SO Overwhelmed

Wow, I feel so busy. I'm so overwhelmed by everything happening in life! I have so much homework, my room is a mess, I have stuff to do for my church calling, I went on a date last night, I still would like to be social, and I just need a break!!! :P Thank goodness I'm halfway through the week. And my sister Carina is coming on Friday, I can't wait! She is like my best friend seriously. And one of the nicest girls ever. And she is so great to have been promoting my blog to her friends and just being really supportive about everything. Seriously, I got lucky to have such a wonderful sister. :)
Today's outfit was green. And consisted of another skirt. I feel like I keep wearing skirts more and more, so I think I'll just force myself to wear pants tomorrow! I feel like I'm kind of fighting the weather, because it's getting to the point where soon it will be too cold to wear skirts and dresses. :( Unless I stock up heavily on lots of tights, which I probably will do! Oh and these boots...I LOVE THEM. Don't you remember when you were little and you always had that favorite pair of shoes that you'd wear every day and you practically wanted to die when they got worn out or your feet got too big? Well that's what those boots are for me. Thank you soooo much to my amazing mom who bought them for me!
Cardigan: Thrifted
White Blouse: Ross
Skirt: Target (the other one like it is here)
Boots: Gifted from my mom
Necklace: Forever 21

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