Dos, Deux, TWO

This post will be a quickie because I don't have much time...

The 30 for 30 is going GREAT. Except I feel like I'm already having clothes withdrawals. I'm realizing how many clothes I have now that I can't wear them. It's a little depressing but I'll appreciate all my clothes so much once I'm done.

Guess what? I won a free pair of shoes from Dreams Footwear! Yes, I'm just that awesome. ;) I can't wait until the 30 for 30 is done and for summer to come so I can wear them. Its the wedge shoe in this picture...they are even cuter in real life.

And another "guess what?!?!" I'm going to the "So You Think You Can Dance Auditions" today!!! No, I'm not auditioning, but the BYU hip-hop club (Club Style) got 40 tickets for us to go watch and be on national tv! It's gonna be so great! So while you're reading this, think of me at the auditions. Ah, I can't wait!

Oh and I did the same hairstyle as yesterday again and since some of you requested a tutorial I will do one. It's so easy! I'll try and get it up by this weekend for you guys. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I really  do love every single comment I get. My heart just feels all warm inside. :)

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? Old Navy, secondhand
Purple blouse? Ross
Belt? Thrifted
Scarf? Secondhand
Jeans? Paris Blues, Ross
Boots? Gifted

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 9
Original? 6
Did I like it? 7
Overall? 8


  1. love it!! especially the scarf...I need to find more ways to wear my scarves. :) Have fun at the auditions!

  2. I love all the neutral going on and then the pop of color! It all even works well with the background. :D

  3. Thats it!! You've inspired me to get some scarfs and cardis...now I have to go thrift store shopping this weekend :) What a great day you have had!!

  4. hey kiki! i just found your blog and think you are ADORABLE! i just started doing fashion posts and love seeing others! :)


  5. cute!! love the cardigan!
    nice remix! can't wait to see more!

    theresa :)

    i'm a fellow remixer also!

  6. What cute and fun pics...I love the striped cardi and scarf..lookin good:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Check out my 30x30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

  7. I like what you did with your scarf. I have a very similar one. I might have to try it out.

    (Thanks for visiting my blog)


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