191 days until Christmas

109 days to my 19th birthday

73 days left of summer=73 days of fun :)

21 days to my family's vacation to CALI

16 days to Stadium of Fire (aka Carrie Underwood!!!)

1 day until the weekend

0 days for me to happy :)


summer lovin, i'm havin a BLAST!

Not sure what to write because my life hasn't been too busy. But its been nice. Work takes up most of my life, though I am off at night which is nice. I still enjoy my job and love how there is something new every day. 2 year old kids are wonderful. :)

Something bittersweet: Season 1 of Glee ended last week! It was sooooo great. It's like the only show I follow and I'm kind of obsessed. The music is breathtaking. If you haven't heard any of it, I would definitely recommend taking a listen. Here's a sample of some of their music they sang in the finale. Oh goodness i LOVE it.

Amazing right? :) :) I can't wait for season 2 in the fall!!

Just this past weekend, I had fun going playing in Holladay with some of my high school yearbook friends (one of them is renting a house there). She has a pool and we were gonna go swimming but of course it was cold and rainy. So we just had random fun playing around the town. It was great.

I also went to a friend from BYU's farewell with my great friend Brookie J...haha we'll miss Shawn and all the crazy things we did to him. ;)

And just other random summer fun things I've been doing...

Watching the our high school compete at the state track meet
Going to a BYU dance while there :)
Me and my mama llama
Children's museum
Temple trip
Reunion with all the young women from my old ward/a 'shower' for Candace
Hanging out with my cute 3 year old sis


Time just flies by...

I graduated a year ago from YESTERDAY! I'm officially old! :/


I Work at a Daycare...and i LOVE it :)

So basically, I got the best summer job I could ever ask for! I work at a day care and I'm a head teacher in the 2 year old class. It is soooo much FUN! Everyday, there is something different that happens, whether its a funny story from one of the kids or everyone is super fussy (not my favorite days btw haha). It's only been going for two weeks, but I've already fallen in love with my job and all the cute kids! Here are some pictures of our fun times we've been having! :)

my sister..i love being able to watch over her at the daycare too!

I love my job! :) :)

p.s. this is my 100th post! yay!!!

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