Pictures Should Suffice

I don't really know what to write right now and I don't really feel like writing anything. Let's just say that life this week has taken it's toll on me. Goodness gracious.

Here's my weekend recap. Friday night I hung out with my friends Hollie, Kelly, Chelsey, Miranda, and Rachelle and we went bowling, had dinner at J Dawgs (mmm...SO good), watched the movie "27 Dresses," and then went to this super sweet haunted house that these kids take their house and make it all cool and scary and only charge $1 for it! It was definitely pretty scary and I think they did a really great job of everything. After I got home from that I (sort of, I fell asleep) watched "How to Train Your Dragon" with Jenna and Michael.

Saturday I slept in (yay!) and then just hung out with Emily and Jen in the living room. I had to go to work but our friend Mike wanted to see the roof of the SWKT (the tower on BYU's campus) so we took a quick trip there, and then I went to work. Work was actually really great because I did a lot of organizing in the department and made some new displays and changed some mannequins. I love my job. :) Saturday night we went to Mike's house to see a movie but ended up just talking with the whole group and it was kind of an interesting (cough drama filled cough) night haha. I have no pictures from that. But anyways it was still pretty fun. Today I had church and have been trying to write an essay and a sonnet. Lucky me! :/ Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

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