Valentine's Day

I won't lie, it's never been one of my favorite holidays. In junior high and high school I would jealously see girls who had several bouquets of flowers they carried around with them all day, wishing for just one rose, thinking it'd be enough. In college, the town gets overrun by couples, leaving single people to hide away until February 15th comes, so they can go buy half-priced chocolate to eat away the pain (okay yes, that's a bit dramatic).

I'm 22 years old and for 22 years, I've never actually had a Valentine to celebrate this holiday with. It's been nights in my bedroom or "Galentine's" day parties for me. I always used to let myself get so depressed on this day, and then at one point I thought, "why?" What's the point in letting yourself be sad when you can be happy? Valentine's Day isn't necessarily about romance, it's about love. So if the only Valentines I ever get on this day are from my mom, then I'll be so grateful that someone is thinking about me, and I'll worry about what I can control and spread the love to others.

It happened in 9th grade when I anonymously sent a Valentine at school to a friend who I know wanted one and might not have gotten one. I actually spelled her name wrong, but I could tell that didn't matter when I saw the smile on her face that she'd been thought of. It happened last year when I gave homemade Valentines to all my roommates and when I got to read this lovely post by Shelby.. And it happened this year when I got to give Valentines to all the people I loved, celebrated with my toddlers class at work as we made sugar cookies and played in our heart attacked classroom, and went to the movie theater with my roommate last night.

Yep, Valentine's Day is probably more fun for people in a relationship, and it could be better if your engaged roommate and her fiance didn't take over the apartment for just one night...but it is what it is, and it all depends on what we make of it. Love isn't exclusive to people in love. It's for all of us, and sometimes, giving it is even better than receiving it. Happy (late) Valentine's Day. :) --And happy 50% off candy day today!


a snowy day

It snowed on Thursday, which isn't always welcome to me, because driving in the snow is scary and it just makes everything colder. Thankfully, it was just wet snow, so driving wasn't a problem and by the next day it was all gone. But I knew I had to take advantage of the weather situation so after work I went and filmed this little video. Hope you enjoy it :)

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