Hm, I've been trying to write every day but not sure what to post on this one! So I'm gonna just give myself five minutes and ramble. Sound good? You might want to wait and answer that one at the end of this post haha..

This week has been good. Life is pretty good. I'm really happy with the place where I'm at right now for the most part. Obviously there are some things that are always going to be a little hard, like right now dealing with stress is sometimes difficult, but isn't that how things normally go?

I'm feeling a little better this week, but I've had a lot of school projects and tests going on, as well as two time-consuming callings in church, and many other things, like wanting to be social and go to activities but also giving myself time to do things that I want to do, like making videos and sew and design and stuff. And I have to do the simple stuff too, like try and keep my room clean and eat food and find time to do my laundry! How does one do it all? I'm not really sure!

So yeah, the stress was kind of getting to me and I found myself being stressed to tears because I couldn't handle it all. Monday was hard and I found the theme for that day and the rest of the week to be "let it go" (frozen, woo!). Sometimes we just have to let things go! I'm a high achiever, which is not a bad thing, but when there is a lot on my plate, it can become so if I don't let some things out of my grasp. I don't have to be so in control and perfect at everything. It will be okay if I'm not. Easier said than done obviously.

But many things help...like my contemporary dance class (it reminds me to breathe!) where I can dance and move and escape the world for fifty minutes (totally not long enough) two times a week. Being around people is good because connection makes me happy and it keeps me sane. Sometimes when I'm having a week where I feel sad and kind of depressed, the last thing I want to do is go talk to people and be social, but it's often the best thing I can do. Not necessarily going and meeting people and doing the whole, where are you from?, what's your major?, how many kids are in your family? stuff because that's annoying, but just being with people who you get along with and can have fun with. I'm definitely grateful for classes because of that.

Anyway, I'm sure I could talk forever on this topic but I wrote longer than five minutes so I better go. But theme for this week: Let. It. Go. It will be okay!

Oh and this song is really great. I can't tell you how many times I've watched it but possibly like ten? Because I love it! It makes me feel good and who doesn't like that?



Gah, I love Taylor Swift. Most of us know this, I think. I've seen her in concert twice, and the last time I got lucky enough to be in the pit (if you want to read that amazing story, it's here!) and see her close up.

Anyway, her new album 1989 came out Monday. And...I loooove it. So much.

It's a totally different sound from before, and I think that if anyone was really surprised by this, they don't listen to her music enough. Taylor Swift started out as country, but she's kind of crossed over into pop since her second album Fearless, and if not in that, then definitely in Red. It had tracks like "I Knew You Were Trouble," "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," "Red," and a bunch of others. And now 1989 is Taylor's first exclusive pop album.

I think I love it for several reasons...

1. It's a manifestation of herself. Taylor Swift is definitely not the same artist we first fell in love with. She's still super cute, dedicated to her fans, creative, and down-to-earth (for as much as a celebrity can be), but she's not a teenager anymore. She's almost 25, she's sooo famous, her look has changed (she started out with super curly ong hair and now its short and straight-ish, and I think her style is definitely more edgy, which obviously comes with age), and she's grown up. So it totally makes sense hearing her album. I think it'd be weird if she was still coming out with songs similar to her first album. Those are still amazing songs and I will always love them, but Taylor Swift is different, which means her music is going to be different too.

2. I LOVE the songs! I think I love them even more because it's a style of music that I've been really into lately..so even if I had no idea who Taylor Swift was and had just discovered her as an artist, I think I would still love them. They kind of match some of my favorite bands, like MS MR and Hunter Hunted so I think it's sweet.

3. Every detail is super thought out. The album cover, the title, the introduction, the booklet in the cd case, the polaroids that come with it--it's all super cohesive and it inspires me a lot! I'm always thinking about cohesion since I do collections in fashion shows and I love finding things that just go so well together and all kind of make each other even better because of that. (that might not make sense, sorry!)

4. It's Taylor Swift! And personally, I think she's pretty awesome. She is so connected with her fans, her music is very real and raw and always new--which makes her a great artist, she stays true to herself (she hasn't gone crazy like Justin Bieber) by being stable and grouded but also allowing herself to change, and she does what she loves in spite of what anyone else might say. She "shakes it off" (from her single "Shake It Off") and doesn't give herself time to hate those people either. I admire that so much because it's really hard to do. Also, in spite of all her haters, she is incredibly popular. She has such a big fan base!

