Slouchy Shirt and Snow

Halloween hasn't even come yet and the first snow has already arrived! I have to say that I'm not very excited about this and I don't think of my other Provo friends are either...not that we can really do anything to change it. :P But me being dumb and not looking at the weather today, I wore way too warm of clothes. Luckily I had a pea coat and some extra shoes for hip hop club with me. So I think when I walk home today (I'm still on campus), I'll roll down my pants, switch shoes and throw on the coat. And possibly pull out the umbrella!

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Shirt: Ross

Belt: Amazon.com

Pants: Ross

Sandals: Target

White Flower: Cut from a fake flower bouquet

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  1. I like the snow! :) But I also like reading your blog(s)!! :)


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