"Major" Changes

Well, I think I'm pretty much decided. I'm changing my major. No more English. I'm done with it. I'm getting bored in my classes and sadly, I just don't really care about what I'm learning in there. So....I'm changing to Family and Consumer Science Education! :) Big change, huh? But I think it's right. It feels right to change it and this major sounds like SO MUCH FUN. I will study interior design, sewing, cooking, child care, and education for all of these things all in one major. Just after working at a day care over the summer and finding out a lot about myself these past few months, this major sounds right for me. I was always just a little unsure about English to begin with, but with FACS Ed, the more I learn about it the more I just get excited.

I went out to lunch with my wonderful aunt, Zildy today! She happened to be in the area today I was so happy to see her. We went to J. Dawgs and then Spoon It Up frozen yogurt. I've never gone to either of those before but I can promise you that I will be going back and you should go there too! Delish!

I'm sorry that there are no pictures right now..I'm on a school computer, therefore I don't have access to the pictures on my laptop. There isn't really any other exciting news, though I have to say that I'm super excited for my sister, Carina, to come visit me this weekend! We're going to have such a blast, I already know it haha.

Oh and last week was my triple birthday party with Kelly and Chelsey which was super fun! We had yummy pizza and cake, and lots of wonderful friends. And yes, I know, I had two birthday parties this year. I didn't exactly plan on that happening, and had it been me planning it all probably none of it would have happened. So please don't think I'm self-centered or anything because I had two birthday parties.

Anyways, thanks for reading! More to come soon. :)


  1. I'm glad you found a major you love! I'm hitting that point where I'm like, UGGGHHHH DO i really like Elem Ed???!! Choosing a major/ deciding to change your major is so ridiculously frustrating! So props to you for being decisive!

  2. Kailee, I'm so excited for you! Family and Consumer Science Education sounds like a lot of fun :) love you girly!

  3. Have you taken SFL 102 Intro to Interiors yet?? I am in it now and I LOVE it!! Take it with Karla Nielson. And I'm so glad you are switching to a major you love!!! :)


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