School is Good...

First term of my Senior year just ended, which is weird to think about, because I've only got three terms left of school. Then it's off to college and living on my own. But I don't want to think about that right now, so I thought I would just write a little about my classes.

Seminary- Seminary is way fun and I have a great teacher and fun class. Lucky for me though, I'm the only piano player, so I play every single day (I don't think I've been marked late, though when I've come in late because my teacher is just happy to see me there). Last week, we played Mario Kart for the Wii and tied it in to scripture mastery. It was lots and lots of fun!

French- I loooove loooove this class. I have lots of friends in here and my teacher is way cool. We talk a lot when we're working (but we still get our work done) and I help everyone on their french homework. Last year, in first year french, I was the best student in both the French classes because I would always get a perfect score on the practice tests my teacher gave us. This year, we still have practice tests, but I've only gotten perfect (pas de fautes) on two of four of them. But my grade still ended up being an A, with over 100%! Sadly, I'm not taking this class next year, because I wanted to take this other class instead.

AP Calculus- This class is great, because I have some fun friends in here and I've done way good in math this year, thankfully. I did good last year too, but things can always change. I kept an A the whole term, though, which meant I didn't have to take the final test, because the teachers drop one of our tests from our grade. But now the stuff is getting harder, so hopefully I can stay caught up!

Fashion Merchandising- This is my absolute most favorite class! It is really fun and we learn about different clothes styles and what different people would wear. I just finished doing a designer report on Nicole Miller and we are now working on a "runway show" that we will be doing during lunch. I had only been taking this class for college credit at the beginning of the year, but now I absolutely love it. I dropped French so I could take the next level up of this class, because it's lots of fun!

AP Calculus Lab- In this class, we just work on our math homework, which is nice because it means we have a lot less to do at home, if any at all. There's not much else to say.

AP English- This class is pretty fun too. So far, we've read the books "Frankenstein" and "Anthem" and a billion of short stories. Right now we're reading "Beowulf" in class and reading "A Christmas Carol" and "Great Expectations" at home. My teacher talks a lot in class, she's kind of old, and I could probably tell you her whole life story by now. :D I have some way crazy and funny friends in there, though, and we write down the funny stuff that she says. It's so hard not laughing sometimes. Unfortunately, this is the only class I got an A- in, but I'm going to try extra hard next term to get it to an A.

Interior Design- This class is a lot of work, but still lots of fun. We learn how to decorate houses and what kind of things you need to think about when you do. I know a lot about the different kinds of windows, doors, roofs, etc. now. This class is also for college credit and I really enjoy it lots. My teacher likes to do more hands on work, too, so its more fun.

Yearbook- Yearbook is basically the best! We have so much we can do in this class. At the beginning of class everyone gets on Facebook (I know kind of pathetic) and then we work on our spreads and stuff like that. Some days we go take pictures and other days we just goof around (like one day, we all hid in cupboards and scared this kid on the yearbook staff when he came in the room. hehe it was pretty funny). We just finished our first deadline and I did a page on backpacks and another on the ACT prep class. My next page is due in December and its on English. Its busy, busy, busy!!!


I loooove UEA!!!

This weekend was so much fun! We had UEA weekend, which meant we got school off on Thursday and Friday. It was so nice to have only 3 days of school and a 4 day weekend! I did a lot of stuff every day and it was way awesome!

Wednesday: Technically, we still had school on Wednesday, but I went to the football game, so I'm counting that night as UEA. I went to the football game with one of my friends. We played against Northridge high school and beat them something like 30 to 7. It was a way fun game and we stormed the field when it was done. Then we went home and went to bed.

Thursday: My friends wanted me to hang out the whole day but I didn't really want to waste my whole day doing that so in the morning, I did a few chores and then later I went shopping with my brother and sister. I still had an art class (for college) so I went to that and learned about positive and negative space. :) Then I went with my friends. We mostly just talked and then started to watch a movie, but I went home, so I didn't get to see the rest.

Friday: On Friday morning, I did more chores (surprise, surprise) and then went out with my family later and some other fun relatives and saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth." To be truthful, I thought it was probably going to be kind of dumb, but it turned out to be pretty cool. Right before that we went to a park and had fun there.
Me in the middle (in the brown shirt) with my siblings and cousins! Notice my brother reading--he couldn't even look up for a picture the book was so good. haha, typical of him!

(Friday continued) That night, I went to a masquerade with some of my friends from yearbook staff. Another girl who's on yearbook was throwing it. It turned out to be way fun. The girl's mom is a teacher at this junior high so they did it there in the cafeteria. There was food and music and stuff, too. We played some games and learned a dance too, so it turned out to be pretty sweet.

