Adios Twenty Ten

2010 is DONE! Well almost ha. Can you believe it? This year has been an interesting one and although it was pretty good, I would probably not do it over again. ;) But I learned so much. One of the best things that happened this year was starting this blog! I feel like I know more of who I am after making this blog, although that might seem a little weird. It just gives me something to have an identity with and this blog really does make me so happy. Other great things that happened:

  • I went on vacation to Cali and got to go the beach and Disneyland and such
  • I finished my first year at BYU
  • I worked at a day care
  • I changed my major from English to FACS Education
  • I made a billion new friends
  • I went to Wyoming
  • I got so much closer to my family
  • All my relatives came multiple times through the year and I got to have fun with them
  • I had fun and tried my best to be happy every day!

2011 will be even better. I know it :)

Coat: Target (Gifted)

Cardigan: Thrifted

Blouse: TJ Maxx

Belt: Amazon.com

Scarf: Gap

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Socks: Kohls (Gifted)

Boots: Gifted

*Photos by Derick Fajardo*

Crazy Lazy Me

I might get a little weird after being around only children for 5 hours and being alone in a house all day. So what? ;)

I woke up late and took my time doing everything. I spent an excessive and unnecessary amount of time on facebook. Cool. I worked at a daycare. I came home and ate a hot pocket because yeah right was I gonna cook for myself! Then I took outfit pictures and acted a little weird posing with my sewing machine and being shivered. Why? Because I felt like it. (And I really was cold)

I better get married someday. I would not be a good old maid/hermit. Nope.

PS do you like my new photo format? It's kind of fun I think. Picasa is awesome :)

Purple (it doesn't look like it really, but it is, promise!) Sweater: Gap

Scarf: Thrifted

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Socks: Simply Vera by Vera Wang (gifted)

Boots: Gifted


My Dad's Old Sweater

I love this sweater more than life itself. The other day my grandpa was wearing it and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and he told me it was my dad's so I asked my dad if I could have and bingo--it was mine! It's from Guatemala, and I guess my mom has a matching one somewhere, but they haven't worn them since the 90s! But it's super comfy and pretty awesome. I'll wear it often.

Anyways, I just really love the sweater. I was seriously SO excited to post today because of it! The end. :)

Sweater: My dad's closet

Black Tee: Down East Basics

Jeans: Ross

Boots: Gifted

I'm Already Shopping 3 Days After Christmas..

I spent the day in Park City and got to go shopping at the outlets! Um, what style blogger doesn't love that?! :) Yes, I know Christmas was just here like 3 days ago, but I love to shop and nothing will stop me ha. I bought a circle scarf and a purple sweater from Gap, a purple wallet from Calvin Klein, a bag from American Eagle, and a skirt from Down East Basics for $3!! It's a cute skirt too, I'll wear it soon.

Then we just hung out with family and kids went wild everywhere. Oh, the life. I'm going to bed. :P

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt-Dress: Forever 21

Long Sleeved Tee: ???

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Necklace: Forever 21
*Photography by Derick Fajardo*


Picture Day!

I love love LOVE my new black boots! They're fairly similar to my brown boots (you can see them here, here, or here--or a lot of other posts), but now i have them in black! I already wore them yesterday and I'm wearing them today and I probably will tomorrow too. I wore this outfit for family pictures that we took today and the colors were black, white, gray and red. No red for me because I couldn't make it work but I liked this outfit a lot anyways.

It was such a busy day today! First we all went to Provo (where BYU, my school, is) and my relatives went and shopped at the bookstore and then helped me move my stuff from one apartment to the other. It was so nice of them and it got done super fast. I'm so excited to move!! Then we went to the capitol and took our family pictures (that's where these pictures were taken) which was lots of fun and really crazy with all the kids. Then the boys went to go see the Jazz game (we lost, sad day) and the girls went and saw Tangled for my sister/best friend's birthday (go here and here to see pictures of us). Tangled is the cutest and best movie EVER. I loooooove it. So just go watch it. For me? Ok thanks. Then after that, we were full of popcorn and needed "real food" so we went and got some delicious ice cream from leatherby's that I definitely did not finish though i throughly enjoyed. And then we went home. Good day? Yes.

And my blog is finally updated and I'm not letting it get un-updated (is that a word?) ever again. The end. :)

Happy birthday to Gracie, my 4 year old best friend. I love you soooo much. More than you know. Thanks for being the greatest friend and sister ever. You brighten every single one of my days. :)

White Tee: Down East Basics

Cardigan: Forever 21

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Scarf: Dollar Tree

*Photos by Derick Fajardo*



Christmas is over. :( But it was great! So sorry for not posting for the past few days but I took pictures and I'm working on updating it. I've been busy with family and stuff and I'll be gone all day tomorrow but then I'll get all of the posts on by Tuesday and be completely updated! I hate being behind. I feel bad too!

We're taking family pictures tomorrow! The colors are denim, black, white, and red. I'm excited to make an outfit for it. I got lots of cute clothes for Christmas, like some black and white saddle shoes (YAY!), these black boots i'm wearing, and two new coats, one purple and the other black. Look at my Christmas post (when I update it) to see what big present I got. I'm so excited about it... :D

Blouse: Gifted

Scarf: Gifted

Skirt: Hand me down

Boots: Gifted

Belt: Gifted (came with blouse)

Merry Christmas!!

