Yay!! I'm finally updated, though there are a few things I missed. In October, I went to the halloween dance with some friends and one boy that I pretty much got set up with (the dance was girl's choice). It was my first date and I had lots of fun. I've been on another date since then with a boy from my old ward. We went on a double date and saw the Golden Compass (this movie was way good. there have been rumors about atheism in it, but i saw nothing that could be atheist in the movie) and had fun at that. Thanksgiving also came and went and I went shopping on Black Friday with my mom and aunt.

I just have to say that Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it--the excitement, giving, the music, Christ's birth, etc... It is so fun to spend it with those I love. I'm so grateful that Christ was born into this world to bring us the greatest gift of all. I hope that you and me can remember that and have fun this Christmas season. And now, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Happy New Year too!!!


Nutcracker was in November and it was my favorite year of all (this was my 7th year). I was a Lady in Waiting and I had such a blast with the girls who did it with me. They were so fun and sweet that you just had to love them! This was an unforgettable event for me! This is Sidney as a party girl with her friend who played Clara, which is the main part.

This is me pretending to be a snobby Lady in Waiting!

Here is Cee Ryle as a party boy. He doesn't take ballet, but they take boys with no experience because they need them all. He had fun and he wants to do it again!

This is Carina as an oriental servant. She and I danced together and Cee Ryle and Sid danced together. It was fun!

Halloween and my 16th B-day!!!

On October 4th, I celebrated my 16th birthday. It was so cool, because I went to school and some friends sang happy birthday to me at lunch. I went to ballet and when I came home I was planning on just going to volleyball, but it turned out that my mom had planned a surprise birthday for me! It was amazing! It was one of the best birthdays ever.

We celebrate Halloween and I didn't really have anything to be, so I pulled out an old chocolate chip cookie costume and put it on top of me. I went trick or treating with my family a little and then hung out with friends. It was pretty fun.
This is the cute pumpkin I carved! If you can't tell what it is, its a little french guy with a beret.

Summing up the Summer

Ok, so this is it! The beginning of my relivened blog (yes Zildy, that was for you). This entry is just telling about the summer that happened forever ago. So here it is:

After my ballet recital I got to go to youth conference with our ward. It was a lot of fun. We went to Seven Peaks Water Park, saw the Manti Pageant, stayed overnight in some apartments (my friends and I pulled an all-nighter!), and did a ropes course! I had a blast and I'm way happy I got to go.

At the end of June through the first of July, we had all the family on my mom's side come for a huge family reunion. We got together because three of the cousins (one of them being my brother) all turned eight and got baptized together. It was way cool and fun and turned out to be the highlight of my summer. Here are some pics to show all the fun we had!

Here are the three baptism kids all together. They are soooo cute! The one in the middle is my bro.

We went swimming at a rec center. It was fun and as you can see, we got a little crazy.

We all made matching shirts for the 4th of July and here are all the cousins with them (the adults didn't do them, but they were jealous!).

Me, my sis Carina, and my cuz Alex. I was glad to see Alex again after so long. We have tons of fun together.

We had to retake some pictures at temple square and everyone got a little restless and played in the little pond (I'm pretty sure it wasn't a swimming pool!)

Here are all of the cousins on my mom's side and some from my dad's. It was crazy fun!
Later in July after everyone left, Carina and I went to girl's camp. We went to Heber Valley Camp and stayed in cabins. Here is a picture from the hike a group of us went on:

After girls camp, we went to Wyoming soon after and stayed at a resort that my uncle works at. We got to go 4 wheeling and fishing. We also went to the Buffalo Bill museum which turned out to be really cool. We came home after a week and the next day I went on a 2 day river run with the laurels in my ward. I wasn't 16 years old yet, but they let me and another girl go because our birthdays were close enough. It was really fun. The first day, we did a little shopping in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Wyoming again, I know) and the second day we went rafting. It was a lot of fun and I hope we go again.

As a summer job, I worked at Lagoon and I was able to get my family some passes to get in for cheap so we went a few times in the summer. It was fun (going to the park, not so much working).

A little after school started, it was Labor Day and we went "camping" in one of our old friend's backyard with a lot of other families, because we couldn't find a campsite. We had fun getting together with old friends and catching up.

One family had a wave runner and my mom and I rode on it together.

Me and my mom posing with some pig sculpture type thingy.

All of the teenagers together while the kids panned for gold.

Psycho me pretending to ride on a pony!

The summer was really fun, but way busy, but I had a good time. Hopefully next summer will be even better! Check my blog again for more posts, because it really will live again!!!


My blog will live again!

I really don't have much time to write right now and I've been horrible with my blog. But I promise I will really try hard to keep it up. My life is so busy and I need to record it, but that is also a reason for me to slow down on my blog. I'll try to spend some time each week to write about my life. Keep checking and I promise there will be more! Happy holidays!


Sorry So Slow!

Okay, so I guess I haven't done that much blogging lately and boy, am I sorry. The month of July was the busiest this summer and I'll try to sum it all up in a few entries. They probably all won't show up today but hopefully in the next week I will be completely updated. Thanks!


Ballet Recital

My ballet recital was last week on Tuesday, June 12. I had lots and lots of fun. My class's dance was the Fourth of July-- the theme was holidays. Our dance was fun and I had an absolutely amazing teacher; she was my favorite ever. Below is a picture of my sister and me together in our costumes, she was Christmas. The second picture is of my class in a huddle that a girl in my class took from below. I'm sad because ballet is over for the summer but I had a great year!


