are you sitting around reading this?! Go make some cookies!

P.S. Can I just have a here-here! for the fact that my little kodak easy share took these sweet pictures? Here-here!! (thanks :))

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Life, the Future, and Other Adult-ish Things :)

I guess I’m posting today! These pictures were actually taken back in October and upon finding them today I thought, why not do a post? I haven’t been wearing anything super cute for the past week or so—it’s been sweaters and t-shirts for me! Not to mention unwashed hair and less makeup on my face. :P Eh, but enough about that!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do in life after I graduate. People are always asking, “So what are you going to do once you finish school?” And my answer is “Umm…I don’t really know. Ha ha… but maybe something with fashion because I’m super interested in that? We’ll see.” Watch, just ask me and this is the answer I’ll tell you. People ask college students this type of question ALL the time! It’s kind of annoying but we all do it. I mean, it’s a legitimate question. The thing is, one of the reasons I don’t have any plans for my future is because it’s almost always impossible to make plans. Life is always changing, and we are always changing. There’s so much out there? I don’t want to decide one thing I want to do in my life after I graduate and then realize later that I missed out on so much!

Here’s the other thing. At BYU, marriage is a huge thing. Yep. There’s almost this stigma here that if you graduate and you’re not married, welp, then you better either serve a mission, go to grad school, or find a job in Provo so that you can get married. If you don’t do any of those things, then you’re a failure because you’re not married. Ridiculous. Maybe my description of that is a little extreme, but for the most part it’s very accurate and realistic. I’m not dissing marriage, not at all! I want to get married and I can’t wait to meet the guy and spend the rest of my eternity with the one of love (I know it’s not as easy as that but you get the point). I just don’t know when it’s going to happen and I don’t want to wait around for it. For so long, I’ve just really hoped that I’d get married before I graduated because otherwise I just wouldn’t know what to do with my life.

But now I realize how completely and utterly wrong that is. Marriage is such an adventure in and of itself and I’m so excited to live that adventure when it comes. But until that time, there are so many other adventures to do! I can do anything! Life has so many possibilities and I don’t want to let them pass up.

So what am I going to do? Well what I’m definitely going to stop doing is waiting around to get married. I’m going to stop going to places thinking, “Oh maybe my eternal companion will be here!” I’m going to live my life, because marriage will happen when it’s going to happen and I’m not going to sit around and wait for it. So what am I going to do with my life? What am I going to do after I graduate?

Well, this summer I don’t want to stay in Utah. I’m going to find a lot of fashion internships and apply to them all. I’m also going to look into nanny jobs because I adore kids and would love to nanny if an internship doesn’t work out. If neither of those work out then I may go live with some relatives in Boston and experience a life in the eastern US.

And after I graduate? The opportunities are endless. I want to join the Americorps for a year. Maybe I’ll work for an airline so that I can fly places for free. Maybe I’ll go find another fashion internship or nanny. I don’t completely know. And guess what? That’s really okay. I don’t have to know everything, I just have to keep going on the right path. Oh yeah, and along the way if I get married…well, that would be pretty okay too. J



Grr..I'm so MAD my other camera broke! My dad is trying to fix it (he's wonderful and can seriously fix anything so I hope this camera doesn't break his record!) so I hope it works out. If he can't fix it though, then I will most likely buy a new one. These pictures are terrible not necessarily because they were taken with my point shoot, but more on account of the fact that it was at night, I had to use the flash, it was too dark and late to find any other good place to shoot, etc. So I'm sorry.

Also, I'm sorry I've been MIA. School is stressing me out! Only two more days of classes, then its finals, and then I'm done with Fall semester! Hallelujah!!! It has been a great semester and I love my classes, but the stress is getting to me. It always does...one of the reasons I haven't been blogging. When I get really stressed, I always get super sick and really nauseous. It's really awful and I dislike it very much. So you'll understand why I want the semester to be done and why blogging time has been turning to homework time instead? :)

I'm feeling super sick as I write this, so I'm gonna go. I feel bad saying this, but please keep me in your prayers, you have no idea how much I need it. I will be blogging more regularly probably next week so just stay with me, you guys are the best! I promise better pictures and happier posts and more stories of what I've done while I've been gone with my return....maybe even a giveaway..? (oooh!)



Let Youtube Do the Talking

Um....hi! Life is busy...full of tests, papers, sewing, socializing, and barbie clothes making! It's all lots of fun but it all means I have little time to spare. However, I have had time this week to watch these two AH-mazing youtube videos.