5. I wasn't gonna write this one because it really has not much to do with her album, but can we all just agree that Taylor Swift has great style? She is always dressed classy and has seriously the cutest clothes. I think it always makes her look polished and herself, which is obviously great.

Anyway, listen to 1989, it's so good! Fav songs on it (so far, I've only listened to each of them like once or twice, besides the songs that came out before the album did): Style, Out of the Woods, I Wish You Would, How You Get the Girl, and Clean.

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Let's Try This School Thing Again..

As I have said recently, I'm back in school! After a year and a half of not being in it, it's good to be back, but in some ways it's also super weird. Like...

-most of the people in my classes are younger than me...like by at least a year or two. First day of Statistics lab and the TA asked the freshman to raise their hands, and there were a few, and then the majority were sophomores and juniors, and then they're like, "any seniors?" And my lone hand went up. When you add that up to me being a super senior, it makes me like three years older than all those kids. When I was in school two years ago, everyone was my age, maybe like a year or two younger, or a little bit older. Now I'm by far older than most. I was facebook stalking a bunch of my classmates and they are pretty much all freshman or sophomores. #timeformetograduate

-I walk...EVERYWHERE. I've given up on my legs not ever being sore. Especially because I seem to go to different places on campus every day so I don't even have a set routine for them to get used to. I have to go up a humongous flight of stairs every morning when going to school, and it's brutal. By the time I get to the top, I'm ready to collapse and am trying to mask my heavy breathing from all the fit people around me! So much walking. So many stairs! With a backpack! I also have a dance class where one day we worked so hard my abs hurt for like a week. Thankfully now I have my bike and I get everywhere like 3x faster..tis wonderful :)
walking animated GIF

-I'm doing soooo much better. Like what? How? How did this happen? I do not know, but a year and a half break must have helped me in some way because I'm focused and LOVING school like I never have before. I legitimately enjoy all my classes and I love coming home from school and feeling productive just because I learned! I spend time doing homework and readings and I really love all my classes. And I'm doing fairly well in them! 93% on my stats test?? Giving regular speeches in my public speaking class and not being super nervous or making a big fool of myself (who is this girl?!)? yes yes YES!
life animated GIF

-vending machine food. yes, please, and thank you. Really though, I wouldn't mind some real food every once in a while ;)
snacks animated GIF

-I love having friends. I think I kind of forgot what it was like to have good friends at school (realizing how lame I must sound right now) because before when I was enrolled, I was bad at going to class or answering questions or just talking and I really didn't have any good friends. But I have school friends now! In like pretty much every class! Sometimes I don't always love group work, but I think it's been good because that's helped me meet and make friends with a bunch of new and cool people. I feel so much better after I'm a little bit social every day, rather than being holed up in my room watching netflix haha.
community animated GIF

-STRESSSS. No this isn't weird, but studying and homework and tests and projects and everything! Gah! Sometimes it's a lot. I love learning but the work that comes with the learning involves a little more motivation.
animation animated GIF

-Wanna hear one more crazy thing. Graduating in JUNE!! Approved and everything. Happy dance people. Good stuff is ahead.
university animated GIF

(so basically now that I'm finally getting the hang of school, I have to go and then be confused all over again! what is this life?)


took my bike for a ride...

...and made a video!

Really, though, would you have expected anything less of me? ;) Also it was my first one edited in Adobe Premiere Pro so that I had some fun with that.

In other exciting news..Taylor Swift's new album came out today! You can bet I'll be listening to it aaaaaalll day week month LIFE long. So happy Monday to the world pretty much. And if you don't like Taylor, "the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate!" haha.


Fashion Friday: The Making of an Haute Couture Gown, and Other Thoughts on the Fashion Industry

I realize the phrase "Fashion Friday" is nothing too original and sounds like something you might use in a kindergarten class, but it works, so bear with me here.. But whenever I see a cool or funny video or something to that effect, I bookmark it so I can watch it later if I want, or just have a funny youtube video marathon one day! So I have a bunch of cool fashion videos saved and I figured I'd share one every Friday because that sounds fun, right? Okay maybe it only sounds fun to me, but we're gonna do it anyway.

Today's video shows the process of making an haute couture look. It's a Christian Dior from their Spring/Summer 2011 haute couture collection. I realize it's seven minutes, which is kind of long, but if you at least watch the first two or three you get the gist of things. I couldn't help but watch the whole thing but that's because I love to sew and design and it all mesmerized me so much!

