Sisterly Love

Meet my sister Carina! She's staying with me this weekend which makes me SO happy. I love having a best friend at school. Today I showed her around campus and we've been hanging around with my roommates so it's been fun. I totally love this girl! I hope she comes to BYU after she graduates so we can party every single day.
We were able to take each other's pictures today (I insisted she take some too, since I thought she looked uber cute). And crazy enough, we matched and totally didn't plan it! Blue tops, cardigans, dark jeans, and silver shoes. I am so sad that it's getting colder because it means it's probably one of the last times I'll be able to wear this cardigan until spring. :( So I have to get my use of all my short sleeved shirts before it's too late!
Kiki's Outfit:
Cardigan: Forever 21
Blue Top: Forever 21
Black shirt: Down East Basics
Jeans: Ross
Shoes: Walmart
Necklace: Tai Pan Trading Co.
Carina's Outfit:
Cardigan: Thrifted Blue Tank Top: Old Navy
White Tank Top: Aeropostale
Jeans: Ross
Shoes: Payless

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  1. That's funny that you girls matched! Pictures are adorable!


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