Let Youtube Do the Talking

Um....hi! Life is busy...full of tests, papers, sewing, socializing, and barbie clothes making! It's all lots of fun but it all means I have little time to spare. However, I have had time this week to watch these two AH-mazing youtube videos.

The first is a song from Glee. Yes, I watch the show, but I guarantee that even if you don't watch the show, you will LOVE this song. It's a mash-up of two Adele songs, Someone Like You and Rumour Has It. If you do anything in your life today, just watch and listen to this song. I can't even count how many times I've heard it in the past week...it's incredible!

The second is a movie trailer for the Hunger Games movie! Man oh man, sometime you worry about books being made into movies, especially really good books. But I have a lot of hope and faith for this one. The trailer looks incredible and the casting is awesome! Whether you've read the books or not (which, btw, you should read the books), just watch this trailer and be excited for March!

Enjoy the videos! Let me know what you think! :)


Man Day

I felt such like a man the day I wore this outfit. Why? Well, the sweater used to be my dad's, I found the boots in the men's shoes section at DI, and I wore almost no makeup this day (except a teeny bit of mascara). So that is about as "manly" as I get. But don't get me wrong, I felt awesome this day. I love the sweater, considering it's from Guatemala and I'm half Guatemala. I love the boots...it rained this day and they completely kept the water out--it was wonderful! And wearing no makeup felt pretty stress free and amazing. Oh yes. It was actually the first time I haven't worn makeup all day in public for like 5 years. Crazy huh? I need to do this more often!

On a more girly note, I've been sewing a lot! I'm in the middle of making a super cute navy and white dress (without a pattern, like usual) and I've just been designing it and coming up with it as I go. I'm thinking it'll look pretty great when it's all done and I of course will post it on here! I also sewed a purple ball gown for a very special friend...perhaps I will show you a picture or two of her wearing the dress? Stay tuned for that. Oh and don't worry, I haven't forgotten that I promised to tell you the story of why I am so annoyed with DownEast Basics these days (back in this post) so stay tuned for that as well! It's a story you do NOT want to miss.

Anywho, as I write this, my eyes droop more and more. So I'll bid you adieu until tomorrow :)

P.S. Just one last thought. It's 11/11/11 TOMORROW! I'm seriously freaking out and so excited over this! What are you guys gonna do for it, anything exciting? I definitely want to do something fun for this most momentous occasion!!



I'm just kind of sad right now and looking at these pictures makes me sad. I took them in the mirror because I was in my pajamas and totally forgot I hadn't taken pictures of this outfit. Usually I'll just go to bed, but I really loved the outfit so I put it back on and took some quick photos in the mirror...with my wonderful camera. I love my new camera, and guess what.

It broke.

It fell while I was taking outfit pictures (even though I was trying so so hard to make sure it was stable) and now it can't zoom or focus on anything, so when you look through the viewfinder it looks like a big blurry mess.

I'm SO sad. I couldn't blog yesterday because I was just sad and it still makes me wanna cry just writing this. I'm hoping it will get fixed but otherwise somehow I'll get another one (the same kind of camera). I seriously just feel like I lost my best friend and my most prized possession. I didn't know we could have feelings for such items as a camera, but it's how I feel.

So I'm sorry for crappy outfit photos (although I have to be honest that I do love mirror pictures) and I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday. But mostly I'm just really sad and sorry that my best friend is currently broken. :(


Funny Pinterest Friday

So when things are funny, I tend to laugh out loud super hard to them. And then when I'm done laughing, I go and tell/show these funny things to my roommate Heidi, who proceeds to laugh and then I laugh again, even harder, because it's so much more fun to laugh with people right? I just love laughing. Who doesn't?! Anyways, these are just some funny pins I found on pinterest this week.