Early in the morning, I went with some friends to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. We didn't actually get to do baptisms, just confirmations, because the temple was so busy and some group of like 20 youth showed up unexpectedly. We would have stayed, but Courtney had to be somewhere so we just left.
Brooke and Courtney pretending to be asleep (not that the temple is boring!)

Who knows what I'm doing. :D

Brooke loves the temple!! It gets two thumbs up!

(Saturday continued) Later in the day, I had to go to work for eight hours (ugh!) but it turned out to be okay. I was there until eleven so I was way tired when I got home and went straight to bed.

Sunday: Sunday was a crazy day (weird, huh)! We went to church and left Sunday school to go to one boy's mission farewell (he was in our ward before it split and is an absolutely awesome kid). Then at 3 we went to ward choir practice (where I play the piano) and sang songs. At 5 there was a youth choir practice and right after that we were supposed to have a fireside by John Bytheway (it really is his last name!). However, he thought the fireside was at 7 and so he was about half an hour late, so we just sang songs until he came. It turned out to be a great fireside, and he was one of the funniest speakers I've ever heard! Then we got home, and sadly, we missed all of the "Amazing Race", so Cee Ryle had to tell us what happened. It was very hectic, but fun.

UEA turned out to be great and I really dreaded going back to school on Monday. Thankfully the week has gone by fast, and another weekend is already almost here!

P.S. High School Musical 3 comes out TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I were seeing the midnight show, but I will see it with my family to celebrate my birthday (a little late, I know). But I'm thoroughly excited and CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! That's all, have a great day!


It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas....?

Yeah, I'm confused too. For some silly reason, we already have snow in the beginning of October!! It snowed like crazy yesterday and when I woke up this morning, everything was covered in snow. Its not even Halloween, and it feels like Christmastime with everyone bundled up, building snowmen, the fireplace on, and snow outside. I was in such a Christmas mood, that I played a few Christmas songs on the piano (pathetic, huh?). I do wish it would come, though, because Christmas really is my favorite time of the year and its so much fun! Sadly, this snow is probably just a preview of what is to come. I'm sure there is much, much more snow that will be coming in the next few months. I hope we at least get a snow day out of it!
Our front yard and some of the houses on our culdesac covered in snow.

Cee Ryle went out to build a snowman!


Foootball Games!!!

So just this past Friday I went to a Football game with some friends. I had so much fun! The game was against our rival, Viewmont, so it was a super fun game because everybody really wanted us to win. We were basically crazy the whole time and had lots of fun cheering really loud. We ended up winning 14 to 3, which was great, because we really didn't even expect to beat them (our team lost to a really bad school last week for the Homecoming game, so we kind of figured we'd lose this game, but I guess not!).

After the game, we went to Wendy's to eat with some other people from our school, except everyone else besides us, was from Viewmont, so they were kind of bitter towards us. They imitated one girl's laugh and were throwing kids meal toys at us. It was pretty pathetic and way immature so we just left and then went home. It was such a fun night though! My friend took some pictures, so I put them on here.

Camie, Brooke, and me making strange faces (we stole the camera).

From left to right: Kaylin, Michelle, Brooke, Anna, Jen, and me

P.S. Some things I got for my birthday were CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT TICKETS!!!! (can you tell I'm excited?), these way cute pink boots, cute clothes and other shoes, scrapbook stuff, the CD and DVD of August Rush (such a good movie!), and lots of other fun stuff!


My 17th Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I'm officially seventeen years old! I think it is so weird that I'm already seventeen, because my sixteenth birthday really doesn't seem like it was that long ago. And now here I am a year later. To most people, seventeen probably doesn't sound that important, but to me it really means a lot (more than being old enough to donate blood). I only have one more year of being a real kid, and so I really have to make the best of it! Its my Senior year and I'm going to make sure I have fun and be happy, even though I will still have to worry about other stuff, like going to college and figuring out a career and other stuff like that. I thought I would write down some goals I have for the next year:
  • Have fun!!!!
  • Get accepted to my dream college
  • Continue working on getting my associate's degree
  • Graduate from high school
  • Be amazing at being myself :)
Now I just wanted to post some pictures of things I have done over my days of being sixteen... (and it helps me get caught up on everything I haven't posted).
the Masquerade

Going to wonderful, fun, amazing CHICAGO!!

Going to Nauvoo--so amazing!

the first day of my Senior year

Homecoming 2008

Nutcracker 2007- my last year :(

Prom 2008

The Arts Festival in June

Ballet recital- June 2008
The fourth of July 2008

The Halloween dance 2007

Doing crazy stuff in the mall for young women

Young Women's Basketball--we made it all the way to the championship!

