Happy birthday to ME! :)

Wow, I'm 19!! Crazy huh? :) I had an absolutely wonderful birthday. I celebrated on Sunday with my family and then with my roomies on Monday (my real b-day). And I just love how happy you feel on your birthday just because it's your birthday and nothing can take that away. Its awesome. :)
I'm wearing lots of new stuff here...the sweater, skirt, and scarf were all from this past weekend. I liked the outfit because it was very simple, purple, and fun! I think the last picture perfectly captures my excitement about my birthday and brings out the outfit in a way. Oh and don't you just LOVE the silly bands pictured? My brother got me ballerina silly bands for my birthday and I thought they were so cute I'd take a picture haha.
Sweater: Gifted from my parents
Scarf: Gifted from my sister, Sidney
Black Shirt: Down East Basics
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Walmart

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