Outfit Blogging at It's Finest

I seriously wonder when this craze of "fashion blogging" began (don't worry, I can make fun of it since I used to be a daily "fashion blogger"--if you could call me that, because many of my outfits were less than fashionable haha). Who was the first person who said, "I'm going to take a picture of my outfit every day and then post it on a website for the world to see."? I suppose at first it sounded like a cool idea, and it was. What a cool way to document your day by taking pictures of your outfits! Yes!

I think the monstrosity began when everybody saw how cool these few fashion bloggers were and thought, "hey, I can do that too!" and then half of the women in the US decided they all should do it too. And now it seems like everyone fashion blogs. And that's cool and all, but I suppose it's a little boring to me now.
"model pose"=please never let my arm do that again. It looks much better on my waist or at my side.
 Now I kind of skip over the outfit posts in my google reader and only click on the ones that have substance--stuff that life is really about. Not that life isn't about mustache jewelry and buns atop our heads, but you know. I would hope it's about a little more than just that.

In truth, fashion blogging kind of messed me up and probably did the same thing to society. We all now seem to follow the same trends because they are so readily accessible to us from any blog out there, with just a click on a link. We can't seem to wear a cute outfit one day and just not take a picture of it (soooo guilty of this one. Every time I'm dressed cute I feel like I have to get a picture of it. And not just a crappy phone picture, but pictures like these).
Don't you be chastising me for writing against fashion blogging when you are fashion blogging. Eh.
 I do it too. I mean, c'mon, what is this post? What are these pictures adorning the walls of my blog? I don't think that it's a bad thing to take pictures of our outfits and post them on the internet for everyone to see. But I do think that we should try to be more aware of what is going on around us and realize that we have more to provide to the world than just a smile and a cute outfit.

Just something to think about. But then again, what do I know? This is after all an outfit post. ;)



In the midst of everything that goes on in life--school, work, relationships and heartbreak, events out of our control, and random happenings--I'm so lucky and so grateful to be best friends and roommates with these girls.

I moved in with them at a really hard time in my life...I was still dealing with my eating disorder and I'd just gotten out of a really crappy roommate situation that had kind of thrown me into somewhat of a depression. And while they didn't really know that any of that was going on, at least not to those extremes, I knew they were there for me. I'd come home and they'd ask me how my day was and on weekends whoever of us was there would hang out and have fun together. Every Sunday we took whatever we had in our cupboards and made something delicious together. After we'd all get home from school on weekdays, we'd all be in the kitchen together making our separate dinners and discussing how our days went. Late nights were spent talking about more serious things like boys and other topics that didn't leave our bedrooms. When I spend time with these girls and look back on all of the fun times we've had together, I think of love and I think of happiness.

When I spend time with these girls, my bad days turn good and my scowls turn to smiles. Whether it's celebrating one of our birthdays (today we celebrated Kelsey's), throwing a huge party, or just staying in for a movie, being with my roommates makes me happy.

I'm seriously one of the luckiest people in the world to have friends always there for me whenever I need them. After the end of this summer, we'll all be going our separate ways...two getting married, two moving away for jobs or internships, one still in school, and one not in school but still trying to move forward in her life (me). No matter where life takes all of us, I'll look back on these days as happy ones, mostly because I got to be friends with these awesome girls.


Cutting Fashion Look #2: Yellow and Red Printed Dress

I have very exciting news to share...I'm doing another fashion show in April! Yay! It's with this great organization called RAWartists, where they showcase different artist's work (including fashion design) at their shows throughout the year. The show I'm doing is going to be in Salt Lake on April 25. I'm really excited for it and hopefully I'll have time to make a few more pieces to show. It should be fun! Here's the info for the show and here is the link for my profile. Tickets are $10 so if you want to come, I would love the support and it would be great to see you!

Now, on to more fashion design topics, I'm talking about my next Cutting Fashion look (btw, all of my Cutting Fashion looks will be featured at the show on April 25, so if you want to see them in person, please come!).

This look was actually the first one I sketched in my collection and it was also the first one I made for it. This one was pretty simple, but I liked it because the waist seam sat lower than where your actual waist would be but higher than your hips. I wish that I could have made this dress a little more flattering, but overall, I think it turned out pretty good. A lot of people told me this was their favorite one in the collection. Thanks to my model Ellen! She seriously pulled it off great and the dress looked perfect on her.


