Beautiful Heartbreaks

Hm. I'm just at a loss of what to write for this post. Actually maybe not. I have been watching or listening to this video multiple times every day this week. It is absolutely beautiful and comforting. Watch it. :)

Really, that song is amazing. With things I struggle with, or have struggled with, lately I've been so mad that I have them. It's not my fault that I struggle with certain things or have different trials, and it is not my fault that some of those things I have to choose to overcome and that they are so difficult to handle. Life is just so hard. But watching this video has been incredibly helpful because it let me realize that when these things happen, the view absolutely wonderful when you overcome them. The harder the challenge, the better the view...And it can become such a beautiful heartbreak to overcome these things. Because no, it's not my fault that I have different trials. But how wonderful if I can overcome them and turn them into something beautiful.

I think about Stephanie Nielson (in the video) and how she was burned by a fire, but no one looks at her as a problem or a trial. She is just seen as beautiful. Beautiful because she overcame something incredibly hard. I want to be like Stephanie and others like her one day. Anyways..those are just my thoughts of the day..

On a completely different sidenote, I really love this outfit. Red and yellow look just lovely together. And they are fall colors that can never go out of season! Plus the glasses just add something else altogether..something awesome haha. And one more sidenote....HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I will be sure to spill all the deets on my costume and Halloween events and such tomorrow!


I Want to be This Cool...

These women are awesome! They are still expressing their style even though they are older and people don't really expect them to dress the way they do. But they don't care what others think and do and dress how they want. This is how I want to be..seriously, these ladies are SO cool. :)


Pinterest Friday [Halloween Edition]

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There ya go! Happy Halloween everyone! What are you gonna be?! Better question...what am I gonna be? Haha ;) Just kidding, I have something planned. And don't worry, just like everyone else, I will most definitely be blogging about it. :)

If you haven't seen this video (or even if you have), you should totally watch it, it's sweet! It'll get you in the Halloween spookiness, dancing mood, and probably the Christmas spirit, because it's a lot of lights. Ha.

And one more thing..for some reason, some of the pins that I wanted to put on here weren't showing up, so feel free to check all the rest of them out here! Happy pinning...and Halloween!


Never Say Never!

Black and brown...you know I really used to hate the color combination, but I love it now. I'm always wearing my brown bag (pictured above) with everything, especially my black dresses. And then I wore the belt on top of the black as well. I don't know how..but somehow it works, and I like it :)

Also this bun updo thing going on. Ever since I had stopped taking ballet classes I hadn't worn my hair in a bun in so long and I didn't want to. Maybe it was the fact that I missed dance but I was just trying to cut it out my life completely, because buns are really a ballerina's look...or it also could have been the fact that buns are uncomfortable and not necessarily attractive unless you're in a black leotard and pink tights. ;) But now here I am wearing these messy buns on top of my head at least once if not twice a week. And I love them. And they're not the typical tight ballerina bun, so I like it. These buns have popped up all over campus this fall! I like to call it the "blogger bun" considering it's popped up all over the blogosphere as well haha.

And then this dress...it's DownEast Basics and its actually the first clothing item I ever bought from work, even though I said I'd never buy a DownEast dress because they are so expensive (and now I have other reasons for disliking them as well...) and I said I'd probably never buy something from the bookstore. Yet here are these pictures, and here is the dress. And, well..I love it. :)

So lesson learned folks, you can never say never!

P.S. If you really want to hear my reason for why I dislike DownEast Basics so much these days, I might tell you...if enough people click the "like" button at the bottom of this post. It's a dramatic reason really, but a reason nonetheless.



Isn't this such a great quote? I think so :)

Also, there's a great article the NY Times wrote about being Young, Hip, and Mormon. I figured I'd share it since it talks about fashion and Mormons, and that's kinda what I do and love :) Check it out here! It has a questionable take on some things and I don't know if I completely agree with it all (especially at the end when it talks about "how to get around it," but it is an interesting read and I'd recommend it. It's cool that they New York Times is writing about Mormons and fashion. It proves that people are noticing and not in a bad way :)


I think that we have all have "signs." Some of them are hanging around our necks, and others are hiding under our bed. I think we all wish we could share the latter of the signs openly. But because we are too scared to do so, we just give little hints or small signs, hoping someone will notice. The signs hanging around our necks  are true, but they don't tell our whole story, only the good parts. My sign says something like this:

I'm Kailee. I'm a girl who loves fashion, Carrie Underwood, Harry Potter, and the color purple. I wear cute outfits every day and then post them on my blog for everyone to see. I have so many great friends, I go on a lot of dates, and I live close to a family who I adore and who loves me. I go to BYU, am majoring in Family Studies, and I love it a lot. I have a great job where I get to do displays and change mannequins and work with super fun people. I love to listen to people and be there for my friends when they need someone. I am such a happy girl and I have a wonderful and lucky life.