After watching this, I realized one of the reasons why haute couture is so expensive, because holy cow, that look must have taken ages to make. I love their meticulousness, with all the white thread sewn to keep the pieces together, how carefully and precisely they cut each piece of fabric, and how they treat everything so delicately. Oh and those pleats! That was really cool. Also the tulle layering had such a beautiful effect on the runway. It's kind of funny how they all wear white coats, it reminded me of a lab or something. I guess that's so they don't get the clothes they're working on dirty? Though it seems a little excessive to me.

Oh also, I wish those people who made these things got credited somehow! It seems a little unfair that the designer gets credited for the garment when it really seems like these people do the brunt of the work. That would be an interesting thing to look at and go more into depth on.

Something I've been struggling with lately in fashion is wondering what the point of it all is. A part of me can't help but think they're just clothes. But another part of me wants to ooh and ahh at the sight of it all because it is really really beautiful.

It can be pretty easy to get caught up in either extreme...hating the fashion industry because it can seem so pointless and shallow, or loving it all because of the beauty and thinking it's all perfect. It's not perfect. The fashion industry has flaws--many of them--that I'm trying to get past so that I can continue to do what I love. But it is a beautiful form of art as well and it has a right to be appreciated.

It definitely makes me feel something when I see a gorgeous garment and have to take a breath because it's just perfection. I love seeing that and I hope to one day create it. I'm working at it but I know I'm not even close to being there yet.

I guess it's just important to look at fashion with an eye from each perspective. It's good to be aware of the issues in the fashion industry and it's great to try and change those things for the better. And it's also still very much okay to love fashion in all its beauty and art. Right now I think I'm trying to figure out how to have a happy middle ground in between the two. It's kind of difficult, but I think it's very doable too.

Anyway, I think I'll probably talk more about that in the months to come...I'm giving a persuasive speech in my public speaking class on it and once it all comes together maybe I'll put a copy of the speech on here or just write a blog post on what I talked about. But for now, enjoy your Friday night and the rest of your weekend, I know I will! (And let's hope the Cougars can scrape out a win tonight against Boise State haha!)


September and October Life

Just some random stuff that's happened in September and October!

My little brother Cee Ryle is a sophomore in high school and on the cross country team. He had an invitational at BYU and none of my family could drive down and go, so I went and supported him. He did great!

I realize my fifteen year-old brother is taller than me and we look the same age (especially in this picture)! Haha it's kind of ridiculous how young I look in this photo. But I swear I'm eight years older and not one of his classmates. Nonetheless I love him so much and am glad I got to see him race.

My aunt Zildy face painted at the State Fair and was able to get some free tickets so I went with my parents and sisters to it. Haha it was a pretty regular state fair...dirty, lots of rides, crazy people, booths, photo ops, interesting animals and vegetables, a very ...interesting freak show, and an awesome face painter! Haha. We had fun.

I got to go to Chalk the Block with some of my best friends (l to r: me, Lauren, Jessica, Alyne, Cameron (alyne's husband)) and we had a great time! The chalk was cool but the company was even better.

I face painted a TON during August and September, which was really great considering I don't have another job, and I face painted at Tracy Aviary three times, so I got pretty good at doing birds hah.

I got to go with my mom and my sister Sidney to the General Women's Meeting! It's held by our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (we're also known as Mormons!), every six months for every girl and woman eight years and older. It was fabulous and we had a really fun time going! It also rained like crazy getting there so that was definitely an adventure too.

After the meeting, we met up with the rest of our family to go bowling. We had passes to use at this one place and it ended up being kind of lame and crappy but we made memories and had fun, which is what really matters. Also, I bowled the first strike I have ever bowled in my life! It only took me 23 years to get there.. ;)
I often force my family and friends to take pictures..sometimes on self-timer haha!
 I'm taking a public speaking class right now and we had to do a demonstration speech. I decided to show how to face paint a skull and my roommate Carli was kind enough to let me practice on her! We also had to give a handout so I put this picture on there too. If you want us to come face paint for you, you can go to our business's website HERE!

This past Saturday was the Cougar Run at BYU, due to it being homecoming. My parents, Cee Ryle, and Gracie all signed up to run so I went to cheer them on (clearly there are some fun times to be had at the BYU track). Sidney and I weren't running so we each ran a lap of Gracie's race with her. That poor girl was dying by the end of the race but she was a trooper and ran and finished the whole thing (it was twice around the track--I think that might be a 400 meter? Don't count on me for that though!)! Cee Ryle and my parents all placed in their divisions which was pretty awesome of them! My dad got first in his, and my mom and Cee Ryle both got third in theirs.