In person:

On the runway:


March Madness

March has been a pretty good month so far, there have been a lot of ward activities and there's been a lot of fun with my roommates, so I've really enjoyed it (I apologize for the low quality of some of these photos, as they were taken from my phone).

March 4th we had an Oscars night with our ward where each FHE group made a video and then we watched them all and had a little awards ceremony. I already posted the video we made the other day, but just in case you didn't see it or want to see it again, here it is:

We got all dressed up for it and brought a celebrity guest (who else but Carrie Underwood?!) along, all of which made for a very fun night. We even got swag bags at the end of it!
We had a great time trying to bring Carrie in the car ;)

I have been crazy busy working (from last Tuesday to Monday I worked 7 days in a row, 7 or 8 hours every day, so I was tired) but I've been trying to go to as many fun things as I can go to. I got to face paint with my aunt on Saturday (March 9th) at a fun little fair a preschool put on. This is the only picture I got but you can see more of what we do here. After that it was my roommate Talya's bridal shower, but I unfortunately had to miss it and go to work. Sad day. :(

Sunday I also had to work, which meant missing church and a fireside (once again, sad day) but it was a pretty awesome day because it was March 10th, Carrie Underwood's 30th birthday!! For years I have been wanting to throw a party for Carrie Underwood and this year, since we actually have the cardboard cutout and it was her 30th, I knew a party had to be thrown. I made cakes and my roommates kindly frosted them for me while I was at work and then a few people from our came over to sing, blow out candles, and eat the cake. Yep, Carrie did indeed blow (or flap) out her own candles. It was awesome.

Yes, I'm almost positive Carrie had a pretty swell birthday party. People probably think I'm crazy, but I love doing weird, fun things like that. Haha maybe someday I will actually get to meet Carrie Underwood and celebrate her birthday with her! That's the dream. (Also, I'm realizing now that the majority of the pictures on this post have included Carrie Underwood....but I'm not sorry. She's awesome.)

I have no pictures of this, but on Tuesday (March 12th), I watched the Bachelor finale with my roommates, yay! And (SPOILER) we were sooooooo happy he picked Catherine. Honestly, it didn't really look like he had great chemistry with either of the girls, but Lindsay was dang annoying and immature. Catherine was the clear choice all the way (see here--and if you do watch the Bachelor, this is a great blog for recaps. It's seriously hilarious to read.), though we did worry about Sean's judgment. I'm glad he picked her and they seem way cute together. As cheesy as it may be, I'm excited to see their televised wedding (if they make it that far, which I think they might) haha. And I'm so excited for Desiree to be the next Bachelorette! Let's face it, we all saw that coming, and we are now all waiting in anticipation for summer to come so that it can start. Ha. :)

Pi Day was on March 14th (3.14) so my ward had a pie party on the 13th where everyone brought delicious pies and then we all voted to see which ones were the best. I tried a bunch of them, and I have to say that they were all really good. Yay for pi(e) day!

I've been sick with a cold, which totally stinks. I get colds so often that I know the cycle they go through, sad huh? Day 1: sore throat that no amount of water can take away; day 2: achiness, overall sick feeling and just wanting to be in bed; day 3: runny/stuffy nose, and many of the same side effect from day 2, and going from feeling really hot to kind of cold; day 4: a nasty cough that comes with an aching chest and an itchy back (does your back itch when you cough, because mine does--but it itches from the inside so there's no way to get rid of it); day 5 and on: symptoms eventually get better. But seriously, no matter how much I get used to it, being sick will never be fun. :(

And in case you are wondering, I feel really good after sharing my post last Monday. It was one of the best things I ever could have done. I think with things like that, we build them up to be a lot worse than they actually are, and that was definitely the case with me. It feels so good to have it in the open though, like you'd never believe. Now that it's out in the open, I don't have to worry anymore about anyone finding out or me saying something that would give it away. I feel like I can just live life so much more carefree because of it. I think the best part about it all is that when anything about eating disorders or any trial, really, comes up, I can talk about and I can share my experience. I'm so excited about that. It's still fresh on my mind right now, so I may be discussing my feelings about sharing that or a little bit more of my experience, I hope that's okay! I think I'm still trying to get all my emotions out about it or just figure out what I'm feeling.

One more thing...shoutout to my roommate Kelsey today on her 22nd birthday!! (She's feelin' 22..) I can't wait to celebrate tonight. :)


Cutting Fashion Look #1: Red and Navy Blue Dress

I know you are probably kind of tired of hearing all about this fashion show, but I wanted to write a post about each individual look. And then after that, this might be all done with. Okay, actually fashion design for me will obviously never be done, but soon I'm hoping to start working on a few new looks.

