25 Days to Christmas

I love these pictures! Today I was wanting to take pictures by a Christmas tree and lo and behold I walked into the studio where I take a lot of my pictures and there was one sitting there! So I got to have Christmas pictures. Which was nice, because I thought this outfit kind of seemed holiday-ish. My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the cardigan. You can't see it too great, but it has cute dots all over it. And want to know where I got it? The DI (a thrift store)..yep. :) I love finding great thrift finds!

This is like my first time wearing tights (minus ballet dancing) in a long time. But I really like them! I recently just bought these black ones and also some white tights, and I want to get some colored ones hopefully...although I'm not used to standing out a ton and I'd have to make them work so we'll have to see how that goes. Colored tights will be a challenge but I definitely want to try them out!

And...the countdown starts. 16 days to Christmas break and 25 to Christmas!

Cardigan: Thrifted

Black Shirt: Down East Basics

Skirt: Hand-me-down

Tights: Ross

Scarf: Gifted

Belt: Pac Sun

Shoes: Hand-me-down


Getting Back in my Groove

I feel bad that I haven't been the happiest person this semester and that you readers have to be the ones to hear about it. I've been trying to be as happy as I can but it's definitely hard sometimes. But anyways, I'm not gonna write about that, I just wanted to say sorry and thank you! For reading my blog and following it and commenting and supporting me. I think this blog is the one constant that has kept me sane throughout this semester.

Today I really got in the groove of outfit picture taking again. It's been a while since it was like that but today I just kept taking pictures because it was so fun! I had a ton by the time I decided I should probably stop ha. I got this sweater-dress forever ago for my birthday, but I was waiting for it to get cold to wear it. Because it's too short to be worn as just a dress but earlier in the year it would have been too hot to walk around in this outfit. But it was definitely cold today!! Snow is everywhere and everyone walks (or slips haha) around all bundled up as fast as they can to not be in the cold as long. This is college in winter for ya. ;) These boots were good for walking around campus though, because they kept the snow out and they were warm. Besides the fact that I was wearing short sleeves, this was a very warm outfit, which was super nice.

Sweater-Dress: Gifted

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Necklace: Forever 21

Hair flower: Made by me


Today has been a super lonely day. Well, really every day is kind of lonely but today was hard. I'm in the library now because after realizing how many amazing books are in here, I think this place is really great. I just didn't really wanna be in my apartment anymore. In a little while, I'm going to just find a bunch of fashion books and read....haha it'll be fun.

I'm not sure why I posted this, because it's so short but I'm just kinda bored ha. If any of you need someone to hang out with or are doing anything fun, CALL ME. I'm completely free every night. It's nice, but kind of not. I miss being busy and social. Anyways, I'll go back to my internet surfing and fashion book reading. Happy Monday! :)

Classic Vintage

Ok, so I'm a little embarrassed to say that these are my first pair of heels. I know, I don't even deserve to be a fashion blogger, huh? ;) I mean, I've worn shoes with little heels but these were tall. It was an adventure walking around in them, but I definitely liked them! I was lots taller which is good for a short girl like me, and I also felt very classy in them. And of course they're Steve  Madden (for $10 let me add..)! You'll be seeing more of these shoes and heels in general. Today's outfit was pretty fun. I thought it looked very vintage-y and I imagined myself as a girl waiting for a train at the train station, like they used to back in the day. It was very fun to pretend. ;) Oh and notice I put black and brown together..I love this combo of it! Black and brown can look great together, you just have to do it in the right way. :)

Cardigan: Thrifted

Flower Tank: H&M via Plato's Closet

Dress: Kohl's

Shoes: Steve Madden(!!) via Ross

Necklace: Rue 21

Bag: Target


Happy Turkey Day :)

I'm thankful for lots of stuff...being able to go to BYU, Carrie Underwood, clothes, lotion, purple stuff (and just the color purple), guitar hero, my amazing friends, school, cardigans, my cell phone, dance, music, pizza, books, blogging, everyone who reads and follows this blog (really, thank you!!), and my job. :)

But most of all, I am grateful for my family and for my church. Obviously I've loved my family my whole life but they've really been there for me this year and I've come to appreciate more than I could have ever known. They really are my best friends and I have no idea in the world what I'd do without them! Whenever I go home I have the best time in the world and I cry every time I have to leave. So if any of my family members are reading this (esp. my parents): I love you guys! You are my life and I am so grateful for you! I don't tell you thank you enough but really, THANK YOU. For absolutely everything. Daddio, Mama Llama, Rina, Siddy Biddy, Buddy, and my BFF Gracie...i love you all lots and am so happy we can be a family forever. :)

