Provo Fashion Week via Instagram

Thursday was seriously one of the BEST days ever! I loved it so much! I always love doing fashion shows and this one was definitely no exception. I had a really fun time being able to show my six-piece collection at both shows on Thursday and then be able to talk with a bunch of fun people after, like family and friends and others who saw the show.

I've been trying to relax after all the craziness, but here are some pictures from instagram taken by me and some of my models. I promise I'll get pictures up from the whole show and the runway so you can see the designs more close up. I'm also working on a website for my designs so hopefully that will all get done soon! For now just enjoy these pictures :)
my clothes steamed/ironed just waiting to be put in garment bags and head to the runway :)
all dressed up and ready to go!
all the models backstage waiting to go on
My friends and family that came to the show and I said hi to afterwards
If you want to see more pictures from Provo Fashion Week and the other designers' looks, just search for #provofashionweek on instagram and you'll see a bunch! You can also follow me for more updates. Thanks to my models and to anyone that came, I had such a blast! More to come..


Provo Fashion Week

This blog has been dead for a little while and it's all thanks to Provo Fashion Week... ha ha just kidding you (kind of). But honestly, I've been busy sewing my little heart out and trying to find models because somehow all of mine keep having stuff come up for this amazing event happening tomorrow and Thursday!

I should have announced this forever ago (but like I said, the blog's been hibernating), but I figured I'd still announce it just in case any of you want to come. But yeah, I totally designed a collection for Provo Fashion Week and I personally think it's super cute and am so sooooo excited to showcase it. I'm showing my collection on Thursday and I have six looks, it's gonna be rad!

Here's all the info if you wanna come (which you definitely do)!:
Where: the Startup Building in Provo. Address is 560 S 100 W
When: Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 and 9:00 pm on both days (I'm showing on Thursday--both times--so if you want to see my collection you should come that day!)
Who: a bunch of local fashion designers in Provo that are amazingly talented! There's going to be a wide array of clothing types shown from formal to childrens to casual to backpacks! Yep! It's gonna be so sweet!
How (much): $5 at the door and all proceeds go to the Provo Food and Care Coalition. So if you come, you'll be supporting local designers AND donating to charity. Win win!
Why: because it's the event of the season that you do not want to miss! (and it's a fashion show! Come on, is there anything more fun?)

Let me know if you're planning on coming and come talk to me after the show when there's mingling and stuff! I'm so excited for this so I hope you can come.

And don't worry if you can't make it, I'll be posting pics of the show and of my designs soon after, so be excited. :) Can't wait and see you there (hopefully)!

Oh and you should follow my instagram if you want to see sneak peeks of my designs and backstage pictures at the show!


If you have the time..

..watch this. I promise it will be an hour well spent. :)


a day at the daycare

i loooove the kids I work with. They are two and three and seriously just some of the cutest, sweetest, and funniest kids you will ever meet! I've been filming them (which they love) and made a little video. They are really little and adorable so you should probably check it out! If you want :)


Happy Birthday to....

...pretty much my most favorite person EVER,

Carrie Underwood!!!!
this picture was taken last year when we (okay I) celebrated Carrie Underwood's 30th birthday!
I don't care how nerdy you think it makes me, I will always love Carrie and think she is such a great person, therefore I celebrate her birthday. I know she probably won't read this, but I hope Carrie has a great 31st birthday and knows she is awesome and loved by many. Happy birthday Carrie! :)
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