[PFW Spring 2014] Look #3: Green Dress

So usually when I buy fabric, I try to find it for a good price because "starving college student," "poor," "all that cool stuff." But with this dress, I wanted needed this exact color of green... the color of a traffic light. Isn't it soooo pretty? I think so too. I basically search far and wide for this color, which really isn't saying much considering Utah County's lack of good fabric stores. I ended up getting it at the Joann's in American Fork for like $10/yd (which for me is definitely quite pricey, considering I don't normally buy fabrics over $3/yd). It was the perfect green so I consented.

I'm really happy with how it turned out too, so I'm glad I got it. It's actually kind of a soft denim-ish fabric, and the black pieces are an almost suede (not quite there) that I got from Walmart. You'd love the texture if you could touch it up close. Also in the back, there's kind of a cutout at the top of the zipper. You can't really tell so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Thanks to my sisters for modeling all of my looks! Sidney is pictured here. Leave a comment with your thoughts! This one was definitely one of my favorites in this collection :) For runway photos go here!


[PFW Spring 2014] Look #2: Pink Dress

I love the simplicity and brightness of this dress. It was really flowy (for lack of a better word ha) too which gave it a great look on the runway. I had fun using this tutorial to make the bodice of the dress and then layered the bottom as well. I'd wanted to use tulle for the top and layer some of the bottom with tulle as well, but it's a pretty unique color and didn't even come close to finding a tulle that matched in the slightest. Luckily though, I found this fabric at Walmart for like a dollar/yd., so super huge score there! I really am happy with how it turned out. 

If you want to see photos of it on the runway, you can go here. Let me know what you think!
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