The first is a song from Glee. Yes, I watch the show, but I guarantee that even if you don't watch the show, you will LOVE this song. It's a mash-up of two Adele songs, Someone Like You and Rumour Has It. If you do anything in your life today, just watch and listen to this song. I can't even count how many times I've heard it in the past week...it's incredible!

The second is a movie trailer for the Hunger Games movie! Man oh man, sometime you worry about books being made into movies, especially really good books. But I have a lot of hope and faith for this one. The trailer looks incredible and the casting is awesome! Whether you've read the books or not (which, btw, you should read the books), just watch this trailer and be excited for March!

Enjoy the videos! Let me know what you think! :)


Man Day

I felt such like a man the day I wore this outfit. Why? Well, the sweater used to be my dad's, I found the boots in the men's shoes section at DI, and I wore almost no makeup this day (except a teeny bit of mascara). So that is about as "manly" as I get. But don't get me wrong, I felt awesome this day. I love the sweater, considering it's from Guatemala and I'm half Guatemala. I love the boots...it rained this day and they completely kept the water out--it was wonderful! And wearing no makeup felt pretty stress free and amazing. Oh yes. It was actually the first time I haven't worn makeup all day in public for like 5 years. Crazy huh? I need to do this more often!

On a more girly note, I've been sewing a lot! I'm in the middle of making a super cute navy and white dress (without a pattern, like usual) and I've just been designing it and coming up with it as I go. I'm thinking it'll look pretty great when it's all done and I of course will post it on here! I also sewed a purple ball gown for a very special friend...perhaps I will show you a picture or two of her wearing the dress? Stay tuned for that. Oh and don't worry, I haven't forgotten that I promised to tell you the story of why I am so annoyed with DownEast Basics these days (back in this post) so stay tuned for that as well! It's a story you do NOT want to miss.

Anywho, as I write this, my eyes droop more and more. So I'll bid you adieu until tomorrow :)

P.S. Just one last thought. It's 11/11/11 TOMORROW! I'm seriously freaking out and so excited over this! What are you guys gonna do for it, anything exciting? I definitely want to do something fun for this most momentous occasion!!



I'm just kind of sad right now and looking at these pictures makes me sad. I took them in the mirror because I was in my pajamas and totally forgot I hadn't taken pictures of this outfit. Usually I'll just go to bed, but I really loved the outfit so I put it back on and took some quick photos in the mirror...with my wonderful camera. I love my new camera, and guess what.

It broke.

It fell while I was taking outfit pictures (even though I was trying so so hard to make sure it was stable) and now it can't zoom or focus on anything, so when you look through the viewfinder it looks like a big blurry mess.

I'm SO sad. I couldn't blog yesterday because I was just sad and it still makes me wanna cry just writing this. I'm hoping it will get fixed but otherwise somehow I'll get another one (the same kind of camera). I seriously just feel like I lost my best friend and my most prized possession. I didn't know we could have feelings for such items as a camera, but it's how I feel.

So I'm sorry for crappy outfit photos (although I have to be honest that I do love mirror pictures) and I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday. But mostly I'm just really sad and sorry that my best friend is currently broken. :(


Funny Pinterest Friday

So when things are funny, I tend to laugh out loud super hard to them. And then when I'm done laughing, I go and tell/show these funny things to my roommate Heidi, who proceeds to laugh and then I laugh again, even harder, because it's so much more fun to laugh with people right? I just love laughing. Who doesn't?! Anyways, these are just some funny pins I found on pinterest this week.

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

That cookie monster one gets me every.single.time. It is too sad and too true for probably most of us! hahaha...Have a great friday and weekend everyone! I hope you got some laughs from these. :)


A Dress...and Choices

Is it just me or do I look super awkward in these pictures?! Except the last one, I like that one. This is the dress that I made a while ago. I made it without a pattern and still, almost 6 months later, I love it so much. Obviously it isn't perfect or perfectly made, and I do not want to brag, but this dress makes me happy. :)

Ya know, it's funny. Well not funny. My life is...crazy. I have so much going on right now and life is so hard and struggles come my way every single day. It's also good too, I love my job, roommates, school, and I feel so blessed. Life right now, is just...life, at it's best. And I am pretty darn happy living it right now. I think I am realizing these days that we choose happiness in our lives, nothing that happens in it, good or bad--although it can influence our choice--can make or break the fact of how happy or unhappy we are. So maybe instead of me saying life's good, because it isn't always good, I should just say that I'm good. I'm doing well in the life that was given to me and that I'm living.

We always hear so much about how attitude influences everything and it tends to go over our heads. But it's true. Listen to those true words, because I'm realizing that it does. I am happy in my crazy life and that is all pretty much my choice. You can choose too. :)
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