A week ago I got to go to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point with my family and my aunt and uncle's family. It was an absolute blast! I've really enjoyed being able to see my family almost every single weekend this semester. That usually doesn't happen but I've had reasons to go home or we've met up for something on a weekend so it's just been fun. I might not be seeing them again for a couple weeks though which is fine, because I do my enjoy my weekends here at school hanging out with my roommates too. :)

Cornbellys is this cute Halloween festival that they have every year at Thanksgiving Point. I've always wanted to go since it's only about 15 minutes away from where I live and my aunt Zildy has gone every year with her family for a while and just loves it. I have to say that I definitely wasn't disappointed and if I'm still around next year, then I would love to go again! We went on a hay ride, went through a corn maze (made to pick either Romney or Obama haha-see here), took pictures, ate yummy food like popcorn and rock candy, and basically did everything we could there. One thing I liked about it that it was so family friendly, so the kids absolutely loved it and were never bored. We all kind of separated off from each other for a little bit and I just hung out with my sisters Carina and Sidney, which was a lot of fun. Anywho, I'll stop talking and just give you pictures to show you how much fun we had.

I hope you are all having a great week celebrating Halloween, I'll blog about that later this week and hopefully catch up on a few other events but probably not until Thursday because I'm planning an AWESOME Halloween party tomorrow (don't worry I'll blog all about that too! We all know how much I love throwing parties)! Also, my prayers go out to all my east coast friends dealing with Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm). It's so much more real to me now that I've actually lived out there. Be safe this week whether you are in the midst of a hurricane or just trick or treating. :)


The Carrie Underwood Concert!

It's hard to believe, but the best day of my life was already a whole week ago! And since a week has already passed, I figured it was probably about time to blog about it. The concert was at the Maverik Center in West Valley, which is actually where my first Carrie Underwood concert was four years ago (although then it was called the E-Center). I've seen all of my Carrie concerts with my mom, and this one was no different. I think over the years my mom has become a pretty big fan as well, so it's fun to go with her because we both love Carrie Underwood. I think it'll become our tradition to always see Carrie together. I wouldn't want it any other way!

Lucky and awesome enough for us, my mom and I had floor seats. It was so amazing to be SO close to Carrie Underwood! Holy cow, I was dying. Most of the pictures are zoomed in, but we still had an excellent view of the stage (except for an exceptionally tall man in a hat a few rows in front of us who sometimes kept blocking my view).

Hunter Hayes was the opening act, and if you haven't heard any of his music, you definitely need to! We got a free cd of his from a radio station about a year ago and upon listening to his music we totally fell in love. He sings the cutest songs and he is amazingly talented! I listened to a lot of his songs before the concert so I could sing along and I just love them all. Look up his music! Some of my favorites are "Cry With You," "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me," and his popular single, "Wanted."

He sang a bunch of his songs at the concert and he totally melted my heart when he sang "Just the Way You Are." Ah, I just love him! Here are some videos I took. Sorry if they're shaky or if you hear me singing off-pitch (I promise I'm a good singer, but who can even hear their own voice at a concert?!)

After Hunter was done, the anticipation grew as we waited to hear Carrie Underwood!

Oh man, and when she did come out, I FREAKED OUT. For my own sake, I'm not posting the video I took during the introduction because I was just insane. I just kept screaming ("ahhhh! ahhhhh!! ahhhh!! It's Carrie Underwood!!!" Yes that was me). At first I couldn't even see that well because the tall man was totally blocking my view but I moved around and then I could see. The excitement you get when an artist first steps out on the stage is so incredible, I don't think it can be duplicated. It's so fun and exciting and you get such a rush!

The concert was just amazing. For one thing, it was Carrie Underwood, but for another, there were so many special effects that made it ten times cooler! You can see the screen in the background and that changed for every song! They took scenes from her music videos and other places to make the songs seem even more real. It was so cool! I've never seen anything that detailed at a concert so it was pretty sweet.

