Media Monday

movie to watch:
The Butler. It's been in theaters for a little while now, but it's soooo good. It's based on the true story of black man who is a butler in the white house and serves seven presidents in the time that he works there. It takes place through all the civil rights events and is just an awesome story. It has some big names like Oprah Winfrey playing the butler's wife, and people like Robin William and James Marsden playing some of the presidents, and I have to say that they all did a great job.This was definitely one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

movie to look forward to this week:
Enders Game, coming out this Friday, November 1st! I just reread the book this week and am way excited for this movie. I hope they do it justice, because the book is awesome. We shall see....

current favorite thing to watch on youtube:
Studio C! (especially this video)

book I just finished:
My Story, by Elizabeth Smart. It's basically about her whole kidnapping and captivity. Crazy story, really sad when you see how she was treated and think of how hard it must have been, and also very inspiring. She is really strong and she always kept surviving. I thought it was coolest how she always saw God's hand in her life and never blamed Him for what was happening to her. Instead she tried to find things to be grateful for. She's now on my list of inspiring people I admire and want to meet someday.

book I'm about to start reading:
Allegiant, by Veronica Roth (the third and final book in the Divergent trilogy)
I just bought the ebook today and man, oh man am I excited for this! I just reread Divergent and Insurgent two weeks ago, which was a good refresher since I had forgotten a lot, and they made really excited for this book and also for the movie coming out in March. These books are good, people. Read them, if you haven't already.

song I am loving right now:
"New York City," by Among Savages, partially because I really want to go to New York lately.

TV show I'm currently loving the most:
"How I Met Your Mother" (although lately it's been a little bit slow). If you are looking for a new show to see, this is it. It is hilarious and filled with funny twists. I love it and the sense of humor on this show. The 9th and final season is airing now, and all the other seasons are on Netflix. Here's a taste of how funny and great it is:


The RED Tour

On June 1, 2013, Taylor Swift came to Utah for a concert that sold out in the PRESALE. Yes, the presale (which I signed up for a long time ago, but somehow never got a code for it). So when my sisters and I tried getting on the absolute instant tickets went on sale to the public, we got none. I was pretty sad about it, because I love Taylor Swift. She is my second favorite singer to Carrie Underwood and she puts on amazing concerts. I went to her Fearless tour like 4 years ago and loved it. So my sisters and I were all sad when we didn't get tickets. And I got over it (kind of) but a little while later, my old roommate Jenna had an extra ticket to the concert and asked me if I wanted to go. Um, YES. I was so excited! I was sad I wasn't going with my sisters, but Jenna is super fun, and I couldn't turn down a ticket to the T-Swift concert.

June 1 came, and we had a splendid day. We spent the day in Salt Lake City, since Jenna and her sister Molly's (who was also going to the concert, along with their cousin Mariah who met up with us later) friend Allison was visiting and wanted to see the sites. We ate at Kneaders in City Creek, went to the Capitol building (which is gorgeous btw), and took a tour of temple square.

We also went to Target to make posters and then took up about five tables in the City Creek food court and worked on our posters ha ha. All our posters had references to Taylor Swift songs and lyrics. Mine said: the BEST day: 6-1-13 ("The Best Day" is one of her songs).

We made posters for the sole reason (besides the fact that it was fun) that we really wanted to get into Club Red, which is a party Taylor has after the concert for the super fans, so you get to meet and hang out with Taylor. They pick them during the concert by seeing your posters and how you're dressed up and everything.

Unfortunately, we were up in the nosebleeds, aka the highest section, and from seeing all the other posters, signs, and lights, we could tell that our chances of getting picked for Club Red, much less our chances of even getting seen, were next to nothing. But we decided to make the best of it and have a good time.
so high up!

While Ed Sheeran (who was the opening act, and yes, amazing) was playing, I looked down at the section entrance and was like "Isn't that Taylor's mom?" I was almost positive it was, because I recognized her from a Taylor Swift documentary I'd seen. We held up our signs and started cheering, even though the people behind us were clearly annoyed. Taylor's mom walked back out, so Jenna ran down the stairs after her. 30 seconds later, she came back up and was like, "Guys, get your stuff. We're going!" I didn't even know where we were going, but I didn't care. We walked back out and lo and behold, there was the woman who birthed and raised Taylor Swift, standing right before me. We joined a group of about 10-12 other super happy, ecstatic girls just like us, who also didn't have much of an idea of what was going on, but were just excited to be there with Taylor Swift's mother. Andrea (that's her name), led us to the elevator, and told the elevator guy to take us all the way down.

Excitement increased..