I sketched this look after I found the perfect fabric (shown below on the model) that I also used in another dress. Funny story, when I was trying to decide what color scheme and theme I wanted to do for my collection, I was having a hard time deciding. I was considering doing something with like mint green and mustard yellow and stuff like that, but those colors are super trendy right now, and I wanted to do something of my own accord and not just because they were the popular colors (as cute as they might be). So one night I actually had a dream and the colors red, light yellow, and navy blue came into my head and the perfect pattern with all of them together did too. After that day, I knew what color scheme I wanted to do for my collection. It was perfect. So I went searching in all the fabric stores and found the below fabric. It wasn't an exact match, but it was pretty close.

This garment was supposed to be a little more fitted in the top, and if I'd had more time, it would have been. But for the most part I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I plan on taking it in a little more now that everything's done and I have time to fix it.


In person:

Tell me: what do you think? Like it? Yes or no? I would love feedback :)

Oh and thanks to my model Breanna for modelling this dress!



We made this gem of a video for FHE (Family Home Evening) and it's pretty great. You will especially love it if you are LDS and have gone to a Singles Ward. It's really short, but hilarious, so enjoy!


Thank You!!!

After the magnitude of my post on Monday, I wasn't even really sure what to write on here. I gave myself a few days off from blogging, trying to soak it all in. And I suppose the only right thing to say right now is thank you.

The night before I posted that blog was a restless one for me. I went to bed with millions of butterflies in my stomach and had dreams that night about how it could all go wrong and continuously woke up from them, only to see that it was 1 or 2 or 4 am in the morning and that my story wasn't scheduled to post yet. I woke up early and have never felt so scared in my life. At 11 am, when I'd scheduled to post it, I saw it on my blog, there for all to see, and then I shared it on facebook for all my friends to see.

In disbelief of myself that I had actually posted my eating disorder story on my blog, I shut my laptop and went to the local library. I was afraid to be at home, and I was afraid to confront anyone about what I'd written. I tried to catch up watching Project Runway episodes to distract myself because I was so nervous.

And then...the comments began coming, and the messages, and words from people I didn't even know. And every time I got one of those, every time someone so much as even "liked" my link on facebook, my heart stopped beating so fast and I felt relief and happiness.

Honestly, though it may have been the scariest thing of my life sharing that post, I'm so happy I did it. There are little things that occur every day that make it worth it to me, like a conversation about eating issues that I can contribute to more because I'm finally out in the open about it, an email from someone who is struggling and needs someone to talk to, the continued comments on the blog that tell me that it helped someone, and people coming up to me in person telling me how impressed they were by my sharing and experience. And now that I have shared with the whole world, I surprisingly want to talk about it more. I say surprisingly, because before it was super hard for me to discuss anything on that topic. I'd freeze up and choke on my words and want to run away from sharing. But now, I am ready and willing to talk about it with anyone. Seriously, if you'd like to ask me more questions or are struggling with similar things, just ask me in person or email me. Please!

Thank you to all my amazing and supportive friends. I never should have been worried about sharing, because of the great people I know who gave such an incredible response. Thanks for reading, commenting, or sharing your story with me. You are all amazing and I'm lucky to be in a world with so many great people in it. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I feel really really happy right now :)


A Story of a Girl

This is one of those posts that isn’t an easy one to write. There are so many ways to put it, yet there is really only one right way to say it perfectly. I want to share, with the hopes that it will help just one person, but at the same time I’m scared and I desperately don’t want to do it. Drafts are written up and then fall back in the archives, gathering cyberdust as they wait to be published. I’ve written the first few sentences more times than I can count, but I erase them every time, out of fear of sharing something very personal, or from doubt that my words are the right ones. For months I’ve wanted to write and post this, and after months of butterflies in my stomach, fidgeting, or biting my nails every time I think about sharing it, months of wondering and worrying about what I’d say, and months of keeping in a secret that doesn’t need to be kept anymore, today is the day. So here goes. Bear with me, because this post is going to be kind of a long one…not for the faint of heart (haha just kidding J).

Everyone has struggles. We all have those experiences in life that we look back on and appreciate, but would never want to experience again. You can get thrown back into exhaustion just thinking about those hard times and what you felt—the hurt that leaves you numb, the tears that never seem to stop their flow, and the broken pieces of your heart that leave a small, yet infinite ache from the fact that you’ll never be able to glue them perfectly back together again. We all have these experiences, and I am no different. This is the post where I tell you about mine. This is the post where I tell you about my struggle with an eating disorder.