Later that day I took a test and did poorly on it :( No worries, I'll scrape out a good grade in the class! And then I met up with my mom and Sidney again where we volunteered at the US Junior Figure Skating Championships! I think it was for like the Pacific Northwest division or something like that but some of those girls and guys were really really good! We volunteered for a bit and then when they didn't need us anymore we got to watch which was fun.
I took a picture of this because I LOVED the back of her costume! Isn't it gorgeous! It inspired me :)

On Monday, my roommates surprised me with a PUPPY!! You're probably like, wait what?! No, I don't own a puppy. Here's the story:
Jessica asked me I was going to be home on Monday at 7 and I was like "do you want me to be home?" and she was like "yes!" because apparently her friend Reese was coming and she thought he and I would get along well. And I was like ohhh a set up, but okay, whatever. So Monday at around 7:15 this guy came to our door and I thought it was Reese, but then he left and Jessica brought in a puppy! My roommates rented me a puppy for an hour for a birthday gift! (Can anyone say best birthday gift ever?? Yes!)

Haha Reese actually turned out to be a girl (and a dog, but whatev) and she was so cute and fun! She peed twice under our watch and she was quite a handful, but so much fun. We were all sad when she left. But we had fun watching her tug on Jessica's shoelaces and putting her head into a mug on the floor and just being so darn adorable. I took some pictures, but the lighting in our apartment is terrible, so I had to use the flash.
I made a little video too! The lighting was terrible and since I currently just use Windows Movie Maker, there was no way to correct that, but you can watch it and get an idea of Reese's cuteness.

Other fun little things from these past two months that I unfortunately have no pictures to document:

-School is grrrrreeeat!, as Tony the Tiger would say. I'm glad I have more time to focus on it now that Provo Fashion Week is over. I really do love all my classes to death and am really happy! Also I got a 93% on my last Statistics test, a 98% on my last Doctrine and Covenants test, and a 94% on my demonstration speech (that I did the skull face for above)! Boo ya! I don't always post about my grades, but when I do...they're pretty darn good!

-I discovered this wonderful thing that Carrie Underwood actually did TWO demo albums before American Idol. Which, can we all realize what this means? 31 NEW SONGS! They are albums of covers and some of them she did when she was 14! Geez she's so good! If you are wanting to know what they are, they're listed here and here and most are on youtube! Also I found out she waited until marriage (awesome!) and had a third nipple (interesting..and a bit weird, but we've all got our quirks). Learning new things every day, people.

-Have you seen Meet the Mormons?? I saw it last Thursday with Jessica and it was so fabulous! Maybe I cried... because yes it was good! If you are person living on this earth, you will like it. Oh hey, that's you! It's great. :)

-Provo Fashion Week has gotten a ton of press since it happened, and I got featured in two different articles! Both for BYU stuff so that's fun. One was for my department's (Family, Home, and Social Sciences) magazine here and the other was for the BYU newspaper The Universe here. I think that may have been my third time being in the BYU newspaper! haha.

-In public speaking, we have to make a video of a news report type thing and my group is doing it on Ebola. We filmed some stuff today and let me just say 1) I love my group and 2) I can't wait to edit the video because we got some hilarious responses!

-From Amazon, I ordered for myself The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version, one of my favorite movies ever in this world) and Project Runway Season 4! (its the one with Christian Siriano and I'm dying to see it because I know his designs will inspire) The only problem is I haven't had time to watch them! Hopefully I'll get a break in the next few days that I can start.

Oh also on October 10, this one little thing called Provo Fashion Week happened :) and it was awesome! I can't wait to tell you all about it...later haha. It was a blast though. Man :)


My 23rd Birthday

I'm 23 years old...how in the WORLD did that happen? How is that even allowed? I think I still feel very much 19 so its super weird to me to be this old. Of course, then I spend time with a bunch of 19 year-olds and realize there's no way I could be that young haha.

My birthday was GREAT! It was definitely one of my favorite ones I've ever had. I went home on Thursday night for a long weekend, since I only had one class each on Thursday and Friday. I'm glad I got to spend such a long weekend at home with my family! I absolutely love spending time with them and the older I get, the more that's true.

Friday I picked Gracie and her friend Katelyn up from school, and Sidney found out she didn't have class that night so I picked her up from the frontrunner and we all went to the Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory tour! I read this post and thought it would be fun to go do, because a chocolate factory! Need I say more??

