Benefits of Having Roommates

You can make a big batch of popcorn and count on there being people to eat the rest of it for you. This also goes for cupcakes, cookies, or any other kind of treat or dessert.

There are people to talk to and to tell how your day went when you get home.

They watch shows like Once Upon A Time, Project Runway, and the Bachelor with you, so that watching these shows is more exciting and makes you more justified in watching tv because it's a social event.

Even if your roommates are girls, you feel safer going to bed at night, because you know you're not alone.

They can answer the door when you can't (like if you are in the shower, in your room with headphones in, or getting dressed).

They make you sane because you have people to talk to, instead of going into work at 1 and realizing that saying hello to your coworker was the first word you said all day.

You have people to take pictures with.

More dishes.

If you have roommates it means you will have more social activity. Because they will invite you to things and they have friends that you haven't met yet. And they can invite their friends to your social events so they're more fun and exciting.

You can do things like write bucket lists and make dinner together. You can have inside jokes together and be crazy and have people know things about you that they probably wouldn't know if they didn't live with you.

It's like a sleepover every day! Duh!

Grocery shopping is infinitely more fun and exciting. Or at least less lonely and you probably will spend less money.

Depending on how many roommates you have (let's say you have 5, like me right now--although that's about to change tomorrow), you get 5x more clothes! I should really take advantage of this more often.

It's fun, it's happy, and it's the best. Maybe that depends on you roommates, but I love mine. They are my  best friends and I have the most fun ever with them. And after spending this weekend alone (I had to work and everyone else went home to see their families...now you see where this post is coming from, yeah?), I was excited to have them back. Four of us are moving into a new apartment today, while the other two are getting married this month, Kelsey's being this Saturday! It's gonna be pretty dang exciting.

And yeah, probably within the next few years I would love for my permanent roommate to be a man, but for the time being, these girls are definitely the next best thing. :)
All of us at our last roommate breakfast on Friday. Pretty much the last time we'd all be together as roommates. Hence the reason why some of us look tired/makeupless/in our pjs. Mmmm, that breakfast was good though. :)


things that made this day happy

You know those days when there are lots of "oh that's nice" moments? Little things that just make you happy in your heart? Well, Thursday (april 25th) was one of those days. let's count the ways, shall we?

this outfit. Because I was wearing shorts! That I made! And a bright pink cardigan! And leopard print shoes (that I got from walmart--yes, walmart--for only $7...also, I got the cardigan from jcpenney for $3. Bargain hunter, that I am)! And SHORTS! Shorts=warm weather=summer=happiness. Printed shorts that I made=double the happiness. Is that enough math for you? I also loved my fun backdrop for these photos, it was still up from our party the night before (more on that later).

Having a day off! I love my job, but I love days off. They are the best and make me really appreciate my free time.

Seeing my uncle and saying goodbye to my cousin Jenner before he leaves on his mission. That was actually kind of sad, because I won't see him for 2+ years, but it was still a nice moment. Also, we ran into (I say that like we're old friends...which he actually is with my grandparents) Brad Wilcox at Deseret Book and got a picture with him. Sweet!

Spending the day with my sister. We shopped a little at the mall and then tried to sell her books back (no luck) and tried to sell her clothes to Plato's Closet (no luck there either, the money gods were not on our side, granted, this was the second time we were taking her clothes there, just seeing if they would buy anything they'd passed on before). Today she moved back home for the summer, so it was nice to have that day with her before she left for Provo. I love that girl.