Up until my senior year of high school, I had been a ballet dancer for about twelve years. I’d heard the horror stories and seen the movies in health class about dancers who went anorexic under the pressure of trying to be thin. And I never truly understood because I didn’t care about my weight, and none of the girls in my classes ever seemed to be concerned about it either. I had always been the smallest of my friends and kind of just ate whatever and gained nothing from it, so it never seemed to be a problem. I never thought it could happen to me.

I guess it started from a combination of things though. Dance was my main after-school time commitment, where I spent three days a week or more in class for an hour and a half to two hours. I always loved ballet—it was my way to escape and think about nothing else but dancing for the time while I was in class—but it was difficult. Some girls are more naturally inclined for dance than others obviously, and for me the case was that I had to work hard just to be a mediocre dancer. When I was fifteen going on sixteen, from the end of my high school sophomore year to the beginning of my junior year, it started to be a problem because I wasn’t improving like the rest of the girls in my class were…I was kind of at a standstill in dance, and while I still loved it as much as I ever had, this made it all the harder. At the same time, puberty was hitting me strong and I was gaining some weight, and being the normally small and thin girl I was, it freaked me out. I remember looking at myself in the mirror in ballet class and desperately wishing I was thinner, thinking that it would probably make me a better dancer if I was.

So I started weighing myself. Not trying to lose the weight (because I knew nothing about dieting and I was not a girl who would ever in a million years starve herself—or so I said), just obsessively monitoring it. I started out weighing myself once a day, then it became weighing myself every morning and night, and eventually it turned into weighing myself every time I walked into the bathroom. I was crazy obsessed over my weight. If it went up one pound, my mind would go ballistic. There were so many nights when I’d wait until everyone was asleep, then quietly creep to the bathroom, pull out the scale from the closet and gently set it down onto the tiled floor. I’d weigh myself and then step off and then weigh myself again hoping the number would be less (it almost never was). Then I’d quietly run back to my room, get in bed, and often cry myself to sleep. Because on top of all of this, I was an insecure teenage girl going to school with people I hadn’t grown up with (I moved when I was thirteen) and feeling very alone. So while dance and puberty were huge triggers to the beginnings of my eating disorder, I think my insecurity was the main reason.

Somehow, I kept my habits well hidden. I remember one day at lunch with my friends, when I let it slip out that I weighed myself daily. They freaked out, and made it a much bigger deal than I thought it was, saying that I could easily develop an eating disorder and that it just wasn't healthy. I didn't really take them seriously, but they made me promise to stop weighing myself--which I actually did, for about a week. They checked up on me once or twice and then seemed satisfied that the weighing had stopped, when in fact I just started up again. After that I learned to keep what I was doing to myself, because I realized others weren't going to understand that what I was doing wasn't a big deal. I told myself constantly that I had it under control and that it would never turn into a full-blown eating disorder.

By the end of my junior year blending into the beginning of my senior year of high school, the dieting began. I didn't think of it as dieting, really. I just thought of it as...necessary. Losing weight was something I needed to do but I didn't see what I was doing as dieting, and definitely not as an eating disorder. I started limiting my food intake to so many calories a day, and as time went on, that amount lowered. I wouldn't eat much at school and then I'd eat meals like normal at home when I was there for dinner and weekends, so I kept my parents from suspecting anything. I continued weighing myself multiple times a day and whenever I got dressed or came home from school, I'd look at my body in the mirror, criticizing areas with even the littlest bit of fat. Although I wasn't losing much weight, I was still losing some. I'd look at my stomach's reflection and hope to see it a little skinnier every day. I sucked in my stomach as much as I could, trying to make myself as thin as possible and hoping I'd see a little bone poking through. It was haunting, and quite a bit frightening to see what I was doing to myself, but I couldn't stop.

My eating disorder crept up on me so slowly that even though my habits were becoming extreme--limiting the amount of calories I ate more and more each day, I had a hard time convincing myself I had an eating disorder. I'd looked up countless amounts of websites to look at the symptoms, and I had most of them. It should have scared me, and I think deep down it did, but on the surface, I wasn't ready to let go. It's hard to admit, but I liked it. The summer after my senior year of high school I read all kinds of books about girls with eating disorders to trigger me and to get tips and ideas. I found things online like pro-ana and "thinspiration." It was awful. I found myself going deeper down the hole as I tried anything to help my eating disorder along.