One of the great things about being on the floor, is that even though our seats were reserved, we could move around a little bit and try to get closer. It was amazing to be so so close to Carrie Underwood! I liked that about our seats though, because we were able to move around a bit during the concert so we got different views throughout the whole thing.
 Probably my favorite part of the concert was when Carrie and her whole band got on this platform that came almost all the way to the back of the room. It was the best! I really liked it too, because it meant that everyone got to have a great view of Carrie at least for a few songs. I took a ton of videos throughout the concert but posting them all on here would have taken forever, so I just posted some of my favorites and some of the really fun ones. None of them are too long so feel free to watch!

During "One Way Ticket" Carrie was like "We're gonna have a party!" so she threw out a bunch of leis, confetti came down, and bouncy balls bounced around the audience. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the concert just because it was so fun! I seriously love concerts!

Carrie's outfits were amazing. She changed like five times! She wore a lot of high-low dresses and I also noticed that she loves glittery stuff. My dream job would totally be to design for or style Carrie Underwood. Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Hunter Hayes came out with Carrie to sing "I Just Can't Leave Love Alone" and they did awesome together! They both have such great voices!

A little while ago, Carrie recorded "Remind Me" with Brad Paisley for his album, so she sang it at the concert. I saw it beforehand on the setlist and wondered how that was going to work out but it was sweet! They had filmed a video of Brad beforehand and then they had that playing on the background screen so it looked like he was there and they were singing a duet! I took a video of it, which you should definitely watch, because it shows it much better than I can explain it into words.

For Carrie's encore, she sang "I Know You Won't," and her ever popular single, "Blown Away." Man, I love that song.

Once again, see the video, but the background was amazing, because they totally made it look realistic with a house scene behind, and then they had a twister blow it away. They also had smoke coming from the stage and confetti everywhere so it was just wild! A perfect ending to a perfect concert. Oh and sorry about the video, my camera ran out of memory in the middle of the song so I had to hurriedly switch to my other memory card and then continue filming because I wanted the whole song.

Hunter Hayes's drummer was sitting just one row in front of us with his wife/girlfriend during Carrie's portion of the concert so after I got a picture with him! I look crazy in it, but oh well. Too bad I didn't get the chance to become better friends with him...maybe he could have introduced me to Carrie! ;)

The concert was incredible, and I had so much fun going with my mom. For a few days after I kinda had post-concert depression (where you're just incredibly sad the concert is over and don't know what to look forward to in your life anymore. It also happened to me with the Demi Lovato concert haha. Does this happen to anyone else?) but now I'm just happy. I can't wait to see Carrie again soon and I also look forward to my next concert, which is the Killers on November 30th! That'll be awesome! Oh and I really did take a ton of videos, so if you'd like to see anymore, let me know and I'll upload them to my youtube channel! :)


Why I Think Carrie is so Incredibly Wonderful

Hello friends. I am freaking out over here. You know why? (You probably do, but I'll tell you anyways) Because today I am....


Sorry for the large capitalization but I'm so so excited! Oh my gosh. I'm just so happy to realize that this day that I've been waiting for for over two years (since the last concert) is here. The thing about Carrie Underwood concerts is that they are amazing and are always the best days of my life. Whenever I go to another concert, I can't help but wish it was Carrie Underwood up there singing because her concerts make me so happy. No matter what, nothing can ruin a concert day for me because they are just the best.

I'm sorry I missed the last few countdown days, but I will probably posting about Carrie for a few days after the concert so don't worry. I figured though, that a lot of people probably wonder why I like Carrie Underwood so much. I mean, yes, I will admit that I am pretty obsessed. And probably one of the reasons I'm obsessed is just the fact that I'm a person that tends to get obsessed with anything I like a lot--Harry Potter, purple, etc. I promise there are a lot of things on that list, I just can't think of them all right now because I'm too obsessed with Carrie Underwood at the moment. Anyways, here are my top 5 reasons for why I like Carrie Underwood so much (and why you should like her too hehe).