Appreciating moments when I'm prepared. I'm really one of the most prepared people you will ever meet (I  always have a "preparedness pouch," as I like to call it, in my purse with anything you might need in an emergency...hair stuff, bandaids, a usb, pens, chapstick, a pocketknife, etc.) and it paid off on Thursday. I had just filled up the oil in my car about a week ago and had two extra oil containers because I hadn't known how much I'd needed when I filled it up before, so I had extra oil (in the containers) just sitting in my car. I was a little annoyed because I felt like I had wasted money on them, but I saw my car on Thursday and the whole front was covered in oil. I lifted the hood, and turns out that my roommate and I had forgotten to put the cap back on the oil when we had changed it about a week ago. Obviously I stink at putting caps back on things because I also forgot to put my gas cap back on a month ago (you are probably wondering who thought I had the responsibility to have a car haha). Anyways, I luckily and gratefully had those extra two full oil containers that I was able to fill up in my car, as well as a towel in my trunk that I used to clean it all up, and then a plastic bag to put the towel in. AND I put the cap back on! I was actually pretty proud that I knew what I was doing in the whole process. I know nothing about cars, so to know something--how to lift the hood, check the oil, and fill the oil--made me feel pretty sweet. Like maybe I can do stuff like that on my own and be okay. I think God has been giving me all these crazy car experiences in my life so that I will be an expert. Anyways, long story, but it made me happy.

Finding two adorable and really cheap blouses at Papaya. Yay for new, cute clothes!

Going to BYU men's volleyball game on Thursday, to see them play and WIN their semi-final game! It was a super intense game...they play five games and have to win three of them. It wasn't looking good when UCLA won the first two, but then we came back and won the third and fourth ones, and then the fifth! It was intense though, we were seriously neck and neck in pretty much every game. Oh and the championship game was tonight (I had work so I couldn't go) and I found out they won! Woo! Men's volleyball games are fun, because there are hot men, the school spirit is great and exhilarating, and it never gets very boring because the games are short and you are always wondering who could win. I loved going with my roommates and also meeting up with our friends Bryan and Nik. Heidi and I enjoyed playing a "where's waldo" type game where we kept looking in the audience and everywhere for people knew. We actually found a lot of people, and definitely took plenty of stalker photos of them. ;)

Hearing this song for the first time. I do love Sara Bareilles and bought this song from itunes within 20 seconds of hearing it. Love it.

Sun. Warmth. Enough said.

And for your personal enjoyment...the fact that I cannot take a good jumping picture to save my life. I'm not even sure why jumping pictures seem like such a great idea, but I am always tempted to take them when I'm doing outfit pictures. Needless to say, I didn't really get a good jumping picture shot. Just a few too many fails.
oops, jumped a little too early!///mmm....look at how I ferociously eat that wild hair of mine
haha my fav...too late for the self-timer, but still feeling obligated to look at the camera for the photo///just an unattractive photo of me in general where my hair flattened immensely and the wind caused me to wrap my feet up in the sheet as I tried to jump

Haha and with that, I leave you.


What Gets Me Out of Bed Every Day

So there is this very inspiring girl, Josie Thompson, who writes a blog over here. She's struggled immensely with bipolar and depression and if you want to read an inspirational story, you should definitely check it out. Josie's working on something called Project 444. It's to help herself and to help others. She packed up a few belongings and is roadtripping it up in her truck going from state to state, meeting people and asking them one simple question.."What gets you out of bed every day?" And she's not going home until she has 444 answers. You can read more about that here, and you should definitely go check out her blog and give her all the support you can. I don't know her personally, but I think she is doing a great thing and wish her the absolute best in it.

Reading Josie's blog, hearing that question, and seeing videos of answers people have given her got me thinking. What gets me out of bed every morning?

You'd think it'd be a pretty easy question to answer, but I thought about it for a while. The obvious answers came to my head first...my family, my closest friends, my love for fashion, my dream to meet Carrie Underwood in person one day (ha), etc... But as I thought about it more, I realized that it's all the little things that make up life that get me out of bed every day.

Every morning, I wake up and I have a choice. I can sleep in longer, I can skip work, and I can lie there not caring and not doing anything. There are so many days when that's all I want to do, just letting life pass by without me participating in it.

But every day, I make the latter choice. I get up out of bed for a job that I really like at a place where I enjoy getting to know my co-workers and the customers around me. I get up because I get to pick a cute new outfit from my closet or I get to lounge around in my favorite Carrie Underwood or Friends (the tv show) t-shirt. I get up because I love doing my makeup every morning. I love that every day, I look at my face, and I'm somehow still not bored with it; in fact, I still think I look pretty when I smile at myself in the mirror or put on makeup in the morning. I've done it hundreds of times and yet I still love it and I still love me.

