In the Life of Kailee Brown

A normal day consists of:
-waking up and eating some cereal and toast
-watching an episode or two of Friends
-editing videos
-playing with/reading to my eight year-old sister Gracie
-random babysitting jobs every once in a while
-face painting and/or videography jobs throughout the week
-editing videos :) :)
-fangirling over things such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Carrie Underwood. The usual!
-eating dinner and lunch throughout the day of course
-going to bed at a reasonable hour and then waking up and doing it all over again

Things that have disrupted the normal day stuff:
-going to some amazing concerts
-entering contests to go to said concerts
-hanging out with my limited amount of but amazing friends
-family reunions
-getting ready to send my sister off on a mission. :'(
-dressing up at Comic Con
-being in the Savior of the World musical in SLC
-taking a trip to New York City! (more on that later)
-turning TWENTY-FOUR
-a trip with the fam to Disneyland
-non-exciting things like reading books, watching netflix, and playing games on my phone

To keep things pretty simple, my life is very much in limbo right now. I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going and I'm trying to figure it out while still having some fun. I'm currently living at home, and I still have one class left before I'm for sure graduated. It sounds crazy, but I know I'm where I'm supposed to be right now, and life is really good. I'm doing pretty great and I'm happy! There isn't much more I can ask for, although I find myself asking for things anyway (what can ya do?).

Just wanted to give a quick update, and I realize this blog post is incredibly lame and short with only one photo that really shows much of nothing except me being excited, but I'm planning on posting more detailed posts (yes, with many pictures, get psyched!) on some of the above things. Be excited, and come out of the dust all you readers of mine (if anyone has even stuck around, kudos to you!). Until next time, which will hopefully be coming to a blog near yours shortly. Adios!


May 4, 1990

I love my parents. They've done nothing but support and love me all throughout my life. They've been to all my fashion shows, ballet recitals, and plays. They've stuck with me through the bad and cried with me when I've cried. They're my best friends and I got so lucky to have them as my parents.

25 years ago, on May 4, 1990, my parents were married and started our cute little family. They decided to celebrate their 25th anniversary by going to Italy, and had a fabulous time. They even brought me home a beautiful leather purse from Florence and playing cards from Rome, so who could complain? :)

I absolutely love giving gifts, so I really wanted to give them something special for their anniversary, to show how much I appreciate them. So I scanned in their wedding photos and made them a cute wedding book. Someone had also filmed about three hours of footage from their wedding, which was great, but way too long or boring for anyone to ever sit down and watch. My mom had talked to me about this before, so I took the three hours of old footage down to 10 minutes and made them a wedding video! (honestly, this plan had been in the works for over a year, and I had planned to give it to them before their 25th, but time got in the way--or worked out perfectly--so it ended up getting finished a lot later than I had planned). Below are a few of the pages from the book.

School was crazy so I didn't get it all done by their anniversary, but I gave it to them last week, about a month later. I made the book on shutterfly (I found a groupon online so it was a ton cheaper) and then put the dvd at the end of the book for them to be surprised and get to watch it. Here's the video if you want to see! Obviously the footage is super old, but it was so fun to put it together. In a weird way, I kind of feel like I was at the wedding, after getting to see so much of it in pictures and video.

The ultimate surprise though, was the video I made for the end of the wedding video, comprising 25 years of our family's home videos. I have probably watched it over 20 times and it makes me happy every time I watch it. My parents absolutely LOVED it and my mom was crying by the end of the video. (this one is worth watching if you have three minutes to spare, it's so fun)

It was a lot of work to put it all together, but worth every minute. My family is the best, and it is the best because of those two hardworking people. I love them! Happy 25th anniversary Mama Llama and Daddio :)



It's consisted of...

fro-yo and deep late night talks
night hikes

face painting

chick-fil-a and in 'n out

mosquito bites
non-stop reading
fangirl by rainbow rowell
slurpees and sodalicious
videography (weddings, work, mission homecomings)

school, and finishing it up
bonding with my camera

pretty little liars
hanging out with old friends and meeting new babies

trampoline gyms

walking home in the middle of the road

indie music

texas roadhouse rolls
skirts and shorts and summer dresses

temple trips

concerts in the city


swimsuit shopping
driving and walking home in torrential rain

This season is always so good to me :)


A Quick Random Sort-of Update

I keep trying to start this post and then I just erase it because it doesn't sound good, so I think I'm just going to do this thing where I just type for like five minutes.

I haven't written on this blog in over a MONTH. Which is honestly a long time for me. Not only have I not written in here for a while, but it's been months since I've really written anything in my journal. I take it to church on Sundays and take notes and doodle, but I don't write write. I tried to like a month ago and I couldn't do it.

Some people know this about me, some don't, but I struggle with anxiety. It's not something that I really try to keep secret, but I wouldn't say it'd be the first thing I use to introduce myself to people either haha.

Recently, it's been a lot worse. School always makes it worse. Everything gets really overwhelming and then I start avoiding it all, and then when I try to face this stuff, I freak out and it's very hard for me to do. So I think part of the reason I haven't been writing is because I've been avoiding stuff and avoiding talking about it. I'm not really completely sure, but that's my small interpretation of it.

Anyway, I don't know what else to write about that. Hopefully soon I'll get back in the groove of writing and tell you about stuff like Questival, graduation, my most recent fashion show (and details for the one I did back in October), and other life stuff. Coming up next week, I'm going to Boston and New York for my cousin Alex's wedding, which will be way fun.

I love this blog and everything it gives me, but for now it has to take a short ride in the back seat for me to get everything organized and figured out.

I'm not really sure what this post was supposed to be, it was mostly just a little venting sesh I guess. Everything is still pretty much the same, I'm still videoing a bunch and loving fashion and designing clothes. I will update on everything soon! And if you are reading this, thanks for your support and readership, I love it! Have a great Sunday. :)



 Last weekend I had the chance to go home and spend it with my family, which was fun, because I hadn't been home in a while. Saturday night we went to see The Addam's Family musical at the high school my mom works at, and it was really good and funny! It's amazing to see how much talent there is everywhere you go in the world.

Sunday was a great day. Very chill and I spent some of it taking pictures with my new 50mm lens! I absolutely love it and kept gushing about how good this lens was to my family.

Pretty sure they were tired of hearing about it, but they posed for pictures anyway. Isn't family great?

My mom decided she wanted to pose for a good picture after I took the one above haha.

This picture above basically describes me..every day! I have absolutely fallen in love with my camera and its video and picture-taking abilities. It makes me pretty happy and I love getting to document all of life with it.

Oh yeah, one more kind of exciting thing happened on Sunday...

I CUT MY HAIR! I haven't cut it (besides trims) for about five years because I made a promise to myself long ago that I wouldn't cut it until I got married. Ha! Well, that doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon, and if it does, then I guess I'll have short hair at my wedding! ;)

But in all seriousness, I love my short hair! And so does everyone else haha. I've gotten a ton of compliments on it. It was definitely time for a change, and I've been wanting to cut it for a little while, so it came at a perfect time. My mom cut it for me and I think she did a great job! It's been so fun this week to keep looking at myself in the mirror and remembering that I have different hair. I keep forgetting! I know it's just hair, but it makes me really happy and it feels like it matches my personality perfectly right now.

So yep...pretty good Sunday! Cheers to short hair and double that to spending time with family. :)
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