It was pretty fun! I guess on Fridays they're not as busy but we had a great time and got a bunch of really good chocolate samples and also bought some more afterward. I think we all had a fun time and it was cool to see the history of the place and also find out how chocolate is made!

Friday night we went out to dinner at Settebello's in Farmington Station Park for some thin oven pizza. It was absolutely delicious and they even put extra basil on mine (anything with basil on it and I'm sold!). I was so grateful to my parents for taking me there, they are the best!

Oh and behind the story of Gracie's cute hat...we had like a 45 minute wait before we could be seated, so we went next door to Claire's because they had all their $2 clearance and there are always some fun finds. Gracie really wanted to buy something and I told her I'd only get her something if it was $2 (I seriously am such a bargain shopper and only like buying things on clearance!), but everything she wanted was more and she couldn't find anything she liked. Eventually she was crying because she didn't want to leave without getting something and I probably should have just said no instead of trying to make her happy. But man, I love that girl so much, as frustrated as I was haha. But the really nice Claire's employee tried helping us out and she found that cute hat for $2! So kudos to that employee, she made my day for how helpful and sweet she was, especially since my sister wasn't being the nicest and neither was I. Good customer service can definitely go a long way :)

Also I'm a nerd and took this picture because it was the last one of me being 22 haha.

Saturday was the actual day of my birthday! Yay! It was General Conference so from 10-12 and 2-4 we watched that and it was wonderful! We have fun conference traditions where my mom wraps a present for each apostle and the first presidency and when they speak you get to open them. Usually there are snacks inside which is fun. Gracie especially loves it. We also do fantasy general conference (like fantasy football but gen conf style ha!) and often end up guessing everything miserably wrong. ;)

In between sessions I opened presents from my parents. I got a hard drive, which my dad used to clean off my computer and change the operating system so I could get Adobe Premiere Pro and have more space on my computer--so great!, a cute coat, The Devil Wears Prada, a Marauders Map (came a week later, but SO COOL!), and a bike!! I've been wanting a bike on and off for a while so I'm pretty excited for it. My mom did a fun scavenger hunt so Gracie and I went around the house finding clues and then eventually found the bike in the basement. I'm way excited for it!

That night we went grocery shopping at a favorite bargain grocery store, and then met up with all the girls (my grandma, my aunt Zildy and her kids, and Zildy's friend Leah) since the boys were at Priesthood session and went to Leatherby's for ice cream (it's delicious, you should go sometime), and then went shopping at DI. Those are our normal conference traditions and I love them so I was totally cool to keep 'em going.

Then that night we got home and watched SNL to end my birthday! It was great :)

Sunday we watched more conference and then a ton of relatives and friends came over for the second session and for dinner. My cousin Alex's birthday was on Monday and it was the first time in probably like twelve years that we got to celebrate together! So that was really cool and I was pretty excited about that! My mom made an awesome cake and we had our silly procession and opened presents. Whataday. Twas wonderful.
(fun gifts I got from people--cuz I like to remember!: some delicious ferraro rochers from Alex, a scarf and earrings from Sidney, an old BYU sweatshirt from Carina which I can't stop wearing, candy from my roommate Olivia (sneakily dropped off at my house on my birthday!), a cute sweater from my grandparents, pretzel m&ms! and a scarf from Cee Ryle, CD covers from Jasmine, a scarf--and something else I am trying so hard to remember-- from Zildy and fam, $$ and a card from my WY grandparents, cards from Courtney and my sweet aunt Ruth in Texas, and an amazing Ford Anglia replica with Harry and Ron inside made entirely of legos from my friend Andre! Gah! People are the best and so so nice!)

If all of that was really long for you...sorry! I have a habit of writing a lot. But below you can see my whole 23rd birthday in 23 seconds! woot!

As a last afterthought, do you ever look at yourself and think how much you've grown? Obviously other people do it all the time.. "I can't believe how much you've grown!" "Wait, you're how old?! That's crazy, I remember when you were in diapers!" But looking at these pictures and writing this blog post I can't help but think the same thing of myself. I'm 23?! What? I definitely don't look it, but I still see myself and think how much I've grown, probably because I know myself the best. It's weird, I have grown a lot. I don't really know where I thought I'd be when I was 23, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't where I am now. But here I am, and boy am I pretty happy with it.
I'm 23!


