New Years Resolutions

This year...my New Year's Resolution is...(drum roll please):

to not have a New Year's resolution! :)

People are constantly making goals at the beginning of the year and never keeping them. And I've always wondered why we only make goals at the start of the year. We should be making goals every day, whether it's January 1st, March 22, July 10, or October 4. My goal is to make continuous goals throughout the year instead of making a bunch right now and not keeping them. I want to be able to work on improving myself all the time and make little goals instead of big ones. Every day is a new start. If I make a mistake one day, I can try again the next. And if I make a mistake that day, I'll try again the next day. The point I'm trying to get at is that yes, we can still make New Year's resolutions, but we should have resolutions for every day. Some of my every day resolutions are going to be:

Keep my room clean
Compliment at least 5 people
Wake up on time and go to bed by 11
Get my required homework and studying done
Take out my contacts every night

Ok, well happy new year in a few days everyone! More updates on my Christmas break will come soon. :)



Yes, I'm overdue for a blog post.
Yes, I'm super stressed right now.
Yes, I should be studying for finals at the moment.
Yes! I get to go home on Saturday!
Yes, I'm tired.
Yes, I'm getting a little tired of walking in all the snow.
Yes, I'm gonna stop now!

So basically, I have no time to write a post, so this is what you get. More will come later. Cross my heart and hope to die. Until then, wish me luck on my finals and hope I don't die before I finish them all. Really though. Yes, I'm going to bed now. Two finals tomorrow!!! :(


I Am Glad For Many Things...

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Sorry it's been a little while since I posted. But yay, thanksgiving! This means Christmas music can be played officially, Black Friday is tomorrow, and there was much food today! Here are 10 things I'm thankful for:

1. The fact that I'm going to BYU, the college I've wanted to go to my whole life.

2. My family and how I get to spend time with them during this break

3. That I have a good job in this economy

4. The little bit of snow that is outside

5. My purple digital camera

6. All my best friends! And my roommates! :) I have no idea where I'd be without them.

7. Books. I can go anywhere with them.

8. Carrie Underwood's new album, Play On. I love her!!!

9. My laptop that I'm typing on right now.

10. My life. I am so SO blessed!

Have a great thanksgiving everyone! And good luck to all those black friday shoppers tomorrow. I'm one of them! :)


Happy Days Have Come My Way.. :)

College is happy, good, and still so FUN! Just some pictures from the past few weeks.. :)


Halloween 2009!

Yep, we went as gangstas. Fo shizzle dawg. :D


My Life (from the past few weeks) in Pictures

My 18th birthday! I got to home and spend it with my fam. We watched Fame (one of the best movies ever!), went to Chuck E Cheese's, went to the Sunday morning session of general conference, and celebrated and opened presents at my grandparents' house. I had a high school musical cake which was awesome! It was such a fun birthday and I had a blast. Some presents I got were: a purple digital camera (i will have better pictures on here now!), High School Musical barbies :), the Fame soundtrack, and cute clothes. Also, I got lots of birthday money that I spent shopping at the mall. It was great! :)

Brooke and I went shopping at the mall (this was when I spent my birthday money)! We decided to go the Disney store and take a picture with our friends Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse.

I posted a while back about how Brooke and I went to take pictures of each other so we decided to it again! We went to this cute stream/waterfall near our dorms. And we wore matching clothes. hehe


What we do for fun...

Yes...Brooke, Hollie and I did this video at like midnight. So if you want a laugh and haven't already seen it on facebook, here is our amazing show. Trust me, you'll die of laughter it's so funny! :D


Just Bored ;)

I don't know why, but I'm kind of bored right now, and my roommates are all busy, so I'm just writing in my blog. I only posted like 12 hours ago, but when I have nothing else to do, why not? :)

I can't remember if I said this already, but my calling is being on the compassionate service committee!!! We just had a meeting and I can already tell that it is going to be such a great and fun calling. There is one girl from each apartment that is on the committee and we have to watch the other girls in our dorm to see if they need anything or help them out. Then as a committee, we'll think of stuff to do for them. It's going to be great being able to serve everyone and have fun doing it. I love doing things for other people, so I feel like being on this committee is really perfect for me. I'm so excited!!!