Easter 2008 (our funny picture)

My sixteenth birthday and my surprise party!

Overall, I think I had a great year being sixteen and I hope seventeen will be even better! Thats all for today.

P.S. If I fail to keep up or anything or you want to know about some of these things I never blogged about, you can check the blog my mom does for our family. The link is



Swimming with Wardies

Last Tuesday, our ward had a pool party at Farmington pool. First we had a barbecue and then we went swimming! Except that one of my leader's already has a pool, so some of my friends wanted to go there instead, because it wouldn't be as crowded. Me and my other friend, Brooke, almost didn't go with them, because we could swim at our leader's house any day for free, but we could only swim at Farmington free for that day. In the end we decided to go to our leader's pool because all our friends would be there and it was a lot less crowded. We had soooooooo much fun! Here are some pictures of my fun and crazy night.

Luke goes in for a flip!

Courtney jumping.

Everyone is talking as Luke goes underwater.

Luke goes down the slide.

Brooke jumping and doing a pose.

It looks like she's walking on water. Weird!

Me, doing an amazing cannonball!

From left to right: Charly, Janae, Courtney, Brooke, and Thomas

Brooke does a pose (am I not a great photographer?)!

We had so much fun. What a great night!



Last week, from the 18th to the 21st, my mom, dad, my sister C, and I had a great opportunity to go on trek. It turned out to be a good and fun experience, though we had a lot of blisters by the end.

Day 1 (Wednesday):
We got to the church at 7 am and left on the buses soon after. We were already dressed in our pioneer clothes. Once we got to the site (somewhere around the border of Utah and Wyoming), we were immediately put into our families. I got into the Woods family. There were six boys and three girls (including me) in our family. Their names were: Avala, Natalie, Kyle, Blake, Isaac, Taylor, Jordan, and Randy.

We walked 18 miles the first day! It was a way tough day! Tons of people got blisters and sunburns from just the first day. We also had the women's pull that was a hard thing, because the women had to pull up a huge hill. It was really great to come up though and see the men at the top in lines with their hats off to us. After we passed them, they hurried up to help us. It was awesome. The first day was really hard, but we were sooooo happy to see the port-a-potties because it meant we were setting up camp.

We got to camp pretty late, around like 9 pm and set up our tents out of tarps and wood poles. After that we got our dishes and had a yummy dinner of taco soup. It was really cold during all the nights, especially since the tarps weren't insulated or anything. It felt good to sleep, though, after a very exhausting day.

Day 2 (Thursday):We woke up at about eight in the morning and had a quick devotional. Then, we had breakfast, took down our tents, and then went over for a devotional that Bro McKay gave. It was really good. He talked about how proud we should be of our American flag and told the story behind the "Star Spangled Banner." Then, we head to walk once more. We walked about eight miles, which wasn't as long as the day before, but still tired us out a lot.

We had to set up our tents once again, but my family kept having problems. We ended up having to start over, which was NOT what my Pa wanted to do, but the only thing we really could do. Our tent was already a big mess. We then had dinner, listened to some music that was played by some of the people who had brought their instruments, and then had a much needed sleep.
Me, my friend Courtney, and her brother Jordan listening to music (by the way, my mom--not ma, mom-- took all the pics.)

Day 3 (Friday):

Friday was a nice day, because we didn't have to walk. It was a day full of fun, games, and spirituality. We played a lot of games that pioneers might have played then. My family won most of the games, except for a log-cutting one and the three legged race (we got disqualified on that one).
Me on the A-Frame thing, where my family had to move it with ropes and not let it fall. We did really good on this one. No mistakes at all!

Me and my "sisters". From left to right: Natalie, me, and Avala

Later on, we had a solo experience for about two hours where we got letters from our parents and a letter from our bishop. It was great to read the letters and think about stuff. Afterwards, we got back and had a testimony meeting, which was great to talk about our testimonies and the solo experience as well.

After dinner, we had a hoe down, where we did some square dancing with a guy calling out the moves. It was a little confusing, but it was fun and I got the hang of it after a few minutes. We also danced to a few line dances and had fun being crazy with those. We had peach cobbler for dessert (yum!) and then stayed up really late, since it was our last night together. My sisters and I stayed up forever just telling jokes and laughing lots. For me, it was probably the coldest night of sleep yet. When I woke up, my feet were numb!