I went to college, and it only got worse with no parental supervision. I found myself skipping several meals and then having small binges on things like desserts and sweets, because when I was in restriction mode, I wouldn't let myself have them. I wasn't losing much weight but the habit was out of my control. I exercised until my legs were so shaky they collapsed. Most days I felt like I was going through the motions as I walked to classes, too lightheaded or hungry to have energy to think. My legs would buckle underneath me with every step and I had to be careful not to fall down. It was honestly miserable. I carried the weight of my secret with me every day and desperately wished I could tell anyone about what I was going through, but fear kept me quiet. I felt numb every day and I walked around feeling empty, like I had no emotional substance inside of me.

As the beginning of my college freshman year progressed, I became very close friends with one of my roommates, a girl who I'd known before from my hometown. As we became better friends, I had a harder time keeping the secret from her. I wanted to tell someone so badly, but it scared me more than anything to let out a secret that only my journal pages knew. Through all of the late nights and partying that everyone does in freshman year, I'd get really moody some days. It was partially attributed to hunger and partially to the fact that I had a huge secret burning a hole inside me. On one of these nights, my roommate and I were walking outside and she realized my mood was something more serious, though I doubt she knew what was coming. I found myself fighting a battle in my head until a whisper came out and I told her. I screamed and I cried and my heart has never beat so fast in my life. The secret was out, and while it scared me to death, I felt freer than I had in a long time. It was one of the most vulnerable days of my life.

A few weeks after I told my roommate, I told my parents. It wasn't something I wanted to do but my friend said that if I didn't tell them, she would. I played it down like it wasn't so bad and after that it didn't come up very often. I felt awkward talking about it to them and I assumed I didn't need their help. At the same time, my roommate was completely ready to help me recover, but I wasn't so sure that I was ready to let my eating disorder go yet. It was a daily battle between us...her wanting me to eat and me never wanting to. I'm surprised she stayed my friend for so long, with how much I turned her help away. It was a huge blessing that I wasn't at the right stage to accept. I wish I could say that my eating disorder got better freshman year, but it seemed to only get worse. My weight went down fairly low, and then it went back up, never a constant in my life. This continued into my sophomore year and as my friend and I grew apart, or were more pushed apart by my eating disorder, I found myself hitting my lowest of all lows. I got very depressed, and because I was so miserable, I knew that I needed to get better. I felt like it was probably impossible for me to recover, but at that point I knew I had no other choice. I think sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can even begin to work your way back up.

I joined a support group on campus. I almost skipped the first meeting, but my friend pushed me in the elevator and practically forced me to go. My stomach was tight with anxiety and I was afraid I was about to go into a room where I didn't belong. I expected the room to be full of girls shriveled up, bony, and dying--girls with actual eating disorders and not like me. I was afraid everyone would think I was a fake. Instead, when I walked in the room, it was full of completely normal-looking girls. Most of them I'd be able to pass by on campus and never even wonder twice about them having a problem. That group changed me as I continued to do it in my sophomore and part of my junior years. We'd share successes each week at the beginning of our meetings. Successes could be anything like, "I haven't weighed myself for a whole week!" or "I ate dinner on Tuesday even though I really didn't want to and still felt guilty afterwards for doing it." They were things that any other person did day to day, barely thinking about them, but for us were huge, and sometimes really hard. We discussed different topics every week in group and shared our struggles and our stories, things so personal to us that no one outside that room knew. Sometimes everyone in the room would be crying after one person talked because the emotions were so strong. We were vulnerable in that group, but it made us close and it helped us grow within ourselves. I made some amazing friends through it, and I feel like we all shared a bond that made us close like sisters. I'm still really good friends with some of those girls today.

Therapy sessions also became part of recovery, and I went to see a therapist in the on-campus counseling center for about a year and a half. I loved my counselor, who specialized in eating disorders, but therapy was extremely difficult. It took me so many sessions to open up and really talk about what I was going through. Therapy is one of those things that really hurts you, but in a good way. It makes you more vulnerable than you've ever been, and I'd leave some sessions and have to go cry in the bathroom just because I was feeling so much emotion all at once. I was stripped of my outer shell as we wormed our way into my inner core.