5. Carrie Underwood is a girl just like me. Before American Idol happened, she lived in a small town. She had dreams of being a singer, but when she went to college she had to kind of give up on that and be practical. She had normal jobs, like waiting tables at a pizzeria and working at a zoo (well that's not too normal, but you get my drift) and she was going to graduate with a degree in mass communications with an emphasis in journalism. And when she was about 22, probably in the stage of life I'm in right now, getting ready to graduate and get a real job, she decided to try out for American Idol and then her world changed. But through all of that, and seven years later, she's still that small-town girl. She's super down to earth, I can tell when she's at her concerts and through her twitter texts that even though she's absolutely gorgeous and that she's rich and can get glammed up, she's still normal. She's still that girl that loves getting dressed up and has fun doing music videos like "Before He Cheats" or "Good Girl." She's a girl who's had her heart broken a a lot but eventually found her prince charming. And that's one of the reasons it's so easy for me to love Carrie Underwood, because she's a girl just like me, and she's a girl who happened to get lucky enough to really live her dream.
Carrie and her husband Mike at Disneyland! (source)

4. Carrie Underwood is such a good person. Like no joke, she's a saint. For one thing, she loves animals. I couldn't find it, but there is a quote of her saying that if she had to give up singing, it would be hard, but she could do it, but she could never ever give up animals. She's been a vegan for a long time and she totally supports animal rights and has supported and started a number of charities on behalf of them. One year she was scheduled to perform at Cheyenne's Frontier Days (which my family usually goes to every year because my dad's side of the fam is all in Cheyenne) but canceled because she heard about the animal cruelty that went on at the rodeos. Last week she saved a chipmunk from her yard because her dog Ace was going to eat it, she took the chipmunk to the vet, and then released it where it would be safe. Who does that?! That's right, Carrie Underwood. Last year she also saved two dogs who were on the side of the freeway and found good homes for them. Not only is Carrie Underwood kind to animals, but she is also very clean in the fact that she never ever swears, and I respect that so much, as I never swear either. She doesn't swear in any of her songs and you can scour the internet and you won't find any quotes or articles of her swearing in them. Carrie is also really really nice to all of her fans and anyone she meets, and is very religious and has a great relationship with God. She credits all her success to God, which I admire so much. I love that I never have to be embarrassed for liking Carrie Underwood because she's always such a good person.

3. Her music and her voice is amazing. Obviously I love her music, but Carrie has beautiful vocals too. Everywhere I hear her sing, she sounds amazing! And the crazy thing is that she is even more amazing live. There isn't much more to explain because you have to hear it to believe it. I was going to share this song on Sunday, but since I didn't, I'll share it now. Get ready, because you will probably cry--that's how amazing this performance is:

2. Carrie Underwood's music is good for any day and any situation. No matter what, I will always be in the mood to listen to Carrie Underwood music. You know how everyone always says, "there's an app for that?" Well I think people should start saying, "there's a Carrie Underwood song for that." :) Feeling down? There's a CU song for that. Try, "So Small," "Jesus Take the Wheel," "Good in Goodbye," or "Wheel of the World." Feeling happy? How about, "Crazy Dreams," "Ever Ever After," or "All American Girl." Hate a boy? Listen to "Before He Cheats," "Undo It," or "Songs Like This." Feeling inspired? Listen to half of her songs because a lot of them are inspiring. But it's totally true. There's a Carrie Underwood song for that. I promise.

1. The number one reason why I like Carrie Underwood? Her music makes me happy. So so so very happy! Maybe it's because I've liked her for so long or maybe it's just because she's a happy person. For whatever reason, when I listen to Carrie Underwood music and it automatically lifts me up. I think about going to her concert and whatever seemed so sad doesn't anymore. I can only imagine what kind of happiness meeting her in person would bring. All I know is that I truthfully have never been happier than when I am at a Carrie Underwood concert. I feel like the happiness inside me is going to explode, and I cannot wait to feel that tonight. So that's it...I love Carrie Underwood because she makes me happy, and there is probably no better reason than that. I. Am. So. Excited!!!!!

And to give you all a song...here is Blown Away, my current favorite song of hers that I can't stop listening to. I can't wait to hear her sing this tonight at the concert because she is going to blow me away. :) I will tell you all about it tomorrow, don't worry!!!


4 Days :)

Don't worry, I didn't forget about the countdown! Today has been crazy busy and oh so fun. This morning and afternoon we watched general conference (changes in missionary ages anyone? ahhh, it's crazy and super exciting!!) which was really great. I always look forward to the first week in October and April! In between sessions we opened my birthday presents (more on that later) and after the afternoon session we left to go eat my birthday dinner so we could get done before the priesthood session. During the priesthood session we took a little DI trip and I didn't buy anything--definitely a first for me! After that we picked up my dad and brother and we went out with the whole family--relatives included--to Leatherby's to eat the best ice cream and hot fudge you could ever have. And now I'm back. I told you it was crazy! And now I will talk about Carrie Underwood.

