Lots of fun with Friends

I've given up on catching up with everything, so if you want to find out what has been going on in my life, then just check my mom's blog.

Life has been good, I guess. Second semester just started and I'm doing a few new classes, which are all pretty good. Last week I had a reunion with my Clearfield young women and had such a fun time! It was so good to just talk and catch up with everyone after not seeing each other since like forever! I don't think any of them were planning on spending the night, but it was super foggy and nobody wanted to drive home in it, so they all slept over! It was pretty fun and we are definitely going to get together more often. Here are some pictures from the night:
My mother...

Kel-Bel (Kellie)...

Onkabee (Ahnica)...

Candace and her new fiance (he gave her the ring that night and we were the first ones to see it!)...

Shauna (who matched in every single way, including the toothbrush)...

...and me! (with a double stacked nutter butter that was way cool and unbelievable)

And the cute bunch together (minus Sariah, because she was dumb and didn't want to come)!


Thanksgiving 2008

Wow, Thanksgiving was so crazy and so much fun this year!!! We had all of our Cheyenne family come over (my dad's side) and had so much fun with cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Most of the time, everyone just played and talked. I went to see a movie with my aunt and uncles--we saw Transporter 3, which was a way good movie! I have to admit, the guy in it had a way HOTT body. On Saturday night, we went to Temple Square and the Gateway in Salt Lake and had fun looking at the lights and taking pictures. We also went to this deliciously yummy pizza place called Settebello's. I even saw one of my old friends from ballet. It was crazy! Thanksgiving was so much fun and I loved having all the family over. :D
Me in front of the light tree at temple square.

Gracie and my dad

The temple...I'm going there someday!!! (that temple, too!)

Me, Sidney, Azure (our cousin), and Carina

My fam-fam :)

Singing songs for the adults on Thanksgiving

The whole group!

Getting some yummy thanksgiving dinner!

Cute little Gracie and Crimson. They had the time of their lives playing together! Best buds for life!


The Carrie Underwood Concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this was basically the BEST CONCERT EVER!!! Yes, this was only the second concert I've been too, but I can promise you I will never see a better concert ever (unless of course I go to another Carrie Underwood one)! I got tickets for my birthday so my mom and I went. I wanted to go so bad so when I got the tickets I just screamed for joy. Now, I can't wait for Carrie Underwood to come out with a new album and go on another tour. The concert was soooooooooo good!! Carrie Underwood is the BEST!!!

The Halloween Dance

So... I haven't written for a while, so most of this is going to be just pictures because that's way easier, so yeah.

So on November 1st, I went to the Halloween Dance at my school (it was girls choice). I asked this one kid named Danny in my math class. We went to the dance as ghosts, like basically everyone else in our group. We had around 40 people in our group, so it was basically HUGE!!! But it turned out to be lots of fun. For our day activity, we went to a church (my church actually, because my dad has a key) and played games like strobe light dodgeball. It was so much fun! We had picnics on the floor of the gym later and had Subway sandwiches. The dance was lots of fun and afterward, we went to one girl's house and just talked and stuff. It was a super fun dance and I had lots of fun. Below is a picture of my group. We got single pictures too but our scanner isn't working or something, so I could only get this one on. I'm behind the ninja turtles couple and Danny is next to me on my left.
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