When we got down there, Andrea explained that this wasn't for Club Red, but that they had pit and front row seat tickets. Um what?! Yes, this was reality! Because there weren't enough front row seats, our group got split up, so Molly and Mariah got the front row seats (Molly is a big fan, probably equivalent to how much of a fan I am of Carrie Underwood, so we definitely thought she deserved to sit front row) and Jenna and I went to the pit. We walked out (and ironically had to put our posters off to the side, so they were almost for nothing, except they were really for everything!) and there was Ed Sheeran right there singing A-team on the stage. It was UNREAL. Lights were flashing from cell phones and cameras everywhere around me and I was on the floor. How did I get to not even having tickets to this concert to being in the pit? I don't know, but I was lucky. Blessed.
Andrea Swift!
Pretty darn happy, I was.
my pit bracelet. It said "pit" on the other side (because I know you were wondering that).
Needless to say, the concert was amazing. She opened with "State of Grace" (my favorite--from the RED album, at least) and closed with "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together" (the funnest). New and old songs graced the stage, like "Our Song," "Love Story," "Treacherous," and "All Too Well." Taylor Swift is an amazing singer, but she's also a really great entertainer. She makes the concert a whole production, with tons of costume changes and dancers, and she really knows how to engage an audience. I also really admire Taylor Swift because she uses her fame and influence over girls for good, unlike several other celebrities. I mean, the worst thing she has on her record is a bunch of break-ups--which really isn't that big of a deal, especially when you look at what the rest of Hollywood has done. It may have been the best concerts I have ever been to, only second to my first Carrie Underwood concert (on November 19, 2008). It was so amazing to be in the pit and see Taylor right there. It was kind of a dream and I felt so lucky to have gotten to experienced it. Because of that concert, I became an even bigger fan. See for yourself how wonderful it was!
It's okay if you're jealous. :)

[P.S. Molly wrote a great post on the whole concert the day after it happened so if you want you should go read that here.]



I wonder if one of the reasons we all want to find someone to love and have children, is to have some constancy in our lives.

I yearn to have that constancy one day. To wake up every day to a familiar face and know that in a year's time, in five years time, in fifty, we will probably still be waking up to the same faces, with addition of a few wrinkles, freckles, and wisdom.

Loving can be a risk at first, but wouldn't it be so nice to love knowing it's not a risk? Just because you know it's a love that will last?

I love my roommates and all my friends, and yet I struggle every time there is a goodbye... Every time someone gets married or moves, it breaks my heart and I find myself trying not to cry because I miss them.

I miss my old roommates. I miss my family, near and far, because I'm never always with them, as much as I would like to be.

I hope that one day soon, I'll find that constant in my life. Someone who isn't going to change the ever-crashing waves of life around me, but just help me row the oars and see the sun a little bit better.


[California Trip] Day 4: LA Fashion District, Hollywood, and Venice Beach

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Day 4, we woke up from our hotel semi-early (probably like 9 am? I can't remember really), and headed to downtown Los Angeles for some shopping! This one of the things I was most anticipating the whole trip, because I have been dying to go the the LA fashion district for the looooongest time. I was so excited!

It is crazy cool there. Everything is dirt cheap, like wholesale prices, and they also sell lots of great fabric for cheap as well. I want to go back and buy more fabric, because I didn't buy too much during this trip. We all bought a few things and found an accessories store where everything was only $0.50, so we stocked up on souvenirs to take home to our families there.

Next, it was off to Hollywood. We had fun looking at the stars on the sidewalk (which, I think that Carrie Underwood needs a star there, don't you agree??? How do we make this happen?!), seeing the Hollywood sign from afar, and seeing all the crazy people on the streets. Hollywood is a fun place to be, but there isn't much to actually do there, so we didn't stick around for too long.

Venice Beach was next and last on our list, and let me tell you that it was so cool. It was super cultural and I felt like I had walked into a movie because it was filled with tons of different, crazy, and cool people. We just walked the boardwalk for a little while and then to end our trip we sat out on the beach together one last time before going home.

Other fun facts about the trip:
-We successfully read and finished the first Harry Potter book throughout the whole vacation
-You may notice that on the previous days, the other three girls all happened to match...and then there was me. I assure you, this was not on purpose, but a really funny coincidence. For instance, when we went to Knott's Berry Farm, they all happened to be wearing neon. I remember that because it was a lot easier to spot them on the roller coasters haha.
-This trip to California was actually supposed to be a trip to NYC, but since we were flying on standby, it was risky and turned out that we probably wouldn't have been able to get home had we gone to NY. So we spontaneously decided to go to California just a few days before it was scheduled to happen. While I was sad we didn't get to go to New York, just as we all were, I think our California trip was perfect. We all bonded so much and it was also cheaper on our wallets.
-Many sessions of truth or truth were played in Katie's car as we drove and drove
-While we did of course have some tension and slight disagreements, the whole trip was practically drama free, which is how we have always been as friends. And let me tell you, it's very nice.

All in all, one of the best vacations I have been on thus far in my life :)
Friendship bracelets from the Santa Monica pier :)
For the video version of the trip, go to 13:06 for LA, 14:27 for Hollywood, and 16:16 for Venice Beach (the Venice Beach part is definitely the most fun to watch, if you have to pick one).
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