All that is pretty much completely true. Yet I read that, and I know there is so much more to me than that paragraph. Those aren't the things I'm usually thinking in my head and they are not the only things that rule what is going on in my life. Wouldn't it be nice if we could walk around with signs on our neck that shared things that we were struggling with or going through? We'd probably stop being jealous of others and instead be kind to every person we meet. My sign like that would be something like this:

I'm Kailee. Today I came home and cried, because I cry a lot and because life can be really difficult sometimes. One of my best friends is leaving on a mission today. I'm trying so hard to not fall behind in school because last semester I really didn't get the best grades. I get so distracted sometimes and I'm trying to manage that and school and friend time. My job has been stressing me out lately and putting a lot of pressure on me. I've never been kissed and never had a boyfriend, and sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever love me, treat me like a princess, and want to marry me. I feel like I never dress cute enough. I feel like I'm competing with the blogging world to be successful in everything in life and I'm failing miserably. I'm so insecure and struggle with things that only my journal and close friends know about. Please be nice to me, because I just don't know if I can take anything else today without breaking down.

Both signs are true, but one is hidden inside.
Everyone has these signs, yet do we really think about it or realize it? Sometimes we get so annoyed when a person at a store is rude to us or we take offense when someone is acting more shy than usual towards us, but maybe that's one of their little signs that something is wrong. Do we ever think that maybe when someone is taking a nap or going to bed early, it's because they are exhausted from life? Or when they end up showing late for something, it's because they were trying to deal with other difficult, more important things? Do we realize that maybe a girl who won't talk to anyone isn't stuck up, but just scared of people and what they'll think of her?

We all have our own signs. What does yours read? Let's try and be understanding and kind to everyone we meet, because you never know what their sign might read. Remember, there are two signs, but we usually only see one.

Inspired by this post.


NO Fat Talk Allowed!

"She is so fat."
"Oh my gosh, I can't eat that, it's bad."
"I just need to lose all of this extra baby weight!"
"Wow you are so skinny!"
"Once I lose 10 pounds, life will be so much better."
"Does this make me look fat?"
"Sometimes I wish I had an eating disorder because then it means I'd be skinny. Haha just kidding!"
"That girl must be less than a hundred pounds she's so skinny. Lucky!"
"I wish I were as thin as her."
"I need to lose weight. No Freshman 15 for me!"

Raise your hand if you've heard all of these phrases or something like them within the past month. We should probably all be raising our hands. Isn't our society crazy? There are girls and women left and right saying all sorts of stuff like this...and it's normal. Do we even notice it? I'm definitely guilty of saying some of the above things more than once and or hearing someone else say it and let it slide as a passable comment. The above pictures are from forever ago and there's actually a reason for that. I never posted these because when I looked at them later, I didn't like how I looked in them and I felt insecure about them. I came upon these pictures again yesterday and wondered why in the world I didn't like them. They are fine pictures, the dress is cute, my hair is cute and I look cute! But yet, something about the way I was feeling affected how I felt about those pictures. We all do things like this all the time. Do we have to live this way, with everyone body bashing themselves and judging and comparing everyone around them? The answer is no, we don't need to live this way. We can change this.

This week is "Fat Talk Free Week." I hope that with me, you'll pay attention to yourself and others saying things that have to do with weight and putting a worth on weight. Start with an awareness of just noticing it happen. And then eventually we start to make a difference by stopping fat talk ourselves and calling out other people when they say it. Just for this week, let's make the world a better place and have no fat talk. There are better things to talk about than weight and we are worth so much more than what we look like.

And just to share, this is one of my new favorite quotes (from the November issue of O magazine):
"You cannot be a healthy person, let alone hope for healthy children, if you sigh and moan every time you encounter your own image, eat a cookie, or see an airbrushed model on a billboard. Even if it amounts to wholesale pretending, go pretend. Walk around pretending to be a woman who likes her body...because every step toward self-love you take, and every inch of confidence you give someone's daughter, makes the world a better place...

"You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful." -Amy Bloom

And in case you want to learn more about this stuff, three of my favorite websites for it are:

Beauty Redefined
Healthy is the New Skinny
BYU Women's Services and Resources

I'd definitely recommend checking them out. :) Go no fat talk! We can do it and make a difference!


[Ultimate Harry Potter Party] It's Party Time!

Sorry this post is late! I've been busy and tired and life is crazy. :) But I'm excited to tell you about the actual party!

First, the costumes. Below is a picture of Katie and I! We went to DI the day of the party in search for some awesome stuff to use for our costumes. Katie wanted to be a Gryffindor and I knew I had to be a Ravenclaw, considering that's what I got sorted as on Pottermore (trust me, it's official!). We found some perfect ties for our costumes--Katie and red and gold tie, and me a blue and silver one. It's like they were just waiting for us! Then we just used white button down shirt and black skirts. We got some awesome socks at the dollar store and wore black shoes. Katie's Gryffindor cardigan is actually mine that I let her borrow. I love that cardigan. :) I got it at Hot Topic in July for the midnight showing of the movie. And I just pinned one of our badges from the sorting hat to show my Ravenclaw-ness. For such last minute costumes, I think we did pretty great!