And my church. It's amazing. I am LDS. I'm a Mormon. :) I don't know where I'd be without my religion. It's true and it's everything I believe in. It is who I am. All I can say is that with it, I am utterly happy and know that I always will be. And it lets me be with my family forever. That, folks, is amazing. It's just wonderful. :)

Happy thanksgiving! Christmas (my absolutely favorite holiday) is next! 27 days... :)

Cardigan: Abercrombie and Fitch (thrifted)

Shirt: borrowed from Carina

Jeans: Bubblegum via Ross

Flats: Payless


Winter Wonderland

Snow is EVERYWHERE! It's absolutely wonderful! It was so cold outside but I asked Carina if she'd take my pictures outside because it just looks so pretty. And these pictures look great, don't you think?

Since I came home in such a rush yesterday (read the whole blizzard story HERE), I kind of just threw some clothes in my hamper and decided that making it home fast and safe was more important than outfit making. So I borrowed Carina's cute pink striped shirt-dress and then made an outfit from there. Random thought: How do you guys think up your outfits? For me it's usually picking one piece of clothing and then revolving everything around that one emphasis. Just wondering.. Anyways, the rest of the clothes were mine and the outfit came together, and I was pretty happy with the end result. I like how the white matches the snow too. :) I will probably borrow Carina's clothes every day this week, so thanks ahead of time, Carina!!

Oh and I went shopping today and got some great deals (like Steve Madden heals for $10?!?!?!) and can't wait to wear them. Now...I am off to play in the snow again! (maybe ha)

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt-Dress: Charlotte Russe (borrowed from Carina)

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Necklace: Mall kiosk

Headband: Forever 21


I'm Thankful for Blizzards

A blizzard hit Utah!! Yep, it was headed south from Idaho and apparently it's one of the biggest storms Utah's had for years. Soooo....BYU closed at 3 today and is closed all day tomorrow, which means I got off work early today and don't have to go at all tomorrow! I was going to wait to go home tomorrow, but I decided to hurry and go home, throw some clothes together and then drive home and beat the storm. And no joke, snow started coming down the minute I stepped out of the car. I got really lucky and just barely missed having to drive in the storm. But then I had to get my sister Sidney from her ballet class and it was super hard to see. It was cool to watch outside and my little sister had her eyes glued to the window the whole night because she was so excited about the snow. So that's why I'm grateful for blizzards. :)

You probably think I'm insane after hearing that story and see me wearing a skirt. But honestly, I'm used to the cold and my legs don't really get that cold easily. Plus--haha this silly I'm telling you this--but I wore biker shorts under my skirt so my legs were pretty warm. It's really good idea for winter because then it still lets me wear skirts. But other than the skirt, it was a warm outfit! The boots are furry on the inside. And also I think these colors are very seasonal which I love.

Cardigan: Thrifted

Shirt: Hollister

Skirt: Hand me down

Boots: Grocery store for $9.99!

Necklace: Forever 21

Accepting the Cold

Apparently I finally decided to accept the weather and actually dress for it, instead of wearing clothes that will just freeze me to death. Boots, scarf, coat, cardigan...it all adds up to a cute fall/winter outfit. Maybe the snow transitioned me haha. And recognize this shirt? It's the same one I used in my "5 Great Ways to Wear a T-Shirt" post. So I guess there's 6 ways to wear it now! ;)

I really did love today's outfit though. I think I just like the feel of it with all the colors like the brown and gray neutrals, with the dark blue covering the coral so it's not so bright. It's all a nice aesthetic I think. 3 days to Thanksgiving! Is anyone else as excited as I am?! :)

3 things I'm thankful for today: my roommates from last year (we had a reunion dinner today), peanut m&ms, and scarves (what would we do without them?! They're just so cute and warm..the perfect winter accessory).

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt: Charlotte Russe

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Coat: Charlotte Russe

Scarf: Dollar Tree

Hair Bow: Dollar Tree


Let It Snow! :)

I am home and it snowed today! Snow that actually stayed on the ground haha. Gracie kept begging all day to go out and play in the snow but no one really felt like it and I didn't have any winter clothes or boots because I just brought enough clothes for the weekend. But I took my dad's nice camera outside with Gracie and took a bunch of cute pictures of her while she just had a blast running around and throwing snow balls. Isn't she a cutie? :)

You can also go to my fashion blog to see some more pictures Gracie and I took together...she loves to model with me, it's adorable!

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