This outfit was so simple, just because it was the basic cardigan-over-a-top-with-a-necklace look. But it really didn't need anything else and nothing else worked with it. Sometimes you just need those simple outfits that can speak just as powerfully as the outfits that are complex or super fashionable. Plus I think this top is beautiful with anything. It just has such a...romantic style. Anyways, there are your words of wisdom for the day. It's Saturday! I can't wait to go to the game (JIMMER!) and have no school.

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? Lauren Conrad, secondhand
Blouse? Rue 21, secondhand
Necklace? Forever 21
Jeggings? Charlotte Russe
Boots? Ross, gifted

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 10
Original? 6
Did I Like it? 7
Overall? 7

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  1. love this one, too!! So glad I found your blog- you are DARLING!!


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