People actually started showing up for the party just a little bit after 8:30, which was awesome! We were so happy to see many dressed in their wizard/Harry Potter attire. :)
For my birthday, my aunt gave me a SWEET wand! In case you're interested, my official wand (as said in Pottermore) is 10 1/4 inches, Vine with a Unicorn core, and slightly yielding. Yes. Closer picture below. I definitely carried it around the whole party and (how nerdy and I for saying this) but it felt so natural to just carry around a wand! I say we all replace our cell phones with wands. SO much cooler.

 Many of our wizarding friends were in attendance. You can see Ron and Bellatrix in the picture below and Luna Lovegood a few pictures down :)

We also spontaneously decided to play Harry Potter charades! We divided up whoever wanted to play into Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs against Ravenclaws and Slytherins. They acted out different things like characters, spells, creatures, and so forth. Lots of fun!!

Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs (Professor Trelawney is holding the "badger")!

Slytherins and Ravenclaws (you can see Narcissa Malfoy was also in attendance..)

This is the only picture I got of charades and I'm not sure what is being acted out here, but it's nonetheless prove of our party activities. :)

And then there were lots more friends...

Roomies! I love this picture :D

Haha this was so funny. These two boys randomly came in running in our apartment and they said that he stole the egg from the Hungarian Horntail. Too great!!

Lots of socks :)

And then after everyone left we got crazy. Katie had new plans for her tie. We were obviously a little delirious. Maybe there were gnargles in the air? ;)

And one last picture to end our awesome night!

So all in all, I have absolutely no regrets. The party turned out as awesome as we wanted it to be and it was SO fun. Seriously, it was probably one of the best nights of my life, because I just love Harry Potter so much! It took a lot of work, but it was all totally worth it because it was a really fun party. People kept telling us how impressed they were too and how it was one of their favorite parties they have ever been to. Success? Most definitely. :D

[Total Budget Spent] $85.85

[Party Worth] Priceless!

To read the other posts about the party, click on these links:


[Ultimate Harry Potter Party] The Set-Up/Decorations

Ok this post is going to be a quickie because I'm tired. Sorry it's being posted so late!

So our set-up had to be fairly simple, considering we live in an apartment that isn't huge and is definitely more than 20 years old. Yes. So we did the best we could. We got tablecloths from the dollar store and covered the walls to make it look like the gryffindor common room. I printed out these cool posters and we put them on the wall to add a little more. We also got cobwebs and put them around the room and yellow and red crepe paper to put on the ceiling.
We were so exhausted after the party! This is the best picture I got of the whole set-up of the room.
Hogwarts house posters

I already showed pictures of the food but I figured I'd show these two again since they did have to do with the set-up of the party.

The Sorting Hat: We found this old black hat at DI (a thrift store--they're all over Utah) by "sheer dumb luck" (who said that in Harry Potter?! ;)). It didn't look exactly like the sorting hat in the movie or anything, but it definitely worked and served it's purpose. When people walked in, they reached into the hat, pulled out a house badge and then pinned it on themselves. Later on, the badges served a purpose when we played Harry Potter charades against houses (more on that next time).
Closer look at the sign
My roommate Kelsey is an art major (and in the BFA program!) and was awesome enough to draw a picture of the fat lady to put on the door! It turned out super sweet and she seriously got it done in like 15-20 minutes. Amazing, right??

Ha, we made a sign that said, "This Way to the Ministry of Magic" for the bathroom, since that's how people traveled to the Ministry in the books and movie. Clever! I found the idea from Pinterest and the original link is here. This is my friend Lauren pretending to travel to the Ministry of Magic!

And then...we have the animals... ;) So there's this museum on campus called the Bean Museum where they have TONS of dead animals that have been stuffed and put on display. Like these were all real animals at one point in time. Crazy, right?! They let you rent out a few animals for free (it's just like renting a library book) and you can get up to 10 if you want. Our original plan was to get owls, but when we got to the museum, they were all checked out! :( So then we decided to get the different house animals--a snake, raven, badger (except I think it was a wolverine, we just called it a badger, and a lion. Ha and Kelsey got a penguin as you can see in the picture and they even had a toad so we got that too and named him Trevor. :)

Honestly, when we were first getting them and putting them in my car, I didn't even want to touch them because I was so grossed out. Real animals that were now dead! Um...no. But then we had to carry them inside so I had to get over my high-maintenance ways and do it. And now..the animals are practically family because they've been in our apartment for almost a week!
Getting the animals from the museum into my car!
House animals
 My friend Lauren (picture above as Professor Trelawney) actually got two owls for us from the museum that morning (that's why there were no owls there!) and brought them with her when she came. They definitely completed the party! You can also see Trevor the Toad in the corner. We addressed an envelope to Albus Dumbledore and put it in the owl's beak.
 Now we just have eight dead, stuffed animals around our apartment...no big deal, right??

Read tomorrow to hear about the actual party!! Last Harry Potter party post! :( I hope you are enjoying hearing about the party as much as I am loving writing about it!!

Decorations: about $15 (for the tablecloths, spiderwebs, sorting hat, and the cost to print out the badges and posters)
Food: $52.85
Invitations: $18
Total: $85.85

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