Day 7: My Best Friend

Me and my best friend have known each other for a little over four years. We instantly connected and I love her to death. We go shopping together in the mall and at other stores, she shares my love of barbies, she loves modeling her outfits like me, she loves picking cute outfits and helping me pick mine, and we love doing each other's hair. We laugh like crazy together and I know that we'll be best friends forever. Also, both of our favorite singer is Carrie Underwood. :) And seriously, she's so amazing that I cry every time I think of this girl. I love her more than life itself and would do anything for her.

Bet you're dying to know who it is, huh?

Meet Gracie. My 4-year-old sister. Also my best friend. I seriously couldn't wait for this post because I wanted to write about her so badly.

Sorry about the photo overload. Ok, well no I'm actually not. Because I love every single one of these pictures and this is my blog so I can make it the way I want it. And also because I love Gracie. I'm dying to see her again and can't wait until it happens!

I have to say that Gracie is one of the greatest blessings in my life. She is my little ball of sunshine and always so happy. I can always count on her to say that Carrie Underwood is her favorite singer and that I'm her best friend. I can go to her to get away from life and play with barbies, and I know that when she's around I will have a shopping buddy if no one else will go.

Dang it, I'm crying as I'm writing this. Ha. :) I love you Gracie Ann. Age does not make a difference and I'm so glad that we can be together forever as sisters and I'm so grateful to have the best friend ever! I have no idea what I would do without you in my life. You make it so happy. I love you, best friend. :) :)


  1. nice blog..
    I am very happy with your blog

  2. Okay this post made me cry too!! Seriously aren't babies and little kids the best thing EVER! I could never have imagined that Braxten would be such an amazing little person, and my best friend. I love you Kailee and BOTH your blogs, you are awesome!
    Our families need to get together ASAP haha

  3. Amazing! I wondered if it would be her or your mom. :) What a great post. You are both incredible and I feel very blessed to be your aunt and get to be with both of you forever and always. We are family...no matter what!!!

  4. ok when she reads this when she is your age...can you imagine??? so sweet!

  5. Ah Kailee you made me cry to! I love this post so much! LIttle kids are the best! No matter who they are they are always my best friend and always makes everything better and life happy! :)

  6. It's good to know I wasn't the only one who got teary eyed. Thanks for bringing joy to my day. You're awesome, Kailee!!!


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