School is Good...

First term of my Senior year just ended, which is weird to think about, because I've only got three terms left of school. Then it's off to college and living on my own. But I don't want to think about that right now, so I thought I would just write a little about my classes.

Seminary- Seminary is way fun and I have a great teacher and fun class. Lucky for me though, I'm the only piano player, so I play every single day (I don't think I've been marked late, though when I've come in late because my teacher is just happy to see me there). Last week, we played Mario Kart for the Wii and tied it in to scripture mastery. It was lots and lots of fun!

French- I loooove loooove this class. I have lots of friends in here and my teacher is way cool. We talk a lot when we're working (but we still get our work done) and I help everyone on their french homework. Last year, in first year french, I was the best student in both the French classes because I would always get a perfect score on the practice tests my teacher gave us. This year, we still have practice tests, but I've only gotten perfect (pas de fautes) on two of four of them. But my grade still ended up being an A, with over 100%! Sadly, I'm not taking this class next year, because I wanted to take this other class instead.

AP Calculus- This class is great, because I have some fun friends in here and I've done way good in math this year, thankfully. I did good last year too, but things can always change. I kept an A the whole term, though, which meant I didn't have to take the final test, because the teachers drop one of our tests from our grade. But now the stuff is getting harder, so hopefully I can stay caught up!

Fashion Merchandising- This is my absolute most favorite class! It is really fun and we learn about different clothes styles and what different people would wear. I just finished doing a designer report on Nicole Miller and we are now working on a "runway show" that we will be doing during lunch. I had only been taking this class for college credit at the beginning of the year, but now I absolutely love it. I dropped French so I could take the next level up of this class, because it's lots of fun!

AP Calculus Lab- In this class, we just work on our math homework, which is nice because it means we have a lot less to do at home, if any at all. There's not much else to say.

AP English- This class is pretty fun too. So far, we've read the books "Frankenstein" and "Anthem" and a billion of short stories. Right now we're reading "Beowulf" in class and reading "A Christmas Carol" and "Great Expectations" at home. My teacher talks a lot in class, she's kind of old, and I could probably tell you her whole life story by now. :D I have some way crazy and funny friends in there, though, and we write down the funny stuff that she says. It's so hard not laughing sometimes. Unfortunately, this is the only class I got an A- in, but I'm going to try extra hard next term to get it to an A.

Interior Design- This class is a lot of work, but still lots of fun. We learn how to decorate houses and what kind of things you need to think about when you do. I know a lot about the different kinds of windows, doors, roofs, etc. now. This class is also for college credit and I really enjoy it lots. My teacher likes to do more hands on work, too, so its more fun.

Yearbook- Yearbook is basically the best! We have so much we can do in this class. At the beginning of class everyone gets on Facebook (I know kind of pathetic) and then we work on our spreads and stuff like that. Some days we go take pictures and other days we just goof around (like one day, we all hid in cupboards and scared this kid on the yearbook staff when he came in the room. hehe it was pretty funny). We just finished our first deadline and I did a page on backpacks and another on the ACT prep class. My next page is due in December and its on English. Its busy, busy, busy!!!
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