Today for just a fun, lighthearted song I'll share "All American Girl." Honestly, it doesn't really have any special meaning to me, other than the fact that it's a girly song and I'm a total girly-girl so it's perfect for me. This is another one of my favorite songs by Carrie--probably in the top five--and I just really love it. The music video is cute too so I'll post that. Enjoy, and look forward to a really really really amazing Carrie song tomorrow :)


5 Days...EEE!!!

I can't believe I am seeing Carrie Underwood LIVE in 5 days! It's so surreal to me. I am so so so excited! I wish I could just share the excitement that I feel with everyone around me so they could understand haha.

One of the reasons I really love Carrie Underwood's music is because it is totally relatable (apparently this isn't a word? but using it anyways) to my life. I think almost every song I listen to of hers I'm like "yes! that's so me!" or "she knew exactly what I was feeling and put it in a song!" For any instance in my life, good or bad, I can find a Carrie Underwood song for it and I'll feel better.

There's been one area of my life that has always been hard for me and that is...boys. It's not that it's hard for me to talk to them or to like them to even find boys that like me. It's just my love life in general that has been a pretty big trial in my life since I've been sixteen years old to now (and what I'm writing is totally serious..I'm just saying that because I could see people taking this as a joke, which it totally isn't! Sometimes funny, but true, and often hard). I've still never been in a serious relationship, or really any relationship for that matter, and I say this hoping that you won't judge me or anything, but I'm a 21 year-old girl and have still never been kissed. And honestly, that's a super hard thing to deal with. It's embarrassing, and every single day of my life I ask myself if there is something wrong with me. There probably is something wrong with me, but I don't really know what it is. In all truthfulness, I feel like I've had really bad luck with guys. I seem to attract all the boys I'm not attracted to--some of them are weirdos and some of them are nice but I just know it's never going to happen. I find lots of guys I think are cute and actually there have been quite a few that have liked me back, but for one reason or another, they stop calling, they find another girl, they have commitment issues, or they just decide they're not interested. It's the worst, and every guy I cry over I find myself thinking the same thing...that I'm done trying, that I'm done hoping, because it never really works out.

So whenever this happens, to try and get a smile out of me...I listen to this song: "The More Boys I Meet"

And for the boys that break my heart and make me cry? This song, "Undo It" is for them:

(and see those people at the concert? That's gonna be me on Wednesday!!!)

Because of all these heartbreaks and it never working out for me I think it's gotten really hard for me to let myself get close to people. There are definitely other reasons and experiences I’ve had that are too personal to share on here that contribute, but this is a big factor. I wasn't even a person to get super close to people before, but I don't think any of this has helped. I don’t let myself get my hopes up when a new guy comes along, because I’m already expecting him to drop me before anything can even happen. This is a terrible attitude, but right now I feel like I've kind of given up on guys because I just don't want to deal with any of it anymore. But I think, and hope, that when the right guy does come along, it will work out, and I will be able to open up and trust again. And when that happens, I’m going to listen to “Quitter” over and over again. I love this song so much, and I think it totally describes me. It’s my second most played song in my music library, so let that show you how much I love it.

Enjoy three more of my favorite Carrie songs and hearing all about why I'm still single haha. Until tomorrow! :)

Fashion Friday

Blouse: Papaya, Pants: c/o Sugarlips, Belt: Thrifted, Necklace: Mall kiosk, Sandals: F21

I hope no one minds that my outfit pictures have all been taken in the same location lately. We have a nice back patio as part of our house and it's the perfect place for pictures. I think I prefer it to finding other places and having people stare at me like I'm a weirdo as I take pictures of myself.