Fall 2014 Provo Fashion Week: The Aftermath

Dannng it was such a long and amazing weekend! Provo Fashion Week was awesome and thank you SO MUCH to anyone that came!
Last week I was so incredibly stressed trying to get everything done in time and not feeling like I had any spare seconds to do anything. Yesterday at church I was pretty much falling asleep the whole time and when I got home, I crashed for three and a half hours. I'm a little sick too, I think all the stress and everything really got to me.
the cute bags are all by Anne B! They had a pop up shop at PFW so we did a collaboration and showed the bags on the runway. They're so cute, go check them out!

So yes, I'm kind of sad it's all over, but at the same time, I'm relieved because it means I finally get some down time to do what I want! I'm going to work on video-making, try and find a job, catch up on some tv shows, and obviously do stellar in school!

Despite all of that, Provo Fashion Week was so much fun! All of my eight models were spectacular and the event was wonderful. It was at the Provo Library ballroom, which made for a really cool and professional looking venue. Despite all the stress they cause, I absolutely love fashion shows and they always remind me how much I love designing clothes and doing what I do.
photo cred: Ryan Houston Photography

I will post more pictures soon but you can find a ton on my instagram or if you search the hashtag #ProvoFashionWeek on instagram you'll find a ton there too! Thanks for all the support and I'm excited for future endeavors!


Provo Fashion Week April 2014 Video

I finally got a free moment riding on the frontrunner to my parent's house this past weekend where I got to work on this video! I've been so busy with fashion stuff that movie making has definitely been put on the back burner. I have a bunch of videos to make and I'm hoping I'll be able to start working on them after everything from the fashion show dies down.

Of course, I'm still obsessed with everything fashion right now so it's no surprise I worked on this particular video haha. Watching it makes me soooo excited for Provo Fashion Week this Saturday! This upcoming show is going to be even bigger and better, and I absolutely ADORE my collection for it, so I'm really excited to show it to everyone.

Anyway, watch the video, and if you like what you see, get a ticket to either one of the Saturday shows and come to the show! And then come say hi to me afterward. :) I can't wait!



22. The year I...

-fell in love with making movies
-made WAY too many clothes for TWO fashion shows and had so much fun doing it!
-saw Carrie Underwood in concert for the 4th time, and also Andy Grammer for the 1st
-finished the Harry Potter books for the 12th time! (first time with the audiobooks)
-found a love for audiobooks
-went back to school. and loved it and became good at it again.
-flew to both coasts of the US (Boston/New York and California)
-finally got my first kiss :)
-discovered basil (it's good with basically everything and i really really loooove it)
-found and love much music and so many good bands (Hunter Hunted, Radical Face--"Always Gold" and "Welcome Home", NONONO--"Pumpin' Blood"!, the National Parks, Smallpools, Talisco, OneRepublic--though that love began before, I'm still counting it because they are so good)
-cared for and fell in love with so many wonderful children
-went to Comic Con twice
-got in a car crash
-applied for my dream job that I swear I have to get. I pretty much want need it so bad.
-went to about a gazillion weddings and made tons of wedding videos and had a great time at them all
-read books like The Book Thief, Fangirl, Eleanor and Park, Allegiant (nooo!!!), If I Stay (I'll see the movie when I'm 23 I guess) & Where She Went, and lots of really great biographies
-became super obsessed with Frozen
-ran my first (and possibly my last) race
-got a new camera

...and much more.

It's been a good one..and it' ain't stoppin' here :) (despsite what this article might say!)

And now I have to go to bed, because it's almost midnight and I want to go to sleep before it's my birthday! Hah because I'm weird. So goodnight!

(the footage in this video actually happened before I turned 22 (tho all the rest of my roommates were), but I figured it fits this post pretty well so here ya go)


[PFW Spring 2014] Elephant Print Dress

I realized I never posted about this dress..oops! These days I'm so scatterbrained, but I'm trying so hard to post more, especially leading up to Provo Fashion Week!

This dress was one of my favorites. I got the cute elephant print fabric from LA in the fashion district last year and think it's such a great fabric! I had the idea for doing an asymmetrical drop-waist dress, and I think it worked out pretty well, though I wish it would have had a little more of a wow moment. I also would have made it a little longer, but that was just a mistake on my part. I'm short so I always make my dresses to fit me and then they end up being a little shorter on the models..oops! I do love the pretty-ness and simplicity of this look though.

Thanks to my sister Carina for modeling!

Also Provo Fashion Week tickets are on sale so you should probably go buy a ticket to the show now!
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