I get up because I never know if that day might be the day I think of the next great fashion design, the day I laugh so hard I cry for fifteen minutes straight, or the day I might finally meet someone who I'll fall in love with (and more significantly, someone who will fall in love with me too). I get up because I might cross a bucket list item off with my roommates or have a crazy disaster that we'll laugh about later on for years to come. I get up in the morning because there might be someone I need to help that day, or maybe there's someone in the world who needs to help me.

I get up for all the little miracles I notice that God gives me in my life....someone bringing breakfast to work when I was running too late to bring some, finding a dollar bill on the ground, a little girl telling me she thinks I'm pretty and my heart feeling all tingly inside because it's been a long time since anyone has told me that, making it through a stop light right before it goes red, a text from my mom that makes me happy no matter what it's about because I miss her and my family, bonding with a coworker at my job, or even just meeting eyes with a really cute guy.

I don't know, I guess I just get up for life. Because life is so darn wonderful. It sucks too, don't get me wrong. We all know that I've been through so much damage in my life, and I'm sure you have too. But there are so many things every day that make life really great. And the next morning when I'm struggling to want to get out of bed, I think about the day before and some of the really nice little things that happened. Then I close my eyes for five more seconds, take a deep breath, and get up and flip my feet over the edge of my bed, ready to start a new day.

Cutting Fashion Look #4: Yellow Shorts

I really am trying to blog regularly, and have actually been doing pretty well with it lately. In the past, I've found myself not blogging for like a month and then I come back to it totally behind and not even knowing what to post about because there is too much. But yeah, I've been getting at least two posts a week in, which I feel pretty good about. And more than that makes me feel like an overachiever! Yeah, the bar for success for me is pretty low. Three blog posts and I'm sailing smoothly in life haha.

Anyways, that being said, I really need to try and post all of these Cutting Fashion posts. It's about time, considering the show was over two months ago. So my goal is to get the rest of these posted in the next two weeks. There's only three more posts after this one, so it shouldn't be that difficult.

These are the second pair of shorts I made for the show, and I really liked these a lot. I cannot wait for it to get warm so that I can wear them! I don't know what else to say about these...I got the fabric on the side of the shorts from this Home Fabrics store for like $2/yard, which is totally unheard of, especially for gorgeous woven fabric like that. It's the same fabric that's on the back of the shirt paired with the red shorts. Once again on this one, I wish I had done a little more with the top. I didn't give myself enough time and I feel like my creativity was pretty burned out by the time I got to the point of making the shirt, so it was fairly plain. I still thought it was fine though...the back had a cool black exposed zipper so that was fun. But enough of me, let's have the pictures do the talking! Thanks to Kimberly for being the amazing model!


In person:

On the runway:

What do you think?!


Last Words

This week has been a sad one. I find myself reading something else in the news...a bombing, a missing girl, an explosion; it doesn't seem to end. I read the stories of these people who died or who have been critically injured and I cry. The pictures are things I didn't realize existed outside of a movie screen. But it's real.

I don't know how to quite compose my thoughts on all of these things. I cried for days when I found out about Newtown in December. I cried when I heard about Boston on Monday. Those were real people in a place where I was for a whole summer last year. Those people have families and on a day that should have been filled with success and happiness, they ended up feeling heartbroken and hurt over the loss or injuries of their friends and family.

The pain in my chest is something difficult to describe, and I feel somewhat guilty for feeling it. Because it didn't really happen to me. It happened to people on the other side of the country or to people a few states away. A family lost a son this week. Another family might have lost a father or a mother. I'm so lucky to have my loved ones safe, but I still feel the pain. I still cry. It hurts. It makes me so sad.

Things like this make me want to drive home right now just so I can give my parents and siblings the biggest hug, tell them how much I love them, and never let go. Life is so precious, and it becomes more so every day. I thought earlier about what I would say to my family if I knew they were going to be my last words. And all I'd want to tell them is how much I love them. I can't say that enough to make it equal to how I feel, and I hope that they know that. I love my family so so much.

