Absolutely Perfect

The weather for these pictures was absolutely perfect. And these colors are absolutely perfect. And these things are both very ironic considering life is everything but perfect. But let's not talk about that... I really really looooove these colors! So much. Coral is my absolute favorite color to wear and this this yellow cardigan compliments it perfectly. And the weather these days has been pretty cool but today it's been mid-60s so it's just right that I feel fine wearing a light cardigan. I'm not looking forward to the weather getting even colder. :( But it's a part of life and at least it means fall (or winter?) outfits! And maybe a new season means changes in life...hopefully ha.

I realized it's crazy how I completely remember where I got all my clothes from. And with most of them I remember when and like what situation I was in when I got them. Is it my great memory? Or my love for fashion? Or just normal? Haha do you guys remember where you got all your clothes from? It's just a thought that was in my mind.

Cardigan: Thrifted

Coral Shirt: Wet Seal

Pants: Ross

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Rue 21


  1. I remember where I bought everything and usually how much I bought it for :) Crazy. And when I share my info...I get weird looks! Good for you Kailee!

  2. Yes, I remember where I bought things and when :) I think that's why people like us have daily fashion blogs :) PS...you inspired me so I think I will start a separate blog for what I wear in case my regular blog readers don't want to see. Thanks for inspring me!!


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