The Horizons of Autumn

Utah is in its' golden time of year right now...literally. The orange and yellow leaves litter the ground and the sky, while the sun gives everything a perfect fall glow. The weather is chilled enough that you can wear a sweater and boots and not sweat, but still warm enough to not have to wear a coat and cover it all up. It really is a nice time, and the good thing is that when it all goes away, none of us are too sad because it means Christmas is around the corner.

I haven't done an outfit post in a while, but I was looking at old pictures the other day and thought "hey, that was fun, I should do that again." So I did, and it was fun. Sometimes it's nice to just capture days and their moments....what you were wearing, how you were feeling, what the weather was like that day. I took these pictures right before the sun set just at a fence that surrounded a field of grazing cows (and I was thinking...what exactly does grazing mean? Is it just a beautiful word for eating grass?) near the daycare I work at. I think the one thing that could have completed this outfit would have been a slouchy beanie, and I almost went to go find and buy one before I took these pictures, but then I decided that was cheating and didn't.

You know, there is something really positive and wonderful in capturing beauty. Beauty in nature, people, smiles, emotions, the things we can create and build, our capacity to do incredible things...it's all beautiful. And when we catch a glimpse of it, we have to stop and contemplate, because beauty is something that just can't be ignored.


RAW Artists Fashion Show--June 20, 2013

In June, I got the awesome opportunity to participate in a RAW artists show and showcase my spring 2013 collection (the same collection I showed at the BYU show in February) again. It was held at the Complex in SLC and was super fun! RAW is a nationwide organization that lets artists get their work out there, meet other artists, and show their work in a professional atmosphere. I actually only showed six of the seven outfits, because I didn't have time to find another model, but I think it worked out pretty well.

We were told to get there pretty early, so my models and I had a lot of down time that we spent doing makeup, hanging out and talking in the dressing room, and walking around the Complex looking at all the other work by the artists.
My models and I (not in their outfits). Are they gorgeous?!

I'm so lucky to have awesome support in my designing and fashion shows. This show was $15 so I knew it was little pricey for people to come, but I was so happy they did. Some of my roommates and friends came, as well as my parents and sister, Sidney (my sister Carina was modeling in the show). They are the best for being there and giving their support, it seriously meant the world to me.
(l to r) my roommates Heidi and Katie, our friend Sergio, and me

I would just love to say how much fun it is to have models around...I feel like they don't get enough credit for what they do (which is more than walking on a runway in cute clothes and heels--and let me tell you that walking in heels is definitely a talent). I had a lot of fun with my models at the BYU fashion show and I had fun with them at this one too. They were so much fun and being crazy and made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable than stressful. Fashion shows (for me at least) would be so boring if all they were was putting your clothes on a mannequin. Models bring life to the garments, have to be willing to put up with what you want them to do, and need to be able to be relaxed and easy going, since fashion shows are usually the opposite of that. I just wanted to give a shout out to my models and thank them, because the shows I do would be way less fun without them!

And they sure can walk that runway, am I right?

It was such a fun night and I'm glad I got to be a part of it! Thanks to RAW, my friends and family, all the artists, and my models for helping to make it the great night that it was. I love what I do. :)

[thank you RAW for the runway photos! Check out their facebook page and website if you are interested or want to show with them]
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