Recapturing Beauty Day 1: Get Started

So the BYU Women's Services and Resources did a 10 day challenge called Recapturing Beauty like last week. My friend Chelsey did it and it was fun to see the process that she and others went through in it. Soooo... I'm a little late, but I decided to it because it would be good and fun, and it can't hurt right? :) I need something spiritually uplifting in my life right now anyways. We're supposed to write in our journal every day, but I do that anyways and I think I'll put the stuff on here because I want to share this with everyone! You guys should do it too...go HERE and download the full calendar to do the challenge. And if you're a BYU student and you do the challenge, go in to Women's Services and Resources when you're done and they'll give you a cute shirt!

DAY 1:

Today, start your journal for the challenge. Write for at least ten minutes and express gratitude for all the things your body allows you to do. Refrain from weighing yourself today. In fact, refrain from weighing yourself during the 10 days of the challenge.

WHY: Recording your thoughts helps you process your feelings. You will be surprised what surfaces when you give time and voice to your thoughts.When we focus on weight, the number never seems to be the right one. We don’t have to subject ourselves to that grief--weight is not always an accurate measure of health or body fat, and we would do well to eliminate the obsession of weighing ourselves altogether.

My List of things I'm grateful my body can do:
  • My hair can do all sorts of styles and make me look pretty
  • My brain helps me do pretty much everything. I can live with it, make myself move, have a great memory, learn things and retain that knowledge, be creative, think up random things, and have a unique personality.
  • My eyes can glare when I'm angry, brighten when I'm happy, close when I'm tired, and see the whole wonderful world around me.
  • My ears can hear everything--music, people's voices, movies, audio books, the sounds of nature, normal every day sounds.
  • My nose can smell great things like popcorn, roses, pizza, perfume, my BO (to let me know I need to take a shower ha), other people's BO (to know to stay away from them), and just the clear air.
  • My mouth and teeth can eat, smile, frown, talk, be silent, laugh, kiss, and bite my fingernails.
  • My neck can pop (which feels nice), turn my head so I can see stuff all around me instead of just in front of me, make my head bob up and down when I'm listening to a great song, and helps me head bang!
  • My fingers, hands, and arms can play the piano, type, wave hi to people, count, remind me which way is left and which way is right, tie my shoes, pick up things, put food in my mouth, pick my nose (JK!), push the button on my camera to take a picture, and they can grow back the fingernails that my mouth bites.
  • My stomach holds and digests food, lets me know when I'm hungry or full, and will one day hopefully carry many children.
  • My hips keep me balanced and when I dance they keep my turnout. I don't know what else my hips do but I'm sure they have many other uses.
  • My legs DANCE, press the pedal on the piano, walk, run fast, jump and catch me when I come down, let me stand for long periods of time, kick things (and people haha), look great in a skirt, bend, stretch and allow me to hurt them to be more flexible, and give me momentum when I'm on a swing.
  • My toes can be painted, go under excruciating pain but are still usable when I'm on point shoes, form blisters to let me know I'm working hard and to take care of me, and they wiggle.

That was fun to go through my whole body from head to toe! I didn't realize how many things my body can do, whether it's good or bad or just plain weird. However strange it may be...I AM BEAUTIFUL.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure... We ask ourselves: ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”
-Nelson Mandela


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