Recovery was not an easy choice. It was a difficult and long process and took me years to become fully recovered to where I am today. There is no special process and no magic spell that will change it and make everything go away. I had to make the decision over and over again to leave my eating disorder behind, and while it sounds like it should have been a no-brainer, for me it wasn't. It isn't for most girls recovering from an eating disorder. I'd start on the path to recovery, trying to eat normal meals every day and not skip, but it was so hard. I felt awful for eating so much, and I'd break down and cry multiple times a day. I filled up more journal pages than I can count about my frustrations and how I didn't think I would ever be able to recover. I'd read and heard so many stories about girls who'd beat their eating disorders, but mine seemed unconquerable. There were times when I wanted to go back, and many of those times I did, and I'd seep back into the same habits for months at a time. And every time I went back, I remembered how much I hated it, and how miserable it made me. So as difficult as it was, I'd pull myself back up again, hoping that this time I'd keep on recovering.

Without God, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Every day started and ended with a prayer and had several in between. I leaned on Him for support and trusted that what I was doing was right and would somehow end well. Somewhere along the whole process, I got better. Not instantly, but gradually, I found the pieces of my heart putting themselves back together. I'd look back and read things I'd written when I was really struggling and see how much I had improved since then. I had a hard time seeing my progress as I went through each individual day, because I still struggled greatly even after improvement. It was strange and almost miraculous to realize that I was getting better, because I never believed it could have happened.  But it did and it's been that way for about a year. Recovery wasn't easy, but it was possible with a lot of faith and support. I learned about myself and had to change the way my mind worked around food and about life. I learned that shedding a few pounds doesn't also shed the problems--if anything it just causes more of them. I learned to be happy in my own skin and be confident in the beautiful person that I am. I'm not sure where I'd be or what I'd be doing today if I hadn't continually made the decision to recover. But let me tell you that I'm grateful for that decision every single day. It was all completely worth it.

This post took me about a month to write and put together, with all the emotions involved in it and the magnitude of sharing something this personal. It was something I wanted to share for a long time, but every time I thought about it, I chickened out. It's scarier than you could ever imagine to have everyone know about something like this. I kept wondering if I'd lose a bunch of followers on my blog (I know, petty), if people would think badly of me, or if my friends would feel betrayed or stop talking to me. But at the same time, I want people to know, regardless of what they think, do, or say. I'm sorry to any of my family or close friends who didn't know. There were so many people I wanted to tell about it, and this seemed like the best way to do so. Just know that I wrote this post because I wanted to be open about my experiences, so don't be afraid to ask me about it; I want you to.

I wrote this for every girl out there like me...for those with eating disorders and for those who have recovered from them. For any girl who looks in the mirror and doesn't like what she sees, for any girl standing on a scale worrying about the number it shows, or for any girl wondering if she's going to have dinner or not that night. I wrote this for all the girls who are going through their lives day to day and struggling in secret, no one around them knowing. I know how that feels, because I've been there. I had an eating disorder...and sometimes that is still really hard for me to admit, especially to myself. I want you to know though, that I wouldn't change any of it. Yes, it was awful, the hardest thing I've ever been through, and I'd never in a million years want to go through it again or ever want anyone else to go through it, but I'm so grateful for it. I'm grateful for the strength it gave me, for the lessons it taught me, and for the people I met because of it. I'm grateful because it made me more...me. What more could I ask for? :)

*If you're struggling with an eating disorder or know someone who is, you can go here for more help and info. Or if you just need someone to talk to, you can always email me. :)


Zildy's Baby Shower

Yesterday my mom and I threw my aunt Zildy a baby shower! Besides my grandparents (on my mom's side) Zildy's family is the only one that lives close by to us, so we love getting together with them and always being able to see Zildy, Jonas, and our cousins. Gracie especially loves it because it means she gets to play with kids closer to her own age. Zildy has three kids and they were surprised with having a 4th.... a cute baby girl! She's due on March 17th so we're all anxiously awaiting the time when we get to have an adorable newborn around. My mom and I thought it would be fun to throw her a shower, so we had it at my grandparent's house and just set it up as an open house for people to come an go. The food was delicious because we have a chocolate fountain, so we just set that up and had delicious strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, and a lot of other yummy things to dip in it. Mmmm, I had a hard time not eating a ton of it haha! I took a ton of photos so here are a few...
The little cousins playing around. My grandpa took them out to see a movie during most of the shower, which was awesome, and then they came back and just played around being crazy.
Sadly, we turned off and took apart the chocolate fountain and then realized we hadn't gotten a picture! So this is kind of how it was set up. It still looks cute even with the fountain not going.
All the girls in my family with Zildy. Yay!

So fun! We love you Zildy and can't wait for another cute child of yours to come into the world. :)
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