CR's B-day Party

On June 6th, it was my brother Cee Ryle's b-day, and we threw him an AWESOME Harry Potter party. It was really kind of a last minute decision and so for three days we worked way hard and went all out for his birthday party. My mom sewed twelve capes and hats for all the party guests(my brother invited eleven kids, all boys. It was a madhouse! We're not used to that many boys at one time.) She even sewed a little house elf hat for my little baby sis Gracie.

My dad made wands for all the kids using sticks. He just took off some of the bark with a knife. They ended up looking pretty cool. Here's a pic of a few of them.

My sisters and I did pretty much most of the other stuff. I printed, colored, and laminated badges and made a lot of signs and posters for the different stations. My sisters also did some posters.

When the kids came, they went to the different "stores" to get their hats, robes, and wands. I think they all really liked this. Then they went to get sorted into houses. We put a walkie talkie in the hat and my dad talked through it pretending to be the sorting hat. The kids all thought this was pretty cool. After sorting, they went to classes, which were all the games. These are some pictures of the kids doing potions.

My mom also baked an awesome cake that was shaped like a book. It tasted pretty good too. I got a picture of the birthday boy blowing out the candles.

Cee Ryle was so happy to get lots of presents. He got some really nice ones.
When the parents came to pick up their kids, they were all really impressed with everything the kids got. It made us feel pretty proud. I think he had a great birthday party. He's never really had any birthday parties yet and he had a lot of fun. :)


My Ballet Fieldtrip

Today, my ballet class and I went on a fieldtrip to see "An Evening of Ballets" at Ballet West. It was so fun and the dances were absolutely amazing. I was so surprised at some of the things they did, you should have seen it. They did three different ballets: Vespri, Le Corsaire Pas de Deux, and Carmina Burana.

Vespri didn't really have a story line to it. They just took some classical music and put choreography to it. Some of the dances they did were amazing!

Le Corsaire is a ballet that is about pirates who go to Greece and fall in love with some Greek women. When the women are sold into slavery, the pirates go to save them. Very romantic and cute love story! They only did the Pas de Deux from this, unfortunately. A Pas de Deux is usually when a man and a woman who love eachother are dancing together. It was short but very beautiful and well done.

Carmina Burana was my favorite. It was a mix of modern dance and ballet and although modern dance is kind of strange to me, I really enjoyed it. This ballet was about some monks who don't want to be monks so they go away from their lifestyle and go party (an exaggeration). They soon realize that they actually like being monks so they go back to that. It's kind of a weird story line. The ballet was kind of weird and a little hard to follow but the dancing was so cool! A really cool aspect of this ballet was that they got an opera choir to come and sing for the music. It made the music very strong and powerful.

All in all, we had a great time. This was the first time our class had really done anything together outside of ballet class and we had lots of fun. We took a few pics of us all. The first is at our ballet studio and the other is on the stairs at the Capitol Theater.


Memorial Day Hiking

On Memorial Day, our friends the Foutzes invited us to go hiking at a Canyon in Ogden. It was kind of a hard hike but it was really fun to get back together with them. It was uphill the whole way and I was wearing pants so I was really hot. It was so pretty once we reached the destination. The view was amazing. Here's a pic:
This is the spot that we reached before we turned back. The whole hike was about two miles there, so I hiked four miles that day! Above is my sister Carina, her friend Aerin, and my friend Kyrie. We were all exhausted after hiking upward for two miles. This is Megan, my sister Sidney, and my brother Cee Ryle. They were inside a little log cabin thing that was at the top. Look at the next picture. Here's my dad feeding Gracie with the bottle at the peak of the hike. She was getting pretty fussy but wasn't too bad for her first hike. She was sure glad to get that bottle though.
Here are my parents, tired, after the hike.These are Kyrie's, Aerin's, and Megan's parents.
Aerin and Carina doing Mission Impossible. Classic.This is Kyrie and me getting a picture together. I'm so glad I have her as a friend. It was lots of fun to go hiking with her. After we got back down we went to Farrs for ice cream. Yummy! Then we went to the Foutzes house for a barbecue and stayed there until about five. We had such a great time!


Last week on Wednesday, my friend Courtney's family invited me, Laura, and Lindsay to go with them to their cousin's masquerade. We had such a blast! Beforehand we got ready together. We wore some of Brooke's and Courtney's old prom dresses. I had a long white one. It was so beautiful, I felt like a princess.Thats a picture of Lindsay putting makeup on me. Courtney did my hair. We also made masks (duh, it's a masquerade!) Mine was white with some silver trim on it. We took some pictures with everyone before we left the house. Here's one:

We had to go all the way to Pleasant Grove, about an hour away, so we had a lot of fun in the car on the way there. We laughed and giggled practically the whole way up.

The place the masquerade was at was pretty cool. Courtney's cousin rented out an outdoor castle. It was way fun to see it. A lot of people were invited, but when we got there, there weren't that many people there. After a while though a lot more people came. It was definitely the most fun when it was dark with lots of people. Unfortunately for my friends and me, a lot of the people The DJ was pretty hot though haha... :) He had a great voice too, as I found out when we requested a song. Later on, we found out that a group of sixteen year-old guys came a little bit after we left! :( How horrible is that! We had to leave at ten since it was a school night but if we go again next year, then we decided we're staying the whole night. Can't miss out on cute guys! Here's some more pictures of all the fun we had that night.
Courtney's sister took this picture for us. I love it. It made me feel like I was at prom.

I was getting pretty crazy throughout the night. ;)Wow, look at three on the left. Jordan, Brooke, and Lindsay were getting kinda violent. jk. ;) And then look at the three of us on the right. Courtney, me, and Laura, looking as perfect as can be. We had such an awesome time. It was one of the best nights ever!
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