I Feel Like a Proud Parent

I really am so happy with the way my pictures have been turning out lately! I think they've been undergoing a huge improvement, which is great. I finally got a tripod after going home this weekend so that's what I used to take these pictures. It's way easier than trying to find something to balance my camera on ha. :P

Guess what...30 for 30 is almost done! And I really just can't wait. It was super fun when it started...and now I understand why it's called a "challenge," because these last few days get to you. I can't wait to be exposed to my whole closet and go shopping again! Because seriously, I feel like I've worn almost every outfit possible with my clothes I picked out. And I think I left one of my items at home when I went so now I only have 29 to wear. And I can't trade it because I've already worn it! I don't think people realize how valuable clothes become once you only have 30, and then you lose one. And I think I just understood the point. Does this mean I can be done now? ;)

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? F21
Purple blouse? Ross
Necklace? Rue 21
Jeggings? Charlotte Russe
Boots? Ross, gifted

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 10
Original? 4
Did I like it? 7
Overall? 7

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