Day 4 (Saturday and the day we go home):

We had to wake up way early on Saturday and woke up to Bro. McKay yelling in his blow horn for a half-hour probably. We had a quick breakfast and then took down our tent. Before going, my family had one last devotional and said one thing we liked about each person. We had to really rush by the end, because it was time to go and we had to hurry and pack our cart. We ended up being the last family to leave.
My family having our last-minute devotional.

We walked about six miles the last day, but it didn't feel that hard compared to everything else we had walked. We passed the time by playing alphabet games and stuff like that. We had fun.

My family pushing the cart (I'm in the front, along with all the other girls).

When we got to camp, Bro. McKay and his wife hadn't come yet--they were older and they walked the whole way, so they were a little behind--so everyone got in two lines to greet them. When they came up, we all sang "The Spirit of God." You could see the happiness from the tears in their eyes. It was a great moment. They did a lot for the whole trek and everyone really appreciated them.
We were so happy when the buses arrived and we got to go home. I slept the whole way back.

Trek was such a fun and awesome experience that I will never forget. My family was great and I had so much fun with them. Even though I can't, if I could go again, then I totally would. It was the best.

Ballet Recital 2008- Earth and Beyond!

Last week, we had our annual ballet recital. The theme this year was Earth and Beyond. My class's dance was Asteroids. We had purple costumes with a short skirt and some sparkly waist and arm bands. It was lots of fun though! We had a super long dance--over 6 minutes, and my teacher was great. Her name is Liz and she is leaving next year to get her Master's Degree in New York! She was an amazing teacher and taught me lots! Here's some fun pics! In the ones where we are doing our dance, I have a ribbon in my hair and a black leotard on. They only had some people wear costumes for rehearsal to test the lighting.

Above is me and my sisters with my aunt, Zildy. I was so happy she came this year, because she has tried to come for a lot of years, but something always comes up, so it was good she came (or I would have been REALLY angry! jk). By the way, I don't have my costume on, because if you dance on pointe, you don't get to keep it.

I can't wait for ballet to start again in August. After the recital, ballet ends for the summer. I always miss it so much! Sadly, this will be my last year to dance at Clytie Adams, because I'm graduating next year. I will miss it so much when it ends!


Fun with Family

About two weeks ago, my aunt, Ruth, and my three cousins came from Texas to visit for a week! We had such a blast. It was cousin crazy for a whole week and we had such a good time. My other aunt, Zildy, came from Salt Lake and stayed a couple of nights too, so that she and her two kids could be around for all the fun. Unfortunately for me, I had work, school, and ballet a lot, so I couldn't be around for as much fun as I wanted to be.

They came on Monday night (I had to leave right after they came because I had a class) and
we had a barbecue and the cousins began bonding by playing the Wii (classic).

I don't really remember too much of the week because I was gone a lot, but I do remember that the mom's went shopping a TON! It seemed like every time I came home, they were out shopping, which made me jealous. >: {

By the end, it was really really sad when they had to leave again. We don't see them very often and its the BEST when we do. I wasn't able to be there for the last goodbye (I was taking the ACT) but from what my mom told me, it was a huge tearfest and everyone was crying like crazy because they didn't want to leave. Just for that reason, I'm glad I wasn't there, because I know I would have been crying too. I hope someday, we'll all be able to live close together again, like we used to, so we don't have to have such sad partings. So yeah, it was lots of fun while it lasted. We hope to see our relatives again soon!

The Last Day of School!

On the last day of school, which was on May 31 for me, my friends and I did lots of fun stuff. We stayed at the school and signed yearbooks for a while and once we were done with that we went to the park. At the park, we played tennis (which has become one of our frequent hobbies, though we're all REALLY bad at it). We also played kickball. We wanted to play volleyball, but there were some other kids around so we figured it would be better if we didn't. After that, we went to a playground and played tag on that a lot (like elementary school!).
Laura and Jackie try going on the tire swing at the playground. They had a little trouble though. :)

Courtney pulls a face as she prepares to go down the slide.

We played a lot on the slide and tried to squish each other as we got to the bottom.
From top to bottom: (Hannah, Jackie, Laura, Courtney)

I'm in the back, trying to be seen!

After that, we went swimming at Farmington pool, except one of my friends, Laura, couldn't come because she had to go to work (I know sad!). Swimming was lots and lots of fun. We were planning to watch a movie later on my Courtney's projector, so we went to Smith's, got lots of treats, and visited Laura while she was working. It was cool.

Then we went and watched the movie, The Forgotten. It was kind of a scary movie but mostly it was just weird. It was fun, and we talked and laughed alot too. Overall, it was an amazingly fun day! I had lots and lots of fun and a great way to hit off summer.
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