Today there's a game at four, but I'm working from 2 to 6, so I don't think I'll make it. The relief society broadcast is at 6, so I think I'll just go to that straight after work. They're rebroadcasting it tomorrow, but I'll already be there, so I might as well see it tonight.

So the best movie ever came out yesterday.....FAME! I have been dying to see this movie ever since I heard it was coming out and its finally been released in theaters! I haven't seen it yet, but I already know its probably going to be one of my favorite movies. I'm gonna see it next week with my family for my birthday, so hopefully I can wait that long... :) There's a music video I really like, so I put it on here. You can also see the trailers on youtube. Oh, and the movie is even PG. Yay!!! :)

Happiness Is... :)

I have been so happy here at college. Like I can be whoever I want to be. In high school, there were cliques, and sometimes I felt like I couldn't completely be myself or I had to be "cool." But here, I'm myself--crazy, girly, random. :D

One of the reasons I'm feeling so great is because of ballet. It was so hard to quit last year (I had dancing withdrawals, no joke) but coming back to something I adore after leaving it just made it that much more valuable. I appreciate ballet so much more now and I try so hard every day, because I don't want to take it for granted. It's also weird because I feel like I'm doing so much better than I did before in ballet, even though I haven't done it for a year. I think the main reason of this is confidence. Here at BYU, I've had a fresh start where no one knows how well I dance or who the best dancers in the class are. At Clytie Adams, it seemed the same every year and there was a lot of competition, even though we were all still nice to each other. I like how everyone is chill here and its not really about being better than another person, it's about being better for yourself. :)

Tonight, I got to see one of my best friends from my home ward, Lindsay. I was so happy when she told me she was in town. It was great to just catch up and talk. I loved the girls in my home ward, and seeing her was like having a little bit of home here. We talked for like four hours and then went out for a late snack at Carl's Jr. with her mom (who was my old young women president, so it was great to see her too). It made my night being able to hang out with her!

Nothing else exciting has been happening in my life, but I feel good. College life is treating me well. I have one week left of childhood, isn't that strange? One week until I'm 18, become an adult. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I know I won't feel different, but it will be different. People will treat me like an adult, expect me to make smart choices, and be responsible. My voice will be heard and my vote will count. I'm probably making this a bigger deal than it really is, but being an adult is important to me. I have to make my own decisions and maybe influence others too. It's weird, but its a new chapter of my life I'm anxious to start!


Happy Birthday Kelly!!!!!

Yesterday was my roommate Kelly's birthday. She turned nineteen so we celebrated it at FHE (which I couldn't make it to cuz of work) and in our building. It was lots of fun! Kelly is soooo funny and way nice. And she is originally from Peru so we speak Spanish! Its great. ;) Oh and it was also our "adopted roommate" Isabel's birthday. :)

Celebrating Kelly's and Isabel's birthdays with our whole building.

Hollie playing "Happy Birthday" on her concertina. Kind of like an accordian....haha
We love Kelly!

Opening presents!

Visitors!!!!! :D

This weekend, two of our friends Jen and Camie came to visit us!!!! It was so much fun! We went to Provo Canyon on Friday, to the football game on Saturday (with BYU's dreadful loss), went to a dance party in one of our friend's apartments, and then had a sleepover! Oh and it was also raining so we danced in the rain. :) On Sunday we went to church and then went around and took cute pictures. There was also a stake fireside that night. I love my friends here and its so much fun when everyone comes up to visit.

Hollie, Me, Lizzy, Anna, and Michelle at the football game!
The super depressing score at the end of the game :(

This is Christine (left) and Jen! When we met Christine, we thought she was just like Jen! So basically they're twins and we were so excited for them to meet! :D

DANCE PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh you know, just dancing in the rain! :) Loved this!
Sleepover time!

We fit two small couches together and somehow five us slept on it...

Before church (or maybe right after).

There is a long explanation behind this picture....
Cute! I love this picture!

Trying to kiss a duck :P

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