These pants came courtesy of Sugarlips, whose button you'll see on my side bar. They have the cutest clothes, I love looking at their site because they are always getting new stuff in, and it's clothes I can actually afford...yay! Check 'em out for me, yeah? :)

In other news, my birthday yesterday was amazing! I celebrated with my roommates and friends last night by having a little party at our place, it was great! Pictures will come probably next week (and trust me, we took some pictures you definitely want to see). Oh and I ended my birthday watching Project Runway and seeing who made it to the top 4 for Fashion Week! I won't spoil it for you who watch and haven't seen it yet. Unfortunately, it took me forever to get to sleep last night because I couldn't stop coughing. Being sick is the greatest! Kidding. But then I had an awesome dream that we threw this huge party in a field that 500 people came to. What can I say, people love me! (and then this is the part where you say..."in your dreams!" haha get it?!) Anywho...I need to study for/take a test so I better go. This weekend I'm going home for conference weekend and to celebrate my birthday with my family...wahoo!!

Oh...am I forgetting something? That's right...6 DAYS TO THE CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT!!! Don't worry, I will give you a real post about that later today. After I take my test. Happy Friday, it's a great day to be alive (even if you are sickly like me :))!


My Birthday...and 6 days to Carrie!

Woohoo! Today is October 4 which means it's my birthday, which means I'm officially 21 years old! Yay! So far I've had a pretty great birthday. It's been chill, my roommates made me breakfast this morning--they really are the best!--and then I went to some class and watched some Friends, my most favorite tv show (currently on season 3!). The only bad part about my birthday is that I'm still sick from the cold I've had all week. I woke up this morning with a pretty nasty cough that carried over from yesterday but it's much better now that it's a little later in the day (definitely still there though).

To continue with the Carrie Underwood concert countdown (we'll call it CUCC for short), today's song is "Nobody Ever Told You," from Carrie's latest album (and probably one of my favorites) "Blown Away."

"Nobody Ever Told You" probably comes in second or ties with "Crazy Dreams" in my all time favorite CU songs. It's a song every single girl (and woman) should hear probably every single day of your life. I like this song because it's sweet, simple, and straight to the point. On my hard days, whenever I feel like I look terrible or like I'm just worthless, I play this song, and it really calms me. As a girl, sometimes you just need some to tell you what nobody ever told you, that you're beautiful, not just on the outside but on the inside too. And Carrie tells that to every girl in this song. :)

I posted the original version, but there's also a very good live version here. Personally, I think Carrie sounds even better singing live, which is crazy because the recorded songs are already amazing! I just didn't post the live one because it had more of a rock feel to it and I like the lightness of this song. Also, below is a video of Carrie talking about "Nobody Ever Told You." She explains it better than I ever could...enjoy!



In one week from today, all my dreams will come true (well almost all of them). Because in one week from today I am.....SEEING CARRIE UNDERWOOD IN CONCERT!!!!!!
(I'm giving you the warning now, but over the course of the next week or two, due to pre and post-concert excitement, you may be seeing a lot of capitalization, probably more than you are used to. You have been warned.)

This will be my third Carrie concert and it will be the best one! Why? Because she gets better every time, because I'm going with my mom again, because we have FLOOR SEATS, and because there are more new songs! Okay, yeah it's going to be awesome.

In order to attempt (notice I said "attempt", not "succeed to attempt") to bridle my excitement. I'm going to be posting every day with one of my favorite songs of Carrie Underwood's, leading up to the day of the concert, which is next Wednesday, October 10 (it will be the best day of my life, I'm certain of that). If you're not a Carrie Underwood fan (leave. just leave now) or or not an amazing music fan, then you should probably unfollow my blog for the next week because there is going to be some serious fandom going on right now. Sorry about that. Unless you'd like to find me a boyfriend I can love and obsess over, I will continue obsessing over Carrie Underwood (just a girl crush, don't worry).

Today I'll be letting you hear probably my all-time favorite CU song (although that could be questioned now that her new album came out, because I really like "Nobody Ever Told You"), "Crazy Dreams."

I like this song because honestly, who isn't a crazy dreamer? Who out of all of us isn't a little nerdy at heart? We all are! This song is my favorite because it inspires me and it's the song that describes me most. It's a great song, and even though it wasn't ever the most popular or came out as a single, it's my favorite. And I think that's all the description it needs. So without further ado, from Carrie's second album, Carnival Ride, here is "Crazy Dreams."

What is your favorite Carrie Underwood song? Or, the question probably more of you will answer...who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite song by them? Let's all share our favorite music here! :)
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