The day came! It's Christmas! I look forward to this day every year. And guess what Santa brought me?! A sewing machine! I'm sooooo excited to use it, you have no idea. I already have a dress I want to fix, I can use it for my flowers, and I also want to make a circle skirt with this tutorial. And I'm taking a sewing class next semester in school so it will be perfect to use! I also got some other great stuff, like two new coats--one black and one purple. I got a new pair of black boots and some black and white oxfords (also known as Saddle shoes)! I remember when I was little that I wore saddle shoes and absolutely loved them, but I outgrew them and my mom couldn't find any more because they were out of style. So I'm excited to relive the saddle shoes. I also got more cute clothes, like the blouse I'm wearing, and some jewelry and other stuff. It was so fun!

I love the blouse that I'm wearing! It was so cute and I decided that I had to wear it for Christmas with a skirt. And don't you adore these boots?! I just got them yesterday at Ross for only $15! I like how they're purple, my favorite color. You'll see much more of these boots to come, don't worry!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I know I did. I think it was a great Christmas because of all the family though. Presents are not happiness, and love is what matters. That's the true spirit of Christmas. :)

Blouse: Gifted


Tights: Ross

Boots: Ross

Necklace: Gifted

*Photography by Derick Fajardo*


On This Night

Thanks to my uncle, Derick, for taking these pictures! He's been doing photography so I asked him if he'd take my outfit pictures. What photographer wouldn't want someone to model for pictures every day?! ;) So I have nice pictures today and they're so cute. I wish Derick were always here so he could take my pictures!

AH and it's Christmas Eve! Who's excited? I think I like Christmas Eve more than Christmas day almost because we do so much stuff with family and the excitement building up to Christmas is great. We do a Christmas program where all the cousins share talents on instruments, sing songs, and do dances. We also do a nativity and it's so cute to see all the little kids dressed up in whatever costumes we can find and saying their lines or just playing around. Then we open presents from our extended family and then go to sleep and wait for Santa! Family is sooooo great.

I loved this outfit! It didn't have like any Christmas colors but I put the red under to try and make it festive. I still think it was a pretty good outfit for Christmas Eve with the scarf and the cardigan. I felt very wintery and cute. :)

1 DAY UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! I can't wait! :) :)

Button-Up Blouse: TJ Maxx

Cardigan: Lauren Conrad (thrifted)

Scarf: Dollar Tree

Belt: Amazon.com

Red Tee: Down East Basics

Jeans: American Eagle

Flats: Payless

*Photos by Derick Fajardo*


Nostalgic No More

So I was looking through some pictures of my college life last year, and I realized I don't miss it at all. I believe this is pretty huge. Because a while ago, I'd go through those pictures wishing I could just go back to it or have it again. But I think that was because life stunk this past semester. Last year was fine, but it wasn't amazing. And now, I wouldn't go back to it. I'm glad it happened, but I'm also glad it's done.

I just want to move on with life. I don't want to go back. I want to be happy again. I'm happy right now. With family and friends that love me, it's wonderful. And I've been able to sub at the day care that I worked at over the summer and pretty much it's been the best thing ever.

I'm just glad that I can see that I just want to move forward in life instead of moving back. After all, moving forward is a more possible option anyways, right? ;) Yes, this past semester was HARD. Difficult. Almost unbearable. But somehow I survived. As I was coming home for Christmas break, I realized I'd made it through the whole semester. I survived utter loneliness, I survived living with a roommate who hated/hates me and wanted to make my life miserable, and I survived pretty much the worst period of my life that has happened so far. And as I was thinking about that, I was so proud. Because I did it. Life did go on and Christmas break did come, though at times it felt so far away. I'm so proud of myself for making it through. It might not sound like much to you, but to me, it's like one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

So now, I hope to just move forward in life. I want and hope for life to be better and to finally start going uphill once I go back to school for winter semester. I think it will. I hope Heavenly Father doesn't push me anymore than he has, at least for a little while. I just need a break. I'm just going to trust and really really hope that things will be ok. They will be. I know it. :)

Sorry to post on such a sentimental topic during the Christmas season. This honestly has nothing to do with Christmas, but it was on my mind, and this is my blog so I can post what I want. Ha! And chances are I probably won't blog again until after Christmas so Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) to all you readers and bloggers out there! I hope your holiday season is happy and wonderful and loving!!

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"


Double the Cardigans, Double the Fun

I layered two cardigans today! It was fun. I kind of like doing different things that are unexpected or that a "normal dresser" wouldn't do, like wearing a cardigan on top of a cardigan. :) I wanted to wear red today because I was getting in the mood of Christmas.

We have soooo much family here now. Everyone on my mom's side is here. It's CRAZY. And it's the best. Family is happiness basically. I've just been shopping with my aunts, and playing with all the cousins. And I also got to sub at the day care that I worked at over the summer! So I get to make extra money and play with adorable children. Kids are like my favorite things in the world pretty much. :)

2 days to Christmas!!!

Red Tee: Down East Basics

White Cardigan: Forever 21

Gray Cardigan: Thrifted

Jeans: Ross

Boots: Gifted

Necklace: Forever 21


Full Circle

Haha so how pathetic is this? Apparently the sweater I'm wearing I got handed down from my friend Jenna and then I gave it to my sister. And then I borrowed it, so it went full circle. Funny. :)

Pretty much I love the Christmas season. It's better than Christmas. I have family here and I have no school and I'm having the time of my life. So happy! Pretty much that's all I have to say today...4 days to Christmas!

Sweater: Borrowed from Carina

Scarf: Thrifted

White Cami: Down East Basics

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Grocery store
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