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

That cookie monster one gets me every.single.time. It is too sad and too true for probably most of us! hahaha...Have a great friday and weekend everyone! I hope you got some laughs from these. :)


A Dress...and Choices

Is it just me or do I look super awkward in these pictures?! Except the last one, I like that one. This is the dress that I made a while ago. I made it without a pattern and still, almost 6 months later, I love it so much. Obviously it isn't perfect or perfectly made, and I do not want to brag, but this dress makes me happy. :)

Ya know, it's funny. Well not funny. My life is...crazy. I have so much going on right now and life is so hard and struggles come my way every single day. It's also good too, I love my job, roommates, school, and I feel so blessed. Life right now, is just...life, at it's best. And I am pretty darn happy living it right now. I think I am realizing these days that we choose happiness in our lives, nothing that happens in it, good or bad--although it can influence our choice--can make or break the fact of how happy or unhappy we are. So maybe instead of me saying life's good, because it isn't always good, I should just say that I'm good. I'm doing well in the life that was given to me and that I'm living.

We always hear so much about how attitude influences everything and it tends to go over our heads. But it's true. Listen to those true words, because I'm realizing that it does. I am happy in my crazy life and that is all pretty much my choice. You can choose too. :)


Simple Joys

You know what is happy in life?

  -spending time with best friends
  -thrifting trips
  -getting letters in the mail
  -playing the guitar
  -cute places to eat dessert such as The Chocolate
  -amazing classes with teachers that really teach you not only about the subject of class but also teach you things that are applicable in your life--my human development teacher has this great quality
  -the prophet coming to give a devotional at my school!
  -finding Sperry shoes at DI (a thrift store)
  -not wearing any makeup but still feeling okay about it
  -writing meaningful posts

These are some of the simple joys in my life that I experienced yesterday. I didn't even look at yesterday as an awesome day, just a day, but now looking back on it, it was an incredible day! I think if we look for that every day we will find that every single day we live is truly incredible and something worth living for. :)


Happy.Halloween. :)

How was Halloween for you all? Mine was pretty much fabulous. Want to know what I went as?....
Wonder Woman!!!

I think this became my new favorite costume of all the costumes I've done. And that's saying something, considering I've been a 50's girl for like 5 years of my life (one of them being last year). I loved it. Want to hear how it all came together? I found the dress part (the pink top with the pink skirt with the stars on it) at DI for $3. Total score! It's actually a little girl's costume, size 10. But it fit me and I loved it, I couldn't turn it away! But me being the procrastinator I am, I didn't really do anything else with the costume. So then yesterday finally, on Halloween day, I was about to succumb and be lumberjacks with some of my roommates (which was pretty funny, I have to say) and then decided that no, Wonder Woman was sweet and I was going to do it!

So with my inspiration as this (I looked up "pink wonder woman costume" in google images and about a gazillion pictures like this one showed up...it may be a little girl but it was the perfect go-to!) I set out to find something to go with the costume. And after going to DI again for a quick look around, I decided there was no way I was going to find anything too great to go with my costume from there, it was just too specific. So then I thought, you know, I can sew, so why don't I just make the rest of the stuff? So I did! I went to the fabric store and got some white, silver, and hot pink pleather to make the boots, the arm things, the belt, and the headband. I wanted some hot pink tights so I headed over to Target for those and found some great glittery pink tights in the girls section (they fit perfectly yes, and also they were the only hot pink tights left in the store!

When I got home it all surprisingly only took about 2 hours to sew it all, which is pretty good. The costume came together very nicely and I think one of the reasons I loved it so much is because I made a lot of it myself!

Anyways, I went to a trunk or treat my ward did and then went trick or treating to a few houses with other people in my ward. I am falling asleep because I'm writing this the night before you'll read it, so here's are some more pictures from the night.
Roomies :)
What did you guys go as? I really do love seeing what everyone wore for Halloween so please leave me a link to see your Halloween costume. :D

Ahh, guess what? It's November! Which means Thanksgiving is here! And Christmas is TWO MONTHS away! Wow. Time seriously just flies in this world!
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