I'm scared, but I'm also grateful. I'm scared, because I don't know what's going to happen next--who will be the next victim, which place will have more fatalities. Everything is so uncertain and that scares me to death. I don't know how much longer I'll have with my loved ones or how much longer they'll have with me. But I'm grateful. Grateful to be alive and to have my family and friends alive. I'm grateful to live in a nation that comes together in times like these, as hard as they may be. I'm grateful that no matter what, I'll always have a Heavenly Father up there looking out for me.

I'm praying for anyone this week who lost a loved one, who was hurt, who was there, or who is struggling over this. I'm praying that as a nation, we can come together and rise up from the ashes. We're strong and we can make it through this.


Oh. My. Goodness.

This just came out like ten minutes ago and I've already watched it like three times. I'm sharing it with you and then I'm gonna go watch it again. Ahhhhhhh I AM SO EXCITED!!!

November cannot come soon enough. Seriously.

Hey Provo/Orem People!

As many of you know, I LOVE throwing parties. It's like one of my favorite things ever, only second to fashion. I've thrown Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Halloween themed parties, and this Wednesday I'm throwing another one! It's gonna be totally great.

Above is the invite, and here's the link to the event page on facebook if you would like to come (which, of course you want to come..it's going to be awesome!). You can bring friends and invite whoever you want. I would love to see you there!

(ps. this is the reason blogging has not been happening for the past week. I've been working a ton and when I'm not at work, I'm party planning and preparing! But no worries, regular blog posts will resume shortly).



If you aren't busy today at 10 or 2 (mst time...convert for your time), you should watch some general conference. It's a great way to hear some inspirational words and if you aren't Mormon, it's a great way to learn about us. Seriously, I am not trying to convert you, I'm just giving you something that would make your day happier and more uplifting. Check it out! And have a great Sunday either way. :)


Carrie Lady

Guess what, it's my half birthday today! I'm 21 and a half! I totally didn't realize it until 10 pm when my coworker asked if it was the 4th. Glad I got to enjoy for two hours at least. ;) Normally I write posts late at night (like 11-midnight ish) and then schedule them to publish the next day, but I'll publish this one now in honor of my half birthday.

Today, I realized something. Something...probably not good haha. I have five Carrie Underwood shirts, several posters of her, have a CU pillowcase (are you really surprised??), and a cardboard cutout of her. Not to mention that I've been to three of her concerts, own all the CDs and every song she has ever sung/recorded, and have all of those songs memorized by heart. I could lose my memory and I would probably still know the words to every Carrie Underwood song.

If I never get married, I won't grow up to be a cat lady. Cats and I do not get along well. No, I will grow up to be a Carrie lady. I will probably have several Carrie Underwood cardboard cutouts and talk to them like they are alive. I'll celebrate her birthday and her half birthday and probably her quarter birthdays, and I'll forget my own birthday (seriously, I remembered Carrie Underwood's birthday but forgot my half birthday...the decline has begun...). Posters of Carrie will cover my walls and I will hum Carrie Underwood songs and have them playing in the background all day. My bed will have CU pillows and a CU bedspread. I will follow her to her every concert and security guards will have my face memorized because I'll be so crazy. Honestly, this is really creepy, and sadly, could you see this happening?

Please, please, please pray that I will marry at some point in my life so that this doesn't have to become my life. Maybe with a husband my obsession will be held back and hidden under the surface (just a bit, the cardboard cutout will always stay).


Sooo...You Should Probably Check This Out

My roommates and I made a meme. And it's hilarious. And if you could go to this link and "like" the picture, I might just love you forever.

We're really trying to cross off "make a viral meme" on our bucket list, and we feel like if it wins this contest, it will have succeeded. ;)

Btw, we made this all in good fun with no purpose of offending anyone at all. It's just meant to be funny!

YOMO. It's gonna be a thing.

