Swimming with Wardies

Last Tuesday, our ward had a pool party at Farmington pool. First we had a barbecue and then we went swimming! Except that one of my leader's already has a pool, so some of my friends wanted to go there instead, because it wouldn't be as crowded. Me and my other friend, Brooke, almost didn't go with them, because we could swim at our leader's house any day for free, but we could only swim at Farmington free for that day. In the end we decided to go to our leader's pool because all our friends would be there and it was a lot less crowded. We had soooooooo much fun! Here are some pictures of my fun and crazy night.

Luke goes in for a flip!

Courtney jumping.

Everyone is talking as Luke goes underwater.

Luke goes down the slide.

Brooke jumping and doing a pose.

It looks like she's walking on water. Weird!

Me, doing an amazing cannonball!

From left to right: Charly, Janae, Courtney, Brooke, and Thomas

Brooke does a pose (am I not a great photographer?)!

We had so much fun. What a great night!
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