Dress Design for Shabby Apple!

This is my wonderful dress design for Shabby Apple dresses. Every year they have a contest called "Dare to Design" where you have to design a modest dress and the winner gets to have their dress made and sold on Shabby Apple! I thought I'd enter this year because it sounded like fun. I've never really designed before but I love this dress regardless. The color would be a light coral as shown in the sketch and the fabric would be a viscose fabric that would be slightly stretchy. I just would love the dress to have a really flowy feel to it. This dress just reminds me of my childhood and how when I was a little girl I would always twirl around in my dresses and feel like a princess. I think this would also be the perfect Easter dress to wear in spring time. So that's where my inspiration came from for this. :)
I don't know if I can enter multiple entries, but here are some other designs that I've done and would like to enter. But if they can't be entered, I want to show them anyways, because I had lots of fun designing them!
This dress comprises of my two favorite colors...yellow and purple! The fabric I'd choose for this dress would be a linen fabric. The reason I designed this dress is because these are the colors I'd want for my wedding and I think this is the perfect bridesmaid dress. It's hard to find both cute and modest bridesmaid dresses out there, especially one that would be yellow and purple. So basically if I could have any bridesmaid dress at my wedding, it would be this one.
I designed this to be a fun spring dress. It reminds me of nature and when everything is in bloom at the beginning of spring. It just makes me so happy! The color would be a light green, with the sash and bow an emerald color. I think this dress would be perfect in a light, cotton material.
I love this dress. It's all about sophistication and simplicity. It makes me think of something you'd wear at an art show or some classy event like that. This dress would also be a cotton material made with the colors shown, although I think you could easily interchange the colors here with a lot of different ones and have a creative array of dresses.
Soooo...there are my wonderful designs. :) Be sure to check out Shabby Apple and look at all their super cute dresses. And check back on October 22 to see the 15 final dress designs and vote!


  1. These are adorable! I especially love the first and fourth ones :)Good luck in the contest!

  2. I LOVE those. I hope you do well b/c Shabby Apple is amazing :)


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