Kelsey's Bridal Shower

As some of you might know, I currently have two engaged roommates. And actually it's a lot of fun because I love weddings, so we have all kinds of wedding talk around here. Pretty great. We threw Kelsey a bridal shower last night (Talya's future sister-in-laws threw her a bridal shower. Don't worry, we don't love one roommate more than the other haha).

Us single roommates (me, Katie, Meghan, and Heidi) all planned the shower and were each in charge of something different so I got put in charge of decorations, woohoo, my favorite part! I put streamers around the room, made a cute banner, made a "date jar" for people to put date ideas in, and made some tissue paper pom-poms. For food, we had cupcakes, fruit pizzas, spinach dip with crackers, and italian sodas. Mmm...it was good. We mostly socialized for it but did play the typical bridal shower game where you ask the groom questions beforehand and then have the bride answer them as well and see how well they know each other. And every time the bride gets a question wrong she has to chew a piece of dubble bubble gum. We opened presents too, and for favors we put two chocolate covered strawberries in a bag tied with a ribbon and a fake engagement ring. It was lots of fun! But you're probably tired of hearing me talking about so I'll just post some pictures, yeah? Ok. :)
They were blue, I promise! But the picture kinda makes them look green :/
Hey look, I'm engaged!! Oh wait...jk I'm just April foolsin' you ;) But I will be keeping this ring in my pocket to ward off crazy men in the future.


Cutting Fashion Look #3: Red Shorts

So maybe it's a not so secret of mine that I love shorts, and despite the sometimes craziness it is to sew them, I love making and designing shorts. I had actually only made one pair before the show (here they are!) but they are like one of my favorite things ever, fit perfectly, are super cute, and are totally modest. I have been waiting for summer and warm weather so I can wear them again! Luckily, I think that day will be here soon. :) But yeah, anyways, shorts are great. I like making them too because a lot of times you can't find cute shorts that go to your knee. There are plenty of shorts out there that are cute OR that go to your knee but there are far and few between that contain both.

The shirt part of this look was not my favorite. I think had I given myself more time, it could have been more interesting, but in a time crunch I made a white shirt with a cool stripe in the back. The shorts were the main thing I wanted to showcase so I suppose it was okay.

Oh and it didn't happen with the first few looks, but you'll notice that some of my designs were changed as I made them. Obviously that happened somewhat with this one.

In person:
Also, I know they don't look super fitted here, but I took them in a bit after the photoshoot.

On the runway:

What do you think? Sound off in the comments! (Oh and thanks to Emily for being the gorgeous model!!)


Easter 2013

I loooove Easter. It comes close to Christmas for the favorite holidays list. Why do I enjoy it? 1) it means spring has sprung, 2) I love the joy of egg hunts (although none of us seem to know the mystery behind why a bunny delivers the eggs--what do they have in common??) 3) Family traditions are the best, but even more so... 4) family is the best, and Easter is all about spending time with them!

We had a yummy dinner of fish tacos and dessert of pineapple cake and resurrection rolls (as per tradition for those). My sisters and I also make a point of doing an Easter egg hunt for all the younger cousins every year, partly because we love them but mostly because it makes us happy seeing those cute kids running around being happy. My four year-old cousin Tayevion was adorable as he exclaimed "This is the BEST Easter day ever!" as he opened all his eggs to find more candy and more money. I love how the simplest thing can make a kid so incredibly happy.

I took lots of pictures, and sorry not sorry but there is an overload of photos of my aunt's children, because let's face it. They're adorable. Especially their new two-week old baby girl Zuri. She melts my heart.

In case you are wondering, I got my dress from Wal-Mart (I know, right?!) for $15 and I love it. So so cute. :)

Most of all, I am grateful for Easter because it celebrates life. The life of Christ and the lives of us that He saves every single day. I'm grateful for His sacrifices and for the atonement. Pretty sure I would be miserable without it. I know that we shouldn't need a holiday to celebrate these things and be grateful for them, but I'm still happy to have a yearly reminder of how important Christ is in my life.

I hope you had a great Easter (if you wrote an Easter post, link up in the comments, I'd love to read it!)! Happy April Fools today! :)
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