See Ya!

Today, I'm leaving for Guatemala, so don't expect any posts until I get back, which will be on May 29th. I'm so excited to go and I can't wait! My grandparents, my mom, my uncle, and my cousin are all coming and it will be such a BLAST!!! I also got a purple luggage set from my parents for an early graduation present (you have no idea how long I have wanted one!) to take with me. Goodbye to everyone until I'm BACK!!!


AP Testing? Done!!!

May 6: AP Calculus AB test
Multiple Choice: 1 hr, 45 min
Free Response:
1 hr, 30 min

3 hrs 15 min

May 7: AP English Literature and Composition test
Multiple Choice: 1 hr
Free Response: 2 hrs
Total: 3 hrs

May 13:
AP English Language and Composition test
Multiple Choice:
1 hr

Free Response: 2 hrs, 15 min
3 hrs, 15 min

After 8 months of learning, hours of homework and studying, tons of review sessions and 9 hrs and 30 min of testing.....
I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No more AP tests ever again!


The Sadies Dance!

This was a girls choice dance, but I didn't get a chance to really ask anyone, so me and my two best friends decided to go stag. It was way fun and we had a blast. The theme was NEON! so we wore some sweet colored pants and fun shirts. It was the last dance of the year, so I'm glad I got to go. We took lots of pictures before too.... ;)

Me and Courtney on the swings at some playground

Laura, Courtney, and me...I love Courtney's face in this one!

Pretending to climb a wall? :D

I went back to elementary school in this one, I think.